Forced Ads for Hosting - WHMCS ADDON

Forced Ads for Hosting - WHMCS ADDON

Forced Ads for Hosting – WHMCS ADDON

Forced Ads for Hosting is a WHMCS addon that allow you to force all customers of a specific hosting plans to insert your ads in their websites. With this software, you can perform a couple of online applications including advertising your products or services at a lower cost than using other online marketing strategies.

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  • Easy integration with WHMCS, just upload and enable it in plugins list.
  • Managing banners and adverts.
  • Managing hosting plans.
  • Websites tracker.
  • Define a custom email to send to your customers if they fail to include your adverts.
  • Compatible with all WHMCS versions.
  • Much more in every update….

Support and Updates:

All our items are regularly tested and updated. If you have are any questions or suggestions please add a comment or visit our support forums (You can also send an email directly to We pride ourselves on quick and effective customer service, and we will always provide a full and proper support service free of charge for all buyers.


* Version 1.2 – 11/08/2013:
[Improved] Hardcoded functions replaced by WHMCS functions
[Improved] API configuration instruction

* Version 1.1 – 03/07/2013:
[Fixed] Installation path

* Version 1.0 – 08/06/2013:
First Release

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