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A brand new soccer plugin that generates vertical formations is available on the marketplace, check out Soccer Formation VE.

Hello , I’m trying this plugin for formations of basketball … is there anything for me? I can edit or clone football formation plugin to use on my site for basketball?? On my site I follow a basketball team and a football team of my town … how can I fix it? Tnx

If you are modifing this plugin to create a basketball plugin and you want to install both the original plugin and the modified basketball plugin in the same wordpress installation you have to assign an unique name to the modified plugin, unique name to the plugin functions to avoid conflicts, change the plugin folder an all the references to the plugin folder included in the plugin code.

You can not make a plugin ad hoc for me?

I’m sorry but currently i do not provide this kind of service.

Hello !!!

Great plugin ! but i have a question.

how to change the background of the team number 1, for example: Team 1 have a green background and team 2 have a blue background.

Thx :)

Hello Gladbachpl, the selection of the background is currently shared between team1 and team2, you can achieve different backgrounds only by hacking the plugin code.


Please can you tell me, once you have typed in a players name for a specific team, such as Messi for Barcelona, will that remain for me to use again without having to continually type it in?

Best Regards,


Hello bogboy, there is a menu in the back end that allows you to create preset of the formations, for example you can create a preset for the “Barcelona 2013/2014” formation, so you don’t have to continually type the names of the players. I have also a similar product for vertical formations that includes a drag and drop editor of formations and retina-ready graphic, check out Soccer Formation VE. If you need more info feel free to ask.

Install the plugin, put the formations, but not shown me the tickets. what’s up?

Hello aleive, I just replied to your email.

it will be good if we could add both team formations in one table. like this: http://i.imgur.com/tSnlimy.png?1

Hello alad1n, thank you for your feedback. If you are interested in other soccer/football plugins with different layouts check out:

Hope this helps.

Hello, I need something for 5 vs 5. Can you help me?

Hello ciottionline, the following plugins support a custom number of players: ( a drag and drop editor allows you to create custom formations )

Hope this helps.

Hi do you have something similar for html websites?

Hello kriegsm, if your server supports PHP check out PHP Soccer.

It’s an item which make you of high quality graphical assets, PHP and JavaScript/jQuery to display the formations.

Hope this helps.

We really need few updates for this plugin. Is starting to conflict with other plugins like Envira Gallery….and as i see 2 more. We also will need edit on teams created already….

Hello Sibienii,

Is starting to conflict with other plugins like Envira Gallery

If you need help with this please proceed as follows:

  1. Contact me directly via the support tab
  2. Provide more details about the issue
  3. Include the Envira Gallery as attachment so I can test it and give you more details
We also will need edit on teams created already

Thank you for the feedback, I’m aware of this limitation and on the next few months an update will be released.