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Hi, just a couple of points, On step1.php, it states: “Select “No” to select users table from existing tables in your database. Select “Yes” to create a new users table right here.” When the actual selection does the opposite (I.E selecting ‘No’ creates a new table). This could be misleading for some users.

On step 3, it states “If your username is an email then selecting the emails column is optional.” This is incorrect. Email is a mandatory field, and produces an error if the email field is not selected. My emails column is the same as username, but was unable to proceed unless I selected another field. As a temporary fix, I removed the ‘readonly=”true”’ field from the email column in step4.php. This allowed me to input the correct information.

final.php, the link points to resetlink.php which does not exist.

I hope you find the feedback of use. Regards


I will pay attention as I review the help text.. thanks for the feedback Anu

It works. The only thing i would change is add ajax instead of redirecting to a new page. This would make it a modern script. But it still works and the installation was easy.

thanks, we are not investing much time in upgrading this. :)

Hi Sixthlife: Just a couple of questions. 1. Does the script support the Microsoft SQL Server PDO Driver? 2. Can you have the script require the user to enter both the Username and the Email address (for extra validation & Verification). Many thanks.


the scrip currently works with mysqli to be compatible with latest php version. the code will need some modification for both usernamr and email. It can be a custom work, we can discuss by email thanks,’ Anu

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Well, again, no response or greeting. Is it really so hard to send a link to download the plug-in by email? And for a long time the conflict has been exhausted. Or it does not exist and you just decided to collect money stupidly?

I sent the download in the email, hope you got it


evangus Purchased

is there any chance to have the script updated for php 7 ?

I will do it in some time