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I haven’t bought the plugin yet. Before that I need to know if there’s an availability calendar per day: I mean that if a particular day a menu is not served, the web can show it as unavailable.

Thanks! Luis

You can create menus for every day, and have them scheduled using possibly a schedule plugin to display the menus. Otherwise, you can simply create one menu, and create a custom category in our menu for each day of the week. Then on your page, show each menu item per that day listed. It is possible, but we don’t have anything that automatically shows and hides items on a daily basis no.

Hi! I think I might buy the online ordering add-on. We are just getting started & do not have photographs of our dishes and won’t have for a really long time. Will the online ordering add-on work with the Simple Foodpress Menu layout? Thanks

Yes, please check your email and Support forum for the demo URL.

Hi Guys, what the latest with the support situation? Thanks.

All support is now active at https://myfoodpress.freshdesk.com/helpdesk

Great, thanks :)

I am getting an error in the reservation system when logged in as an editor. I am unable to view all reservations. I would prefer not to give my client admin privileges, this should be accessible as an editor. Is there something I can reconfigure?

For the WooCommerce addon, do I have to add the products to Woo manually or is the addon doing that automatically?


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When you add Menu Items, and then Publish the Menu Item, it will automatically create a “Product” inside WooCommerce as well, *As long as you enable that option to include it as a WooCommerce Item when creating it. There is a toggle to use it in WooCommerce when creating the menu item.

Dear Developer,

How can I use it? http://demo.myfoodpress.com/boxed-style-menu/

I can not find any shortcode anywhere


gambinog Author Team

All support is now active at https://myfoodpress.freshdesk.com/helpdesk

You need to use the Shortcode Generator via the Knife and Fork icon in the Editing Toolbar on your page.


Then select the Boxed Menu Version of the menu:


How are the items being added exactly? When I create a new restaurant menu item that I want to take online orders for with the foodpress order addon.

Do I then have to create that item again in WooCommerce or is that done automatically?


gambinog Author Team

Simply select this option seen here when creating the item:


gambinog Author Team

It will then be generated automatically inside WooCommerce as a Product.

If you want that product to ALSO show as a product in your WooCommerce SHOP page…. enable that option to use it in the catalog which i also marked in the screenshot above.

Is this compatible with multisite, can it be network-activated or do I need to use the license key on a per subsite basis?

As a pre-sales question can foodpress and online ordering plugin be used in a site with many restaurants ?


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Hi, it has been around 7 days that I haven’t heard back from you in support forum. Please check the ticket ”#3 Foodpress Issue with RTL”. We are waiting so long for this issue to be solved.

Hello Can you create custom fields for online reservations? Is it possible to obtain a field to select the branch of the restaurant to make the reservation?

Hi, we’re on WooCommerce 3.0.8, FP 1.4.2. If the “addcart” option is set to “yes” on the menu shortcode, and the menu item is using a lightbox, an order for 1 is automatically added to cart, so if visitor clicks on add to cart on the lightbox, the order now has 2 items.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Is foodpress is compatible with wordpress 4.8 and woocommerce 3.0.8? Why is that the last update was a year ago? Are you stopped developing it?

Can you select pickup times with this plugin? say customer orders food of off menu, can he input what time he will pick the food up?

Hi, is posible to apply time restrictions only for particular days , for example to block from 20.00 to 21.00 on 31 december? thanks

Hi, does it work for multi vendor? allow each vendor to add their own food menu?
is there any frontend submit? instead of going to the backend to add? Thank you

Hi! Just wondering what the wait time is for a support ticket submitted through https://myfoodpress.freshdesk.com/helpdesk. I submitted a ticket two days ago but haven’t heard back. I’m having trouble with where the plugin auto scrolls to when you click on a boxed layout category and on a vertical tab category. Thanks!