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Question, can the AutoReply Email message include any filed used in the form, for example the name:

Like this:
Hey, {{name}}
This is just a confirmation message. We have received you reply and will get back to you soon…


I have a 2 questions if you allow me to.

First, i have created a form internationally submission, therefor all countries can submit it, some of the people are submitting in Arabic language, and while exporting the form, i cant read the arabic typo they put however my Computer read Arabic language and the Excel also arabic version. how to edit the Unicode ?

Second, i want to set it up on mySQL not sqlite, how ?

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onbir Purchased

no more support for this?

I was going to buy this, but I see support has stopped so I will look for a different form maker

Failed to load resource – connection refused. Assets are not being loaded. I need the form to work or a refund please.

It has a 301 redirect to www

I had to remove many of my scripts, standard bootstrap etc to get the form to display, this is not ideal. Even then the submit does nothing. Surely I don’t have to remove ALL my scripts for a form to work properly???

I got to display properly but it doesn’t send. Tried with PHP and with a mail account.

This plugin is buggy and not supported – I need a refund please.

Hello, my questions is, if the code in encrypted or changable? Thanks, Olaf


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Please make a refund i have spent too much time trying to figure out how to install this and get it to work, the form is installed and i’ve changed the .html to php and installed all the includes / but the form does not process! I am guessing the page with the form needs to be in the same dir as the formcraft, very disappointed :(

Seems like a lot of requests for people using their own existing tables for at least some of the forms. Perhaps you could consider adding that as an advanced option.

I have your wordpress form but I’m looking to embed form code into a static facebook tab (iframe). Can I do this with the PHP version?

Pre Sale Question Does the form support saving Multiple Rows of Data In MySQL Database , Form Wizard(step by step form creation-multistep) and form calculation

Do you offer an integration for vTiger CRM?

Hi I have pre-sale question. I need something like your plugin for my website. I need to I need to review companies, workers, and professionals by integrating a review and rating tool, using the layout of the theme installed. Is possible to do that with this plugin?

Tell me, is there a Russian location?

Hello, I do not have mysql. I only have php with sqlite, so can FormCraft work?


It is not 100% responsive, for example to align images and redirects do not work correctly!

Without support it is impossible to solve! Cash Refund now.

Dear author, How about a much needed update of this app. I see the WP-version gets updates, so why not this version????? We want the math, we want update on responsive behaviour.

It’s badly coded and buggy – AVOID.

login does not work


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I change my domain to another but the form link in How to use form is still the link to the old domain and unable to edit. How do I change this to my new domain what file do I need to edit or change please.


Can i disable copy email, we don’t want to send copy email when people will submit the form, help me how can i disable or change some code from cpanel.. Please help asap.