Formify Pro Corporate

Formify Pro Corporate

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Formify Pro Corporate are meticulously designed & crafted forms with jQuery validations that can significantly enrich your website’s user experience. It has validations & date pickers javascript functionalities. Formify Pro Corporate comes with 7 demo forms variations: login, register, review, order, contact, checkout and comment forms.


PHP Mail Form
Formify Pro Corporate comes with a pre-made PHP script allowing you set-up your forms to send you e-mails with the filled-in data. The perfect solution to build a fully functional contact / feedback form.

Highly Customized
Formify Pro Corporate has highly customized form elements such as text inputs, file inputs, dropdowns, textareas, radio buttons, checkboxes and buttons, that can be easily integrated into your new form

jQuery Validations
All the forms have jQuery validations, validating all inputs on clients’ side and not allowing to submit the form if any errors occurs.

File Uploading
File upload input designed specifically if you want your users to upload and submit a file.

Captcha Code
Having a spam layer of protection is highly recommended and Formify Pro Corporate comes with it.

jQuery Datepicker
In case you need to select a date, jQuery DatePicker is already integrated with Formify Pro Corporate making it easier as never before.

9 Color Themes
Formify Pro comes with 9 color themes: black, blue, cyan, green, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow.

Responsive Design
A fully responsive design displaying the forms on any device: smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

FontAwesome Icons
Integrated with beautiful icons: Font Awesome, created by Dave Gandy.

7 Demo Forms
Formify Pro Corporate comes with 7 demo forms, resulting in more than 100+ color and background variations.

Retina Support
Optimized to support the high quality and crisp graphics on retina screens.

Cross-Browser Support
Formify Pro Corporate is cross-browser supported and friendly with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE8, IE9, IE10 on any desktop laptop or computer and on all mobile devices web browsers.

Extremely detailed documentation explaining you, how to build your own forms and apply custom validations.