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Hello, I bought and installed your plugin but I can not find the NEX-Forms menu in my admin. Thanks for your help.


Have you installed NEX-Forms first and the the Form Themes add-on afterward?


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NEX-Forms. Thanks



what is the difference of this three form besides the price? because after I “try”, I see almost no difference. and the price for a lifetime?

explain please, because I needed a form for my web.



NEX-Forms is the full version with all the features as advertised here:

The lite version is for contact forms and rather simple forms with no features like conditional logic, animations etc.

Form themes is an extra add-on that you can plug into the full version (not the lite)

The lite version also will be updated soon as its currently very old and out of date.

The full version is the one to go for:

The price is for life and updates are for free.

Hope this helps

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Hi Guys, can I download v5.x still as i’m struggling with conditional logic and multi steps and the documentation online is only for v5.x, I currently have v6.0. Thanks!


Please go to and I will help you.


hello, i have several questions, 1) is it a single user plugin or multi user plugin? can i install for my team of teachers, so that they will make surveys and collect results. However, it is important that they will not see the surveys of each other.

2) how do they see the results? can they download? is there any integrated chart, bar to show results?

i saw that it is possible to download, so, this is answer.

but are there any charts? or results graphical visualisation?


1. Sorry not user based in this manner. But you can email different forms result to different users.

2. The results are emailed and stored in the database after which you can go to your admin panel and view it.

3. If you are referring to analytics. That will be added to the features soon. Analytics are already gathered so its just a simple manner of adding a grachip to the display it.

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thank you very much for your response.

hope, the future improvements will be better


I’m very happy with the plugin :) Just a suggestion for medium and big forms especially. When we are on front end and fill out the form and we have to scroll down the page, when we click the submit button, the message from “submission options” isn’t seen because this message appear on top of the page so we have to scroll up to see it. I don’t know if there’s a way that the page could go to top after the submit button is clicked or if it’s not possible, make the message appear at the same place than the submit button. I know we have the possibility to redirect to another page but when we use the paypal addon, we can’t use it because it redirect to paypal, but as we can see the message for a second or two, it should be nice if we could see it.

Oh and one more thing… about conditional logic. Is it possible for example if i have radio button “A” and radio button “B”. Depending which one is selected, the form will be sent to a different email address?

Same thing if we have paypal add-on. If we could use to different paypal email account so the user who select button A will send money to paypal account A and if B is selected, the money is sent to paypal email acount B. That way i should be able to use only one form instead of 2, so only 1 link for all the customers.


Sorry I have written this comment at the wrong place, i was talking about nex-forms as well.


Thank you. Strange you mention the the success message as we are currently working on more settings for it. One would be to fine tune the up scroll so you can adjust the scrolling top position if it does not fully go to the the top of the message.

An add-on called server-side logic will enable you to change emails, email sections, email attachment, who to send to, etc based on user selection.

Will have the new update out in the coming week. And the add-on to follow afterward.

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hi, how to detect username and auto fill in field? also I need to auto-detect like email and phone number is it possible? I need to buy this if I can do the above…also I might need help on customizing…

Hi…will add this in the next version.

Oh ok, thanks will look for different one.

hi, your product is wonderful but i have a question. i have a very long form and i need to be sure that it can be broken into bits where the user fills some before he can go to the next page (part of the form) to continue and submit.

Hi, thanks. You can achieve this with built in functions called multi-step forms

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I have Nex From plugin but this is a joke I think for templates asking another payment…. Like the low-cost plane, you guys going to have sell button :D You guys selling premium plug-in! What so ever.

Hi, Sorry but I think you are at the wrong place. We dont ask for extra for templates and what’s more you can also create your own.

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Hi, I’m interested in your product. I want to know if every time you write me on the form. I can receive the mail with a correlative number that identifies it.

Thank you.

Hi, yes absolutely.

Hi, I’m very interested in your plugin. I need it for my future clients to write to me. And that when I get your form to my mail. I arrived with a unique number for each of them. It’s possible? Thank you!


Yes that is possible with ease :)

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Hello. Can it do like this website?

Hi, yes. The styling will be a bit different but the functionality is all built-in.

Thank you. Can I put a form in homepage or any page that I want?

Hi yes, any page and/or on any number of pages, no limits on that…

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