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Nice work GLWS :)

Many thanks!

Congrats, GLWS!

very good job ! all the best for your sales ;)


I am looking to purchase this plug-in for an event of mine that I will be holding real soon with alot of quest attending. What would be a good scanner to use with this software? Is there other videos showing how the scanner and software work together?

Awesome! Thank you so much for the information. One last question, for the person who bought the ticket, can they use their phone as a ticket “as is” or would I need “FooEvents PDF Tickets Plugin” also.

The email is responsive and displays the barcode very clearly in the default email format. On mobile, the HTML ticket might even be a better option as the customer would need to pinch/zoom to resize the PDF to fit the barcode to screen.

thank you so much! going to make the buy shortly!

How to make the check in not showing the Unpaid status tickets? How to filter the list based on ticket status?

Hi there, currently the FooEvents Express Check-in plugin does not support removing “Unpaid” tickets from it’s list. We have added this to our features request list.


obazzy Purchased

how does this “use a regular barcode scanner to scan printed tickets and automatically check-in attendees”. Like how is the barcode scanner connected to it and how will a random barcode scanner enable people to be checked in?

The barcode scanner essentially acts as a typical input device, similar to a keyboard. The USB scanner connects to your computer via a USB connector. When you scan, the text box field will be populated with the ticket ID, similar to if you typed the ID out on a keyboard.

We developed an extension for FooEvents called Express Check-ins that makes using a barcode scanner seamless and fast –

Very beautiful

I am an events organizer. Does this extension allow only members to log in and see only the events they created to check people in for one of those events?

Unfortunately not, it is a global check-in extension for all events.

We watched your video and like this add-on. What is the best way to check in guests – auto search, manual checkin, auto checkin…?

We want to be fast at check-in but also want to ensure that people are not reusing tickets to get double entry. If we use auto check-in and scan the barcode, will it warn us if that ticket has already been used or checked in?

Hi there,

The fastest configuration is to use the FooEvents Express Check-in plugin with a barcode scanner and auto-checkin enabled. My recommendation though is to experiment and determine what works best for your particular event.

When you scan a ticket the tickets status is changed in the database. If the same ticket is scanned again, you will be notified that the ticket has already been checked in. You can test this by scanning a ticket twice.

Hi GrenadeCo,

Is it possible to scan the tickets using an Android device plus the WP-admin? Or are we required to use the supplied (branded) app?

Thanks in advance, Rob

Hi Rob,

It might be possible however I am not familiar with a barcode scanner apps that would send the relevant barcode ID output to a specific field on the phones browser. If you could find an app that does this, you could use it in conjunction with our FooEvents Express Check-in extension –

If you are looking for a custom branded option, you best bet is our iOS Events Check-ins Pro App which supports custom branding –

Heya, we’re needing to add the field ‘email’ or ‘address’ to the express check in. When manually looking up a client to check in, we might have several clients with the same name. So we need another way of identifying ticket holders to avoid confusion. Any advice on how to add?

Hi there,

I’m afraid it is not possible without editing the plugins code which could cause difficulty for you when updating.

The best bet is to search by manually entering the ticket ID or using a USB bar code scanner. Searching for the ID with Auto Search activated also works quite well and you will seldom need to enter more than a few of the digits to spot the attendees name.