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I agree with “Black202”. As far as I can tell, the code generated cannot be used as is. For example, this is the code I generated:


// Don't forget to include the EasyForms library

$Form = new Base_Form("leopold","gvform","");
$Element1 = new Base_Text("Vorname", "Vorname", "", true, null, "");
$Element2 = new Base_Text("Name", "Name", "", true, null, "");
$Element3 = new Base_Text("Straße", "Strasse", "", false, null, "");
$Element4 = new Base_Text("Stadt", "Stadt", "", false, null, "");
$Element5 = new Base_Text("PLZ", "PLZ", "", false, null, "");
$Element16 = new Base_Text("Telefon", "Telefon", "", false, null, "");
$Element18 = new Base_Text("E-Mail", "Email", "", true, null, "");
$Element20 = new Base_Checkbox("Suche", "Suche", "JA", false, false, "");
$Element22 = new Base_Checkbox("Biete", "Biete", "JA", false, false, "");
$Element24 = new Base_Text("Hersteller", "Hersteller", "", false, null, "");
$Element26 = new Base_Text("Model", "Model", "", false, null, "");
$Element28 = new Base_Text("Referenz", "Referenz", "", false, null, "");
$Element30 = new Base_Text("Preisvorstellung", "Preisvorstellung", "", false, null, "");
$Element32 = new Base_Textarea("Nachricht", "Nachricht", "", 35, 10, false, null, "");
$Form->Add(new Base_Submit("btncontact", "Send"));

function formHandle($data){
echo "Vorname = " . $data['Vorname'] . "<br />";
echo "Name = " . $data['Name'] . "<br />";
echo "Strasse = " . $data['Strasse'] . "<br />";
echo "Stadt = " . $data['Stadt'] . "<br />";
echo "PLZ = " . $data['PLZ'] . "<br />";
echo "Telefon = " . $data['Telefon'] . "<br />";
echo "Email = " . $data['Email'] . "<br />";
echo "Suche = " . $data['Suche'] . "<br />";
echo "Biete = " . $data['Biete'] . "<br />";
echo "Hersteller = " . $data['Hersteller'] . "<br />";
echo "Model = " . $data['Model'] . "<br />";
echo "Referenz = " . $data['Referenz'] . "<br />";
echo "Preisvorstellung = " . $data['Preisvorstellung'] . "<br />";
echo "Nachricht = " . $data['Nachricht'] . "<br />";


echo $Form->__toString();

As you can see, under “function formhandle” everything is echoed. There is nothing in the documentation that tells me I have to remove the echo tags, or for that matter, what I need to do in order to get this working. Nor is there nothing in the documentation that tells me how or where I need to add an Email address, or for that matter, how to get the code I generated into a funtioning script.

Lastly, the generated code is completely different from the code provided in the examples.

Generated Code:
$Element1 = new Base_Text("Vorname", "Vorname", "", true, null, "");
$Element2 = new Base_Text("Name", "Name", "", true, null, "");
Code in Example 4:
$Form->Add(new Base_Text("Name", "txtname", "", true, new Base_Validators_NotEmpty("Fill in your name.")));
$Form->Add(new Base_Text("Email", "txtemail", "", true, new Base_Validators_Email("Fill in a valid email address.")));

I’m disappointed. The name “Form Generator” is definitely misleading: “With Form Generator we make an end to this. EasyForms is a PHP library that helps you create forms on a fast and easy way including input validation.”

Sorry, dude, you missed the mark on this one!

Hi, i got your form in the bundle, i am wondering if i can add file upload function with dreamweaver’s insert record form wizard generated form and upload the image to into a directory?

I have to echo roadcrew’s statements above. A very misleading product. Luckily it was free with the bundle I bought so I’m not too upset. Have no intention of ever using this though as it is poorly put together for what it is described to be.

“Fatal error: Class ‘Base_Form’ not found…” What should I do?

is there an example how i link the data to a sql database?

the requirement for SELECT fields isn’t working, isn’t it?

so it’s not possible to set a SELECT field to be required…. :-/

so is this just for contact forms? Or can this be used for more complex forms?

This is rubbish. Does not add attributes or produce a working form as it promises. I wish i read the comments before i purchased this piece of crap. Lesson learned the hard way. DO NOT BUY THIS .

Can the contact form allow for different success pages depending on the answers given on the form?

When the form is filled out and submitted, what email is it sent to? I can’t find anywhere that I can enter an email address etc.

is there a way to pre populate form with already inserted data like i.e value=”$row[‘first_name’]” ?

I see many people asked u the same thing but all you seem to say in response is, “yes its possible”....”you have to write this line of code”.....”do some research”....

lol man are you serious?!!!

The point im making is, the people buying your product are not exactly “advanced” with any sort of code let alone php, so when they ask you if it’s possible it really mans “can udo it”...or “can i get a brief example”....this in turn would make your product better, you can even raise the price on new sales….anyway its dollars and sense…

I think I got this almost a year ago and i asked right away about…

hacking around I can easily add an upload field to example 5, but what i WANT is for the file to ATTACH to the email when i hit submit, i KNOW its something very simple, but I cant figure it out…

This Author is no longer around.

oh cool, the image uploader isn’t part of the generator, glad i wasted money on this :(

Can I add/embed in a html website/file?

UM… Guys….

This person has been AWOL for two years.

Why are you still posting questions ?

I was wondering how to add a reset form to the form. I notice that option was not in the builder. <input type=”submit” class=”cfg-submit ” name=”cfg-element-1-5” id=”cfg-element-1-5” value=”????????” style=”display: inline-block;”> <input type=”reset” name=”reset” id=”reset” value=”??????”>

I know it is probably a class problem but just wondering if you have any advice.

I am interested in buying this. Can you please let me know if it is possible to duplicate the fields? For example, if we place a check box, can it duplicate the entire form to be filled again?

Why does Envato leave this faulty software on the marketplace? It degrades the average value of the service overall – but I suppose they might make a few extra bucks if they just leave it on. They really don’t seem to care about customer satisfaction anymore.

Totally agree with your comment dessibob. I have contacted Envato regarding this issue, and told them I would be more than happy to edit redundant files that are still on here, but I have never had a reply regarding my suggestion.

So, what you can do is, if you come across a file that is redundant you can contact Envato Sales on . Ensure you send the link to the actual file page, along with the details of the issue you see with the file.