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How works ban by country? I need to enter the name of the country or what?

Hello, thank you for your interest. You can make a ban on countries when you enter the name of the state. More information and test can be done within an online demo: Admin Panel: Username: admin Password: admin

Wrong username or password!

Hello, thanks for the signal. The username and password are as original. Username: admin Password: admin

now it working.

There’s already a bunch of scripts identical to this , does this have any unique features?

By the way , your demo isn’t working.

There are good and convenient admin panel.
Very good documentation
And many things that differ from the rest.

The demo works correctly now

I see , I rather like this , I think it’s very clean and functions well. It needs a few more features though! Maybe add a button that adds all TOR IP’s to a blacklist? Maybe add the ability to only allow certain IP addresses and block the rest? Such as Allow = ”” , ”” , “” etc. Also IP range banning would be nice and maybe shell scanning / detection as well as cookie encryption / data encryption :D

I know that sounds like a huge pain in the ass , but these are just suggestions :)!

I’ll keep it in mind

Welp! that pretty much says it all for this script! lol

This script is identical, if not the same to extreemer’s, as well as your entire profile…you are also reuploading this script for the second time. :D

This is not a script extreemer. Please comment only on my script

Template admin panel was bought by vrapbootstrap. As a demo you can see this

Hello, my website work by (sc-cart) php eCommerce script and I need to know either your script work properly or not ?

Unfortunately, we beg your pardon. Can you explain in another way?

for example I can’t visit a website: because they pan my country, so can you create a tool solve that pan ?

I understand your idea. I’ll keep it in contingencies.

Hi .. i dont understand … maybe its me but i enter 3 fake country in the demo and the script said ban and one ID was selected … its block what ?? all are fake but now they are banned … for exemple i enter urugay and united alone … and they have the ID 171 and 172 ?? what is associate to thoses id ?? is it normal …

System block only real countries. Even if it is introduced unreal country she recorded state in the system, but when it is not real does not prohibit any ip’s.

that make sens ;) dont stop working … looks good ;) and thanks for the quick reply.

And I thank you. If you have more questions ask me

Can’t even view it, says im banned

The problem is corrected

I have just bought it, i need your help to setup this with my current website to block traffic..

i have blocked china and it worked fine but now i blocked Hong Kong but it is not blocking Hong Kong at all.

hey i have solved it and a suggestion for you also.. change the country name of HongKong to Hong Kong as your IP return Hong Kong so without space it will not work do the same for other countries also..

Thanks for the suggestion. Will be repaired at – any time soon.

Can you provide more information on installation and use?

1) Does it require a database?

2) Do you have to place code on every page that you want to ban a country from or does it work over the entire website?

3) If you have to place code on each page, do the pages have to be PHP pages or can they be standard HTML pages?

4) When you select a country to ban, how exactly does it determine what country the person is from? If by a range of IP addresses, how are the IP addresses updated in the future if at all?

I’m looking of a solution that will work over my entire domain and not just specific pages that code is placed on. Look forward to your reply.

Thank you for your interest in my script.
1. The database system must be 5 or higher – version 5.
2. Yes, you should put code, but if you have a page that you integrated antiquity of each of your domain you can put the code there.
3. Web page should be PHP
4. The country is determined by the ip th. You can remove the ban when you want.

Hello , I test Ban by country but it wasn’t working , what’s the problem ?

They were banned many countries. Now I delete all and have everything is OK.

I’m interested how to keep the country IP-lists up-to-date. The IP range changes constantly, e.g. some IPs belong to UK today but the next month they could belong to the Netrherlands.
So how do you make sure you’re database of country IPs is always current?

The information is taken from a reliable website.

ok, and how does your app keep track of IP updates?
Does this happen automatically on a daily or monthly basis?
Do I need to reset country blocks after each IP update or do country filters update by itself without the need to do anything?

Yes, it is automatically and daily.


I have a membership site. I would like to provide the opportunity for users to select which countries their specific portion of the site is not viewable to. Is this possible?

You can choose which side to no access to the site.

Whats happend with the demo?

Admin Panel:
Username: admin
Password: admin

First, nice work.

But i have a problem i have installed the script in a subfolder “block” what code needs to be added in my index.php?

The documentation is unfortunately a bit poor ;-)

I thought if a country is not blocked, visitors see the normal index.php if blocked visitors see a message and not the normal page.

Thank you for your help.

P.S I have found a bug the SQL connection does not allow special characters e.g !?@(){}[]\/=~$%*-+.,_

Will the software work with PHP 7? I plan to upgrade, but didn’t know if it would still function after.



admin admin no working… where to login?