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1 – Can I use it for multi vegetable, fruit vendors? 2 – I can access via normal web, could not see, because in the demo it opens in a mobile iframe.

Hi Glauberfunez,

Thank you for your interest in this application.

1. Yes you can use it. In your case, The restaurants will be the “Fruit Vendors” and the food/items will be “vegetables/fruits”.

2. The full-fledged desktop version is not currently available but, the mobile frame on the desktop view is fully usable like a mobile application.

Kind Regards, Saurabh

hi there, if i buy the script can i do some customization? like adding our own logo and some text?

Hi shathu,

There are many things that can be customized directly from the Admin Dashboard. Customizing logos, favicons, splash-screen, hero images and text customizations and translations can be done within the Admin Dashboard.

You can check the demo here:



Password: password

After purchase will you provide build version of react? OR editable version of react?

Build version is provided on Regular license purchase. Full source code (non-compiled) is provided only with Extended License purchase.

hi pre-purchase question :

i tried the demo. but how to add variant, example say Starbucks Drink and variant option for the sizes to choose from. Also can you add each restaurant operating hours. so that during closing ours, customer will not able to place order unless they make advance order ? also adding notes like to cart example ” cheeseburger ” ( do not add too much mayo )


We already have add-ons functionality on this application. You can create unlimited customization for a product/item. (Example: sizes, type, cooking method etc.)

There is an option to disable the restaurant (This disabled restaurant is hidden from the customer) Both Admin or the Restaurant Owner can disable/enable the restaurant.

Automatic enabling/disabling the restaurant based on the restaurant opening/closing timing is currently not available.

Adding cooking instructions/suggestions is available on the Cart page for the customer/user.


Can you add POS or make a extension …. If i get POS, then i can buy the extended version for my business.. ( Have a look at limetray POS )

We are not looking to create a POS for our application as of now. We might look into this in a couple of months.

Thank you for the reference.

Kind Regards,


I have a problem with admin login and delivery, sometimes comes in and then does not work anymore.

Another question I have, I would like to know how do deliverers earn on deliveries, how is it they receive on delivery?

And last question can I make any code changes add any functionality without problems?

Progressive Web App <<<< very good. I hope you have plan to build cms for blogging.

Hey Marsanto,

Thank you for your comment :)

hello, can you please share with me yout skype or whatsaap..

Hi lgui,

It would be great if you could share your requirement or questions over email or over comment first.


Kind Regards, Saurabh

No demo appears or name of customer who purchased. in the final version and so too?

i tried the demo. but how to add variant, example say Starbucks Drink and variant option for the sizes to choose from. Also can you add each restaurant operating hours. so that during closing ours, customer will not able to place order unless they make advance order ?

When it will be available ? :)

Hi nassimrehali,

Thank you for your interest in this application.

The demo has not been updated to the latest version, but the variants/add-ons feature is available in this application.

Currently, the opening and closing hours of the restaurants is not integrated, but there is a enable/disable button. The Admin or the Restaurant Owner can Enable/Disable the restaurant. The disable restaurants are not visible by the user(customer).


Do you have delivery live tracking and chat between protagonists

Hi Cyrus, The delivery live Tracking is already present in the application. But chat functionality is currently not available.

But, any 3rd party chat services like zopim or freshchat can be easily integrated.

Wow, very Nice, good that i stumbled upon this before other options

Have some doubts still

1-i have in mind creating some multivendor market but not limited to proccesed food, do you think this could work for a universal product delivery concept

2- maybe i Will have to change the loading icon wich shows only food related imagen

3- the speed is amazing, could i achieve that performance on a regular hosting like siteground? Or it could work better in a VPS

4- the admin panel and guy delivery panel can be translated to spanish?

5- the delivery guy as i read is a 3rd. Party solution, how this integrantes with services like rappi or some Freelance delivery services?

Best regards

Hi Larry,

Thank you for your interest in this application.

1. This application could work for different products as well. Let’s take an example of Pharmacy. The restaurants will become pharmacy shops and the food items will become medicines in this case. Like wise it can be used for other products too.

2. Yes you can do that easily. (A different GIF image can be added for the loading placeholder)

3. Our demo is hosted on a GoDaddy Shared Hosting. This application works well with any shared hosting (if the requirements mentioned in the documentation is met). It will work well with SiteGround too.

4. Translation settings are present in the admin dashboard. Through this admin can easily change all the texts, button texts, strings, messages present on the user(customer) and delivery guy’s application(no need to change any files manually). But to translate the Admin dashboard itself, you will have to edit the files manually.

5. By 3rd party delivery service means, some company which provides delivery boys at a fixed rate or hourly rates have to come abroad. Or, the admin/business owner needs to hire delivery boys and pay them a fixed salary. Delivery buy payout is not integrate with this application. If we get a lot of requests for this, we will look into the feasibility of building that.


How does the delivery guy gets notified? Is there a push notification or something?

Also i Will get the files to create a front page like the one You have installed in

Best regards

Push notifications for the delivery boy is currently not integrated, we are working on that. But if the delivery boy has the delivery application opened, they will get a live update of the new order. (New order will automatically popup on their screen)

Hi Nice app can I RTL Arabic

Hi caffecalls,

RTL functionality is currently not available.


I tried to install on my VPS hosting. I uploaded all the files and when i visit ( it shows a blank white page with nothing on it. I tried to delete all the files and uploaded again still no luck. Please help. Thanks.

Please have a look at the requirements list once again. By looking at the screenshot you provided, I can see it says “PDO class not found” PDO extension is required in your PHP server. (Also make sure all the PHP extensions mentioned in the installation documentation are enabled on your server)

Please enable that and try again.

Ok. Let me contact my hosting company again. Don’t try to install it. Ignore my email for now.

Hi, a great application, Got idea to buy this script but is it possible to implement our country payment gateway with this application ?


Are you looking to Integrate Indian Payment Gateway? Currently, we don’t have any, but we have plans to integrate either Razorpay or Instamojo in the near future.

Kind Regards, Saurabh

Hello stackcanyon, I have more than 5000 items per one shop, could you make items categorized?

Hi binhetc,

Item category is available. Kindly take a look at this:

Sorry, I mean tree categoried, It will be great if I can create subcategories

Subcategories options are currently not available. Sorry.

We may relook at this in the near future.

It’s not that easy to get a website down. We can send a DMCA takedown but that too takes time. Anyone can buy our application and upload it on their website. We have some mechanism to block this to certain extend by verifying the purchase during the application installation. But whatever we do there will be someone who is mischievous.

This is a common problem every CodeCanyon or ThemeForest Author faces.

You can’t blame on person who using your script rather than who selling. What you will achieve by implement purchase code. They will still sell your code with bypassing purchase code. Then what you will do? Take action on them before they grow and harm more.

Why not you send atleast DMCA to remove link from google.

Thank you for your advice.

Hi Where delivery charges may change, is there an option for delivery rates to be per km, for example $ 1 / km. Then this system could be used for a lot of other business models

Hi zontia,

Currently a fixed delivery charges are applied to each restaurant. Thank you for your feedback. We will look into the feasibility of developing that.

Hi, its same as uber eats ?

Hi Shiyanthan,

Yes it is similar to a multi restaurant platform like Uber Eats.

1. its cash on delivery available ? 2. is cash on delivery for limited payment system? 3. delivery boys system will be like uber eats concept & logic ? 4. everything control for admin panel ?

1. Yes, Cash On Delivery (COD) is available.

2. Sorry, I am not able to understand what do you mean by the “Limited Payment System”. Can you please explain this?

3. Delivery Boys are assigned to restaurants. A restaurant can have N-numbers of Delivery Boys assigned to it. When an order is placed, all the delivery boys assigned to that particular restaurant gets the notification. But the order can be accepted by only one delivery boy. As soon as one delivery boys accept the order to fulfill, other delivery boys can not accept or view it.

4. Yes, everything can be easily managed and controlled from the Admin Dashboard. We also have a separate Restaurant Dashboard (where restaurant owners can manage their restaurants, items, view orders and manage payouts)