Form Builder Magento 2 - Drag n Drop Form

Form Builder Magento 2 - Drag n Drop Form

Magento 2 Form Builder Extension is one of the best Form Builder for Magento 2 that helps to create multiple forms easily without requiring code. This extension comes with multiple attractive forms in minutes, 20+ input types and form fields and other powerful features for your form content quickly and conveniently.

Magento 2 Form Builder – Drag n Drop Form Builder for Magento2

Magento 2 Form Builder extension is developed with drag n drop elements to build a variety of business forms in Magento 2 in minutes. It’s so quick to create an attractive form in Magento 2 to collect more customers’ data and better your customers’ care service.

Furthermore, with 20+ pre-made form sample data and layouts, multiple input types and form fields, Recaptcha & spam protection, and unlimited customization will make Form builder in Magento 2 more useful for any business.

Why Choose M2 Form Builder

Using this form builder for Magento 2, you can get powerful additional features for your Magento 2. This M2 extension supports creating beautiful contact forms in eye-catchy templates that suit any business purpose like sale form, booking form, volunteer application, etc. With attractive forms, the rate of fulfill contact forms climb significantly. That’s such big datas for your business and marketing campaign.

Friendly Forms on Mobile

All Forms in Magento 2 are friendly and responsive on any devices. The forms can be displayed well on any device. Thus, customers can submit their form by mobile anywhere.

Create Form As Easily As Google Form

Magento 2 form builder will support store owners to create and use form as easily and conveniently as Google form. It’s a powerful tool with more than 20 input types, background customization by dragging and dropping feature.

Drag n Drop Elements Forms

Thanks to the drag n drop premade elements, this extension allows you to build and edit your form content easily and quickly. Multiple forms for every business are done with time-saving and cost-saving. By drag n drop form feature, you can change your content form without requiring any line of code. Everyone can use Form builder easily. Ease of use and modify form in Magento 2 without code requirement.

20+ Available Form Samples

This M2 Form builder brings more than 20+ available form templates with various styles to fit any form’s purposes in business. Multiple form styles are contact form, hotel reservation form, order form, sale form or volunteer application form, … This Form builder for Magento 2 is the best suggestion to generate your business ideas and raise more the reliability of business form.

Recaptcha & Spam Protection

Equipped with the most advanced security protection recaptcha & Spam protection features, your store can prevent and eliminate all spam abuse. Before submitting a new form, customers have to type a recaptcha and tick on “I am not a robot”. Hence, the data collected is getting more and more accurate and stor’s secured away from harmful attacks.

Flexible Form Layouts

Form builder in Magento 2 comes with flexible design layouts that fits different business purposes. You can use Magento 2 form builder to build a form for sale, registration, booking, application, contact forms,... Because of the different form purposes, each form is designed in the different layouts in order to optimize and collect the largest number of customers datas.

Easily Modify Form Template, Background & Font Icons

With more than 30+ incredible icon colors, 12 border options and font icon, Magento 2 form builder lets you customize the background form color, border color and font icon to make the form more attractive, make the transparency website style business and stand out from your competitors.

Rest API

This Magento 2 Form builder module allows other 3rd applications to connect with your website to collect reports and data without logging in admin easier. It helps to optimize working experience and you can get free Rest API after purchasing the Magento 2 Form builder extension.

Flexible Form Positions

With Magento 2 form builder extension, you can display forms at any positions on the website thanks to support of widget. Moreover, this extension provides a lot of display types such as popup, animation, button link and show on the current page.

Multiple Input Types and Form Field

This Magento 2 form builder provides multiple input types and form field to build form content more convenient: Text paragraph, check box, multiple choice, data/time, dynamic dropdown, number/price, website email, rating subscription, google map/address, file upload, section break, etc.

Custom Form Builder Template

With Magento 2 form builder, besides providing available elements and input for creating form, you can add your own custom template form with file path: fields/text.phtml

Compared with Before/After Form Content

This Magento 2 form builder is created with a lot of functions like “Before form”, “After form”, “Submit” and “Message” after the form is successfully submitted.

Dedicated Support

Get wonderful support to ensure your business launch perfectly. Detail documentation guide, Video Tutorials, Presale and Technical support.

Magento 2 Form Builder Extension – Full Form Builder Features for Magento 2

  • Created with 1000+ Stunning Forms with Form Builder M2
  • Friendly Forms on Mobile
  • Create Form As Easily As Google Form
  • Drag n Drop Elements Into Form
  • 20+ Available Form Data (Samples)
  • High Protection with Recaptcha & Spam
  • Flexible Form Layouts
  • Easily Modify Form Template, Background & Font Icons
  • Rest API
  • Flexible Form Positions
  • Visual Content Creator
  • Multiple Input Types and Form Field
  • Custom Template
  • Compared with Before/After Form Content
  • Customize Layouts with Bootstrap Grid
  • Ajax Support When Submitting Form
  • Export Messenger & Customer Data to CSV
  • New Field Customer HTML
  • Automated Email “Thank You Email”
  • Automatic email addition to newsletter subscription list
  • Blacklist Management via IP and Email
  • Reply Email Address in Message
  • Show Form Data on Email Template
  • Add Product To Form
  • Custom Field ID & Field Name
  • Fast Speed Form Load


- Magento 2 CE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.0, 2.4.1, 2.4.2, 2.4.x


- 1.1.0

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