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Form builder

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Form builder v. 1.01

Form Builder is a software that allows you to create a contact form for your site. It’s very easy to integrate, you only need to load the form_builder folder to your site and it’s ready to be used. Just choose the fields that you want in your form, give it a name, a receiver email address, save it and that’s it.

In the preview for the username add login and the password admin.


  1. images folder
  2. scripts folder
  3. stylesheets folder
  4. Login system
  5. Form builder

You don’t need to have any knowledge in php or javascript, with this software you can have an updated form and with the information fields that you need to reach from your users.

You don’t need to change anything from the code, just with a few clicks you’ll have your contact form ready to be used.

This software includes:

  • Login system for an administrator to create the form.
  • Jquery validation for the created form.
  • Captcha verification, to avoid robots.
  • An upload field to obtain from users files or images.
  • No need of MySql database.
  • An automatic script to implement the form in diferent pages.
  • The form name, receiver email address and instructions fields so you can especified each one with your information.
  • A clean and friendly design that will make it easier for you to create yor forms.

Please notice that you need to have php in your hosting account and Javascript enable for this to work.

The fonts used in this software are:
  • Aharoni
  • Verdana
  • Arial
The icons used are from:



For the IE users, it has been corrected a bug that wasn’t erasing the fields of the form. If you have purchased the file before july 30. Download it again to use it correctly in IE.