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I saw on a previous post (from long time ago) that you will include a date selector field or that it was easy to include (3 lines of code), I download the script and it seems like date selector field its not yet include it.

Will you share with me those 3 lines of code you mentioned and how/where to include it?

Thanks in advance,

Hello, Is there a way to adapt the php code to make the form fields have the title in the field instead of above it? I’d like it so that when the user clicks in the field the value disappears and is replaced with what they type. If they type nothing it reverts back to the default value. Similar to the javascript code: <input type=”name” ONFOCUS=”if (value 'your name') {value =''}" ONBLUR="if (value ’’) {value = ‘your name’}” VALUE=”your name”>

Ciao, thanks for purchase! It could be manages with the input “placeholder” on latest browsers… I’m working for a new release, I’ll try to add this …

Hey Vectordez,

Great program. Had a couple of questions. 1.) On the file upload files size is it KB, MB or GB by default? 2.) Is the uploaded file stored in the same folder?

Thanks, GCode

Ciao, thanks for purchase. Size is in kb, all files are uploaded inside a subfolder created inside the xml folder of each form.

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but thanks much for the prompt response. Keep up the great work.

Can you please assist. I am having a issue with getting the form to submit to an email account. The matter has been going like this. The email accounts that has been use is within yahoo business, so the email is a company account. I have never had a problem with the form until this point.

1. There is one account I can direct the form to and the user would get an email with the copy of the data sent, but the email account for which the setting was set for it to go to does not appear in the email.

2. I have tired other email account for the information to be sent to and still there is no action taken. (I have tried a gmail acccount as well as yahoo account and nothing.)

Now I have use the form on a pervious site and it work fine without any problems, but now I am have such a difficult time with the form. I have been working on the matter for almost a whole month and I needed to be complete with the project by today which is June 30, 2013.

Is it anyway possible that you can please assist. Thank you in advance

Ciao, sorry but I can not understand what you need… Could you be more specific and tell me exactly what you need?

Does it support multi page forms and conditional logic?

I’m working on it for the next release.

Awesome! Any ETA?

Greetings Vectordez,

Great work on the program! I just have a issue. I have installed the 2 forms on a site and unfortunately I get error warning messages at the top of the page that reads:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/11/10237011/html/Clientz/TRCS/apply.php:1) in /home/content/11/10237011/html/Clientz/TRCS/apply.php on line 2

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/content/11/10237011/html/Clientz/TRCS/apply.php:1) in /home/content/11/10237011/html/Clientz/TRCS/apply.php on line 2

Not sure why these messages appear, because I am certain I follow the instructs exactly. Your expertise/advice would surely be appreciated.

Thanks, GCode

Ciao, thanks for purchase! You have the fonction “session_start()” repeated 2 times:

The first one inside the file “apply.php” on line 2 The secons probably in the formpresto loading file.

Since you have already started the session in your file, you can avoid the second one, (simply comment or delete the line)

Let me now

Ciao Andrea

Greetings vectordez,

I appreciate your response. Unfortunately I did a file search within my editor and only 3 occurrences of session_start() was found. One at the top of the page on both forms (2 different pages) and the 3rd was in the file “form-presto.php” (line 112) and I commented it out but still received the same warning messages as in my previous post.

I have two forms on two different pages and both get similar warning error messages. I also made sure there is no white space or blank lines before the function call all to avail.

If I remove the function call before the HTML on the intended page the form doesn’t show up at all. Not sure what the issue is. Is there a workout the session_start() ?

Ciao, Formpresto needs session_start() to work, but if you have commented it out inside form-presto.php, and you still have the error, maybe theissue is inside yout code…

Anyway if you send me a p.m. with more details (url & temporary FTP access ) I’ll take a look.

Ciao Andrea

I saw your looking at a new version any chance of adding
Slider/Range with min/max settings? Like Price between $100 and $200
Calendar – something for date picker functionality.

Hi, does the upload feature work on iPad and iPhones??

I can’t seem to get the upload to work, it appears to bring an error upload when i click submit etc.


It appears to work but doesn’t lol, I’m having issues making the form actually work on a site i’m testing it on, any chance you can show me an example? I need around 40 fields in total but a few working ones would be great, any help would be appreciated as I need to be able to copy/paste it for different survey email addresses. I don’t mind paying something to get it setup as it should just be a case of copying/pasting the files/folders in the future but altering the email address.


Let me know on p.m. your test url so I can make myself an idea of the issues.

Have you tested the “ready-to-publish-form” exampe inside the .zip?

Have you setted the server upload folder on 777 ?

It’s an Iphone only related issue?

If you like, you can also provide me a temporary FTP access so I can better manage the whole thing…

Ciao Andrea

Hello – pre sales question.

I have a list of 10k members that I wish to survey. I wish for them to enter their email address I have on record or use a URL to enter the info required.

Is this possible out of the box with FormPresto? Thank you.

Ciao, can you be more specific… Do you want to check the email and let the user that matches your list participate in the survey… Or you simply need to save the survey data for each one of your members? Do you need to check if a member has already take the survey?

Let me now

Sorry for not explaining it correctly – If wish for:

Check the Email address and let the user that matches your list participate in the survey

Thank you.

i like this script. just wondering can i customise and change colors please?


ciao,, thanks. There are some templates included, and you can customize colors and backgrounds simply editing .xml files and images.

I am not comfortable typing my db username and password in an xml file. Is there a more secure way to store input in a mySQL db?

Thanks, Paul

Ciao, thanks for purchase. If tou take a loook in the “advanced-forms-data-folders-samples” folder you’ll see an example named “mysql-save”.

As reported in documentation:

To save data on mysql: fill the <store_mysql> node with a string as: localhost|db_user|db_psw|db_name|table_name|comma,separated,field,names,reflecting,your,existing,form,fields IMPORTANT : Remember to add 2 extra field at the end of your mysql table : date and userip , because the INSERT query contain this two values too.

However, if you’ve noticed, in the folders that contain the .xml files there are .htaccess files that make impossible to read directly the xml data, ensuring good data security.


hello, it does not support arabic in utf. why? thanks,

Ciao, thanks for purchase. Can you provide me some arabic text?

Hello, I was hoping you would answer a question. I would like to display a list of items and be able to either show or hide them depending on availability. Is there a show/hide option in the gallery? That would be perfect.

Does this purchase include a data list or spreadsheet of all answers by line?

Hi, just purchased, testing file upload, i’d like to use link to download, but my filename has brackets which cuts the download url short, how do i stop this from happening?

or is it possible to rename the file based on the input of one of the text area files?

to add to my first comment, ive done some further tests and spaces also break the url, leacing me to think that currently only one word files can be uploaded successfully

also is it possible to make the uploads optional, as it is now if i have an upload field something HAS to be uploaded

Hi, I’d like to use this form to allow users to submit offers to purchase a domain name.

Question 1: Can I set the validation rule for MIN number? For example if user types in $100 then they will see a message saying “Please type a number $300 or higher:.

Question 2: Do you intend to add Google Captcha? (guessing that virtually all users prefer to click Google’s familiar “I am not a robot” checkbox, rather than having to type answer to a match challenge question)

Also, your Admin Demo goes to an invalid webpage. Best, Mark