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¿Can it make multi check boxes, drop down list, input fields, etc.?

No, “Form builder” was made to create contact forms with premade contact fields. Very useful to add a contact form in your website without any HTML or PHP knowledge.

Why the username and password is not working?

Try closing the “CodeCanyon” tab. This is a problem of IE users

Does it need to be installed a database for this to work?

No, “Formbuilder” doesn’t use a database to work, you don’t need to install anything, just to upload the folder and it’s ready to go.

Is it possible to add the form without an iframe?

The iframe is just if you want to add the form directly in your contact page. But you can add a link to form_builder/contacto.php if you dont want to use an iframe.

How can i create more than one form?

If you plan on using this for multiple forms, create your contacto.php using the tool. Take a copy of it and rename it to another XXXX.php name, then you can use many different forms. However, it’s necessary to send the form to the same email adress.

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