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I am very disappointed with this script.

Its very nice, but you need to have javascript validation, you shouldn’t have to refresh to see the validation, adding this would take not that long, and it would make it sooooo much better.


I shall add this next. Expect it tomorrow or Wednesday. :)


Thank you, very nice script now =D

Great file
Excellent support
5 stars

Thanks Matt. No doubt I’ll be watching your portfolio.

Oh No!

It seems you are a mind reader! I was going to make something exactly like this in a week or two.

Will be purchasing… Thanks.

Ryan L.

I also agree with ShadowAssassin, the script is good but can get even better with new features. I’ll buy to motivate updates.


Thanks for purchasing. What enhancements would you suggest?


Please, how do I run the tooltip? you could not makes available examples with css with the downloaded files? I suggest captcha.

The latest version still doesn’t appear to have been approved. It contains all CSS & images as used on the preview site.

I will make sure captcha is added within the next 2 days. If anything else springs to mind then let me know :)


I feel like I’m serial-posting on my own comments thread here but just to let everyone know that the most recent version has been approved which contains all of the features mentioned on the ‘item details’ page, including both inline and on-submit JavaScript validation.

I’m going to be finishing the captcha this weekend, most likely tomorrow.


Solid file, added to bookmarks for a future purchase.

Thank you, much appreciated.


Bought! As promised… Will definitely be reviewing this script.

Great, thanks for the support. Let me know if you need help with anything!


Looks nice, but what I’m looking for for several months is a working formbuilder with drag&drop (jquery UI) like this but working =)...I need to save the form in mysql or xml…

Hi YouMa,

I do have plans to make a JavaScript based form builder to make constructing forms easy. That should be made over the next coupld of weeks once I am totally satisfied with the performance of the script. When you say ‘Save the form as mysqL or XML ’, do you mean the user input?



Do you have an admin for the form builder that I can demo?

God bless jason

Hi Jason,

The Form Builder does not feature an admin. Do you think this would be a useful feature? If so how would you envision using it?



maybe I am not understanding your script. Does it give the ability to create and type of form I want? ie text, texarea, checkbox, radio, etc…

If so, having an admin where we could create the form and save it to a database would be great. I have a CMS I built with a form builder but the UI is not very user friendly.

God bless jason

Hi Jason,

The user can create form, yes, but there is no database. You define the forms, quite simply, using PHP . Adding a CMS to this could be useful but would provide a massive overhead for most users who want to crate a basic form.


What can i say, Great job, nice code!!!

However i’m missing custom messages, instead of predefined one’s, for validation. It’s an suggestion. Please let me know if would like to add the future. for example:

‘validation’ => array( ‘instance’ => array(), ‘custom_msg’=>‘some msg here’ )

Thanks, Mike

Thanks for the feedback, Mike.

I have a list of updates coming soon, like you wouldn’t believe and custom messages are one of them :)

I’ll try and make a point of messaging you when they are implemented.

Take care, Matt.

I’m looking to purchase this form, need to know if it is possible to have the form output the data in plain text. Also would it be possible to have it put a ! at the front of the outputted data or for that matter customize how the data is outputted?

I also noticed that you have some updates coming soon. Looking forward to the updates.

Thank you for your time.

Hi ozflores23,

Above is the form documentation, you can loop through all of the fields (or choose them manually) and output the submitted content in plain text form. Once you have that content you can manipulate it as you wish :)

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Thank you for the quick response, much appreciated.

Thanks Matt, i’ll wait for updates.

I just bought this item, and sadly have no idea how this works, the tutorials on building forms via the website are broken. The documentation is vague and everything is more towards people who are advanced with PHP as far as I can tell. I regret buying this, at least right now as I just spent 6$ and cant even use it.

Hi moxi333,

I’m sorry you’ve had problems with the script. In what way is the documentation broken? It seems to work fine for me.


Indeed, moxi333 is right, the links of documentation (indexes) are broken, but you don’t have to click on them, just scroll down and you’ll get everything you need to know to be able to build forms. Maxi333, once you use it, the only thing you’ll regret is that you didn’t buy it earlier:)

Matt, by any chance, could you tell when the updates/upgrade well be released?

p.s. another suggestion: “image field” and custom class prefix, to avoid conflicts.

Regards, Mike

hi there.. bought your script and im having problems making it work. your documentation is not online either. please help

There is a problem with the contents links but the rest of it should be fine. Let me know if you have any problems.

Hi Matt, any news on updates?

before I purchase this… does the upload contain a progress bar AND can the email that is sent have a full URL link to the file on the server?

i just want to have a form that sends the results by email? sorry this is new to me! No Clue….

thanks for any help you can provide

i didnt read all of this. dont make an admin. keep it a programmers tool. very useful as-is.

one thing i noticed. you call ‘_js/main.js’ in your examples but its not in the download and i can’t load it from the live examples sites. is it anything important?

Hi masteryan,

You’re right – Ideally I will release a ‘form builder’ tool, that is separate from the main script, in the future but I don’t want to make it so easy to use that it’s no longer as controllable.

The main.js doesn’t contain anything, it’s just a generic JS file for my site – I obviously forgot to remove it :)


thanks. and thanks for your fast help by email too. i was on deadline yesterday.