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One of the most time consuming and hated jobs in webdevelopment is without doubt, creating forms.

Think about the many hours you spend creating contact forms that validated the email address or that upload form that only needs to accept jpg images that are smaller then 300 by 300 pixels.

With Form Generator we make an end to this. EasyForms is a PHP library that helps you create forms on a fast and easy way including input validation.

Together with the EasyForm library, you get 4 examples forms that are created
using this library:

NEW: There is a form builder included now

  • Contact form
  • Image upload with extension and image size validation
  • Quote request form
  • Subscribe form that adds the email address and name to a CSV file
  • Visual form builder

Examples included

CSV Subscribe form:
Image upload form:
Contact form:


v1.5.1 (04/08/2011)
* Removed missing images

v1.5.0 (20/07/2011)
* UL close tag problem fixed
* Form builder reset button image fixed

v1.4 (17/01/2011) 
* Fixed visual edit problem 

v1.3 (26/11/2009)
* Composer problems solved
* Tested and working on PHP versions older than 5.2.
* Fixed double execution of formHandler
* Replaced deprecated eregi email validator with preg_math variant

v1.2 (19/11/2009)
* Composer delete element problem solved
* Object # output with PHP versions older than 5.2 solved.
* formHandler function gets executed 2 times solved

If you have a PHP version older than 5.2 and you have problems showing the form on the screen. Then use echo $Form->__toString(); in place of just echo $Form; to show the form.

v1.1 (22/10/2009)
* Added Form builder application
* Added ul tags wrapper
* Support for object callbacks
* Problem in Form Processed method fixed
* Problem with empty password field fixed
* Added li wrapper around hidden form tag field