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I have bilingual website.

Do you support bilingual option for reservation form?

Do I need to create 2 reservation forms, one in French and in English, or it is possible to use only one reservation form as multilingual ?

I read the documentation, there is no problem with translation, I just need to understand if this form can work in 2 languages.

Thank you, Olga

Please correct me if I am wrong. You charge $600+ for extended license, no support and similar free plugin at wp.org. Is that correct?

Hi, Can I use the menu as a tab on Facebook so that my facebook page users can order through facebook?

Hello, pre-purchase questions:

1. Can I have it so that when someone clicks add to cart, the item goes directly into the cart without the pop up?

2. Do the fonts and styling change to match the wordpress theme? Or is the styling/fonts shown in this demo the ones that are used?

Does your plugin can add-on-products/complex-products to woocommerce? for example: if you order XXL Pizza you will get another one for free. Both pizzas can have extra toppings that you have to pay for. Is this possible with your plugin to add these add-on-products/complex-products to woocommerce?


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I just logged in into my account at your website and my account has a different name now but using my email. also I just made purchase of the single menu item | Transaction ID: 6YS93470GX975035S | and it’s not being made available for download. thank you


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I still haven’t received my download link for product, are you guys alive


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Thank you

Hi i was trying to know if your plugin is already compatible with wc vendors.

Best regards, Joaquin.


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can you recommend few themes that you have used this with? the themes I want to use it with giving me issues with how its displayed. the pop up add to cart section doest show add more quantity plus and minus sign correctly.

I have tried it on majesty restaurant theme, enfold theme, Grand restaurant theme doesnt display correctly. I have reported to you guys before and you blaming woo commerce. can you please recommend few themes.

An excellent theme is AVADA – I have used FoodPress without any issues, but I did have to tweak the css for that “quantity plus and minus” to show correctly. Like so…

.fp_orderonline_add_cart .quantity input { width: 30% !important; } .fp_orderonline_add_cart .quantity { float: left; width: 180px !important; margin-right: 10px; border:none; }

Hi First off Great plugin! And when can we expect the update? Have a site launching soon and haven’t touched this plugin in hopes the update will be soon. Thanks

I know you’ve been asked about this but was curious about the new reservation platform.

Hello, I purchased FoodPress and installed it. Created 2 menus – food and wine – and the food menu is perfect. The wine menu on the other hand has layout issues, some of the meal types are blank even thought I’ve checked the menu items and I have logged two support tickets to resolve this as the website is going live in a couple of days. Could you please assist?