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Really wanted to like and use this plugin.

Support: Non-existent. Got an answer at first, seemed like there was interest in turning this plugin around. But after day 1, no more contact, no response or acknowledgement of emails NOR tickets. Promised an update/fix, then disappeared.

Functionality: This has a lot of little bugs, pretty normal with something that hasn't been kept up to date for the last 2 years though. Woocommerce product add-ons required fields do not work properly, most of the displays that you can choose from are now broken in the newer versions of WP/Woo. Variations do not show correctly in the popup, you have to click through to view the items unnecessarily now, providing a subpar experience for the customer.

Updates: As stated above, it is woefully out of date. I am trying to find another menu plugin developer to provide a similar plugin that is supported, when I work something out with them, I will post here an update so those that are looking for something like this, that is supported and works, can find it easier.

Truly a shame. Disappointed in Michael Gamble AND Ashanjay.

for Other

It seems that the plugin don´t get any updates soon. Since 2016 there are some changes but they only cosmetic. Every year the developers say it will come a big update but nothing happen.

by far, this is a very nice addon but it get not enough love. For me is the color picker broken and i can´t use the reservation thing because it fails to load or save the chnges within the admin panel.

So after one year i will say the 37 Dollar a way to much for this addon and the "big plans" of the developer.

I will now search another plugin what get all the love from the developers...

I reached out to customer support in the past and had a great experience. They got back to me right away.
Nutritional values, Spice meter, the indicator options for what type of meal it is (add vegan, veg, etc..) and sub header option with the meal type, dish type, and location categories is great for separating menus into different pages.

Each menu option takes to long to load in the lightbox.
Slowed my site down.
Looks odd on mobile if categories are on the page.
Too many steps to getting the menu item and the product in WooCommerce when there are variants. Very time consuming.
Reservation feature loads slow.
Cannot update the pre-loader without access the FTP.
Online ordering is separate from the foodpress plugin with will cost you more money to download and activate.

May use it again in the future, but using Food on WooCommerce in stead.

for Bugs

broken, no response to support tickets, really wanting a refund for this and the direct addons purchased to help make it "functional."

for Flexibility

Nice platform, but not compatible with Elementor. Didn't find out it was not a fit until after I lost the money on licensing–then had to rebuild the entire database in another platform. Wrote support, but no answer. It was great when we were on swiftbuilder, but that was the past.

for Customer Support

The plugin looks sharp on both desktop and mobile. It is simple to get your menu online and looking good. The best part is the customer support. I had a few issues integrating this plugin into my theme, and Michael was super responsive with solutions to get this product working to suit my needs. Well done!

for Design Quality

I rarely rate items, but this plugin is worthy of five stars.

First of all, the design and functionality are amazing. Furthermore, the instant support left me astonished!

Thank you and keep up the great work!

for Code Quality

Item is broken. Categorisation or taxonomy additions do not work.


Author response

Have you tried to reach support? I assure you we can assist in helping you get the plugin functional for your needs.

I have been using this plugin for several months - and I love it :) Yes, it takes some getting used to in order to maximize all the possibilities. You have to put forth some effort - a small price to pay for what is THE BEST solution ever to promoting mobile sales! Customers no longer have to wade thru page after page of products - if you set this up correctly, customers can order anything (with all option) from ONE SCREEN. I think all the complaints are from those who simply do not want to put forth the effort required to learn everything this plugin can do, and how to do it. I agree that the tutorials might be a bit lacking, but only because the possibilities are so extensive - hard to produce a tutorial for every feature. Would love to see people stop complaining and get to work, learn things, and appreciate this awesome plugin. I know I certainly do appreciate it!

for Customer Support

No support giving on plugin! Ive got a conflict with my theme, ask the designer to take a look at it, but no reaction on any of my tickets. It seems they are gone ;)

for Bugs

Author is a great guy & working to resolve the issues. Been using this for 2 yrs.

for Other

Purchased the item, realised it just did not work well with theme / builder being used on site. Requested a refund on night of purchase (20+ days ago.) still have not had a response either in the positive or negative, request has simply been completely ignored.

for Code Quality

its a bets plugin for restaurant, but the plugin add ons must be on codecanyon

for Feature Availability

Fantastic Plug in that covers everything needed to keep up with menu requirements