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Nice work GLWS :)


Nice Job ,Good Luck

hi, so instead of HTML tickets , it will send PDF tickets ? and does it support non english languages like arabic?

hi, thnx for reply
I will explain my Q: PDF , sometimes has problem with Arabic language , it separates the letters and/or write it in LTR instead of RTL. so the question is, does the plugin support Arabic in exported PDF file.
if there is any chance to test it before buying so will be can also test it if you don’t allow testing
I can help.


We use a PDF generation library that supports Arabic rendering so technically it should work. That said we are not very familiar with Arabic ourselves and have not been able to test.

What you could do is purchase a copy and feedback to us if you experience any difficulty or inconsistencies. We will then optimise the rendering based on your feedback. If we are not able to adequately address your feedback we will gladly issue a refund.

Please send any feedback to the following email address: support[at]

OK , I will , thanks

Hi, demo page does not work?

Hi, apologies we have fixed the link.

Hey guys please fix the demo page as I am interested in your plugin and would like to test it before purchasing


Apologies we have fixed the link :-)

The demo will send the standard HTML ticket. To view what the PDF’s will look like, click on the sceenshots tab over here:


Please contact our customer support team for assistance:


thanks for that plugin so far, unfortunately I do have an issue with it. Everything works fine and as usual but the e-mail doesn’t get sent. If the plugin is disabled it works fine and sends the HTML E-Mail Tickets but as soon as that PDF Extension is active it doesn’t sent any e-mail. What could be the issue? Are there any minimum requirements for the PDF Lib? What Lib are you actually using in this plugin (hopefully not domPDF)?

Looking forward to your reply

Also maybe important to note:

- The Demo Purchase has been made with Bank Transfer Payment Option. So that means that the purchase has been validated by changing manually the order status (clicking on the check-button in the order overview in backend) – by doing that the site gets stuck in a death loop. It loads and loads but doesn’t deliver any result. Refreshing it works and then displays the order as accepted. Maybe that happens because something goes wrong with the PDF Creation process

- We also use WooCommerce Product Addons to caputure individual options from our customers. That information gets also displayed on the HTML Tickets. Maybe the PDF has an issue with that?

- Further it might be good to know that we’re also using the WooCommerce PDF Product Voucher plugin from Skyverge. It also includes a PDF Creation Feature. Maybe that conflicts with each other?

Hello again,

I’ve made a few tests now and it seems like the issue is caused because of being a “Variable Product”. Not exactly sure if it is the data itself which gets added or if the product type is causing this but it works if it is a simple product.

Please also disregard the comment about WooCommerce Product Addons. It is installed and active but doesn’t get used with that Event Ticket Product. So it can’t be the issue. I also temporary disabled the WooCommerce PDF Product Voucher plugin to no avail and anyway I’m certain that it has to do because it is a variable product.

In addition to that I would have 2 feature requests:

- Please follow the WooCommerce Way and make E-Mails customizeable through the E-Mails Tab in the WooCommerce Settings if possible. I’m pretty sure there aren’t many users who always needs a custom text for that e-mail but rather a proper e-mail template which works the same way other notifications works. It is not as complicated as it seems and I’ve done it by myself for a custom woocommerce plugin for a customer. So if you need help just let me know.

- It would be great to be able to choose per product if it should send Tickets as HTML, PDF or both together.

Many thanks in advance and hopefully you can help me to fix this issue with variable products – this would be really important. Otherwise we couldn’t use it at all :/

Hi there,

Please contact our customer support team with the above support queries and we will try help troubleshoot:

Please be sure to specify which version of our plugins you are using as well as any additional WooCommerce plugins you have installed.

Thanks for the great suggestions, I will pass it on to the product team for review and possible inclusion in a future update.

Hi, I purchased the FooEvents plugin and set everything up. I’m very happy with how everything works except that all of the ticket emails are being set to people’s spam folder. I’m wondering if there is a way to fix that issue with the regular plugin or if maybe using this PDF version of tickets would stop this problem from happening.

Thanks, Travis

Hi there,

The tickets are sent using the built in WordPress mail function. By default this is not authenticated SMTP account which can increase the risk of the mail being perceived as spam. Implementing a WordPress SMTP plugin and using an authenticated email address could help reduce the likelihood of emails being picked up as spam.

The content within an email largely effects wether it will be picked up as spam. You can control what text is displayed in the PDF Tickets email so you should be able to adjust and ensure the least spam like output.


I am interested in buying this addon. I am trying to have the pdf tickets added to the “Completed order” email which is automatically emailed by woocommerce. Is this possible with this plugin?

Hi there,

FooEvents sends the ticket as a separate email. We have not built in an option to add it to the Completed order email. It would be a nice option though, I will pass it to the suggestion to development team.

I am using FooEvents PDF Tickets Plugin on my website. this is very useful tool.

By the way If you want to convert pdf to word, word to pdf, image to text documents online for free, you can try this free online tool I found this very useful too!

Hey Guys! Amazing Work! I got two questions!

1) Is there a chance to attach the pdf ticket to the original ticket-email instead of deciding for one option? 2) Can i display the pdf as digital download in the user’s frontend? I want my customers to be able to download the tickets whenever they want.

Greetings, David

Hi David,

Many thanks, glad you like it!

I’m afraid neither of these features are provided for, however they are great suggestions and I will pass it on to the team.

Hello…i have anissue with the plugins since my website use SSL whith https links…the barcode and ticketlogo are not showed when i receive the pdf ticket…i try to contact the support but i cant login and password recovery mail haven’t any links above your message…. thx for help

Hi there,

Apologies, we will look into the missing links. In the meant time we can manually reset your password.

Please send an email to and we will manual rest your password. Please be sure to send from the same email address so we can find your account. The customer support team can then assist from there.


obazzy Purchased

How do we automatically send users the PDF ticket. I’v tried the system severally and it didn’t send the users any email with the PDF ticket. Your demo was automatic, thats why I bought the plugin in the first place

Hi there,

The PDF tickets are send when the order is marked as complete. If this is not the case please contact our customer support team and they will help troubleshoot –


obazzy Purchased

so when is the order marked as complete? do I have to manually mark it as complete or does it automatically mark itself as complete when someone pays?

WooCommerce marks the order as complete when payment is received. If the tickets are not being set to complete when payment is received, please check that your product is set to “Virtual” and “Downloadable” as physical products would only be set to complete when the order is physical delivered.

Please also have a look at this FAQ for possible reasons that the tickets not being sent: If you require further assistance please contact our customer support team and we will help troubleshoot:

Very nice.


immind Purchased


When I haven installed the FooEvents PDF Tickets Plugin. I received the following error:

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; pagination has a deprecated constructor in /www/wp-content/plugins/imevent-common/paypal/pagination.class.php on line 2.

What can I do about it?

Hi there,

It looks like the error is originating from a plugin called ‘im Event’ (imevent-common)?

If you believe the issue is being caused by FooEvents, please contact our support team –


is there actually a valid reason why to put the generated PDF’s into the plugin’s folder? Why not putting them to wp-content/uploads?

Hi there,

Good question, I will raise with the dev team and get back to you.

Hi, you have a good plugin.

But I can’t deal with a sending pdf ticket.

HTML e-mail is work good – PDF ticket e-mail – not good –

Not loading the logo and barcode. Tell me what could be the problem?

I use WP 4.7.3 and WooCommerce 3.0.3

Hi there,

Please contact our technical support team who will help troubleshoot:

We have submitted an update that fixes conflicts with WooCommerce 3.0.1. It is currently being reviewed by CodeCanyon and should be available in the next day or two. You should receive a notification when the update is available.