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Hi, the demo is not working

Its back up, sorry!

Hi Foodpress Customers and Potential Customers,

We have just updated Foodpress and the Online Ordering addon. If you have purchased the plugins or addons, please visit us for support at https://foodpressplugin.freshdesk.com

or feel free to email us at support@myfoodpress.com

We will also be back on Twitter as well for quick questions.

Regards, Michael Gamble Foodpress Plugin Developer

Hi Michael – I’ve emailed you. I’ve got both FoodPress and the Online Ordering addon. Please advise as to how to get the updates.

Sent you a reply. If you purchased the Online Ordering addon from our website, you can re-download the latest copy at: https://myfoodpress.com/my-account/downloads/ If you need help getting into your account, please feel free to submit a ticket at https://foodpressplugin.freshdesk.com/support/home

Hi, I’m trying use Reservations but is NOT possible to SAVE, when I try save show me a message: Action failed. Please refresh the page and retry.

Thank you!

Please visit our support forum at: https://foodpressplugin.freshdesk.com/support/home

Hi, Is there option for timed post menu? i.e. weekly menu that changes daily. tnx

Not currently, this is a good idea though to add in a future update.

In a product add-on 0 qty should not be added in cart.

I’m sorry, but why would someone want to add “0” in the first place?

You can check here https://mockupr.com/mu/pwyp3267/foodpress. Add-on with 0 qty is also added. If the add-on with 0qty then it should not be added

We do not see anything at that URL. Also, can you please verify you have purchased the plugin from us? Your name doesn’t show that you have verified or purchased. Thanks!


I have purchased this plugin (Version 1.5) along with foodPress: Online Order (Version 1.5.1) in order to have an add to cart button.

I get this error message in WP dashboard: Foodpress version is older than the required version to run foodPress Online Ordering properly.

I also haven’t really managed to see any connection between the 2 plugins. Maybe due to the message above?

Website URL: http://www.sushilicious4u.com/

Please advice! Thank you, Natasa

I have opened a ticket to your support forum and I have received assistance! Thank you!



adw259 Purchased

I would like to know how I can upgrade my copies of foodpress to the latest versions? How do I install the new versions without deleting the menu items that I have created and is there a fee to get the upgrades? Please see screenshot… https://snag.gy/nAUwFG.jpg

I am using wordpress 4.8 and woocommerce 3.0

You can simply uninstall the foodpress plugin, it will NOT delete menu items. I would Recommend BACKING up though, because you are jumping from a old version to a major update 1.5.1 now.

if you need assistance, please join our forum and Mike will be able to help you too.



Hi there, I am interested in buying your plugin for restaurant reservations. Is there a backend demo version so I can see what it looks like for my potential client?


Please email mike at support@myfoodpress.com and he can help you test it out.

Pre-sale Question

Hi Support! the reservation form does not take me to the checkout, can I do it with woocommerce? When booking must pay a value?

Not currently sorry, this is something we are going to be adding into a future release. Ability to charge a fee or reservation cost for bookings. Also if customer does not show, it charges a non-refundable fee to their card. ;)

Thanks Support!

Hi ! cant get foodpress updated? tried everything i could find online, can someone send me the latest version”:

i got foodpres 1.5 and online order oplugin 1.5.1 getting the message , foodpress is too old to work with online order plugin :/ :/ :/

really need a solution right now..


gambinog Author Team

OUr support is located here: https://foodpressplugin.freshdesk.com/support/home

You can download the latest version of the plugin IN YOUR Code Canyon account. Just like any other plugin.

No support giving on plugin! Ive got a conflict with my theme, ask the designer to take a look at it, but no reaction on any of my tickets. It seems they are gone ;)


gambinog Author Team

You never emailed or came to our support, please do not say NO SUPPORT given on plugin. https://foodpressplugin.freshdesk.com/support/home

oke, worst support ever. Links to support not working, got in touch in other way, not willing to help. sending me to https://myfoodpress.com/support/.. well I dont see a thing over there. meanwhile site isnt working..


gambinog Author Team

Support is located here, https://foodpressplugin.freshdesk.com/support/home

Our support answers within 72 hours and typically 24. What is your issue?

issue: no latest update online, and foodpress not working in firefox; cant add item to cart

is there a function too add 2 different prices? I need this for normal and small versions for the meal. I have testet the additional text function but this don´t Show up within my menu. i´m using the tabbed Menu.


gambinog Author Team

Hi Lurchie, This function is NOT built in, you would have to manually type in the two prices into the single price field now. I will look into adding this fucntion in the next update. Would you want to have it inline with the other price or laid out differently? Any examples or your input would be appreciated.

Thx for your fast replay. For now I put it in one price field. But this don’t look very professional. I think it will look better when there is a second price field who you can add a second price with a separate box or let it empty when there is no smaller or bigger meal available. Put it right behind the other box or under the first one. it seems too be the best place for the presentation and gives you a clean style within the box. i hope too see this in one of the next updates and thank you for the nice addon.

Edit: or maybe you can make a highlight box directly under the description text but within the meal box who you can write something like “also available as small menu for $...”


gambinog Author Team

I understand. We will strive to get this into the next release. We have a lot of great things coming in the next year!

PRESALES QUESTION I am looking for a menu plugin that I can use on directory website where I have multiple restaurants represented. So I will need something that be used for a variety of restaurants on the same site with the same plugin.

Also looking for a plugin that will allow the end-user to search for a particular food item and find all the different menus (restaurants) where they can find it.

Will this plugin do this?

Our plugin works with MULTI site, which would be separate sites for the different restaurants, OR you can utilize the Taxonomy we have “Locations” to separate the different locations you want to show on different pages. If you need assistance for this I can help initially to get you off the ground and proper shortcodes to use.

As for searching, we do not have anything built in, but you may be able to use a 3rd party plugin that can search custom post types “menu-items” and that in theory should work. I cannot guarantee that it will though.