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Is it possible to make the banner placement optional? I would like the user to be able to add a link/banner if they want to. thanks-

Works, but struggles to find the advert code when placed in the middle of php?

This obviously looks like it’s no longer support but in the hope it still might be can you tell me how i can have this run automatically when whmcs’s cron job?

Still supported?

Hi again, i installed the module, and have 3 questiosn or problems:

1.- when people finished his purchased you can see a custom page showing banners, but on my custom template ( template) when you click on checkbox nothing happend, what can i do?

2.- i have 5 test accounts created, when i click cron job button show me a message telling that no add banner found it but nothing else, dosn’t suspend accounts, please see:

3.- And finally, what happend when people has the website on a subdomain?, will check that too?

I has to buy the script, but nobody supports.

hi, I am very interested count you update your plugin Thank you in advance for your answers.

This module comes with source code? I can modify it to work for my needs?

This item has not support anymore?

Any updates to this product? I am interested in purchasing if it has been updated to the latest version of WHMCS. Thank you!

Does this support WHMCS 6.x ?

Is there anyone on here that can actually get this to work???

Hello, You demo isn’t working?

Hi, I need a plugin for WordPress that is similar to this whereas upon cron run, the script checks other websites for a specific snippet of HTML, and (if the HTML is absent) downgrades the user role on the WordPress website.

Is this something you can help with?

Hello, I just bought Forced Ads for Hosting but it is impossible to download it could you send it to my email address pls? The email of my codecanyon account is my my professional address and I change host so I receive no notification? Thank you in advance . cordially

Hello, why no answer?

demo link doesnt work ?

will you ever update it to the latest version.

Is this dead now?