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Is it possible to have the label on top of the input fields?

Yes this is possible. Simply add the following code to the .css file:
#FAV label { float: left; }
#FAV td { float: left; display: block; width: 100%; }

How can I get the values from the form?

There are two possibilities to get the values from the form:
a) use directly GET or POST variables
b) store the values as a session and get them via session

Example for a)
$fav->addTextInput(‘Your name’, ‘name’);
get the values with the PHP order: $_GET[‘name’] or $_POST[‘name’]. But be aware that the values is only available directly after the submittion of the form.

Example for b)
$fav = new formsAndValidation('ex1');
echo $_SESSION['ex1']['name'];

Best regards, Christoph

How do I create a selection list with values from a database and how do I define a default value?

Step1: create an array with values from the database:
$tmp_location = array();
$sql_query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM locations");
while($location = mysql_fetch_assoc($sql_query)){
    $tmp_location[$location['id']] = $location['description'];
Step 2: define a default values:
$fav->addDefaultValue('location', '3'); // 3 is the id of the desired location entry
Step 3: use the array in the selection list:
$fav->addSelectList('Choose the location', 'location', $tmp_location );

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