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Is it easy o change the ground block?

Yes,but the ground block is not a common module square graphic,even though the block is easy to change.


I would like to buy all your games to study it. Can you give me some discount? Thanks

Hi,sorry for late reply.Please send me email.

Is sound available for this game?

Sorry for late reply?Yes, you can add your own BGM or soundFX for the game.

I like this a lot for my daughter and I to learn on, are you still around and supporting this? Is it not mobile-friendly? I’d like to put it on her Android.

Sorry for Late reply.For this game is not so friendly on mobile.I designed the game for keyboard and controller,but it also included mobile version.you can try the demo on her phone to look how the experience is.

Hi, Do you have mobile version source code?

Nope,the “code” is just from C2 game engine.Only can edit in C2.

can the character be modified? what image format and specs are necessary to do so if so? Thanks.

You can use PNG sequence to change the character.It looks so easy that I say but I think you need to comprehend how the character works in Construct 2 game engine.


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Does this use local storage?

Yes,but I don’t know where these data placed…