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i am installing this and i am getting HTTP error 500 while acessing /public/install :

tell me what to do ?

Hi Abhi,

Please check the PHP version you are using. It should be v7.2 or higher for this application to work.

If your website is hosted with php v 7.2 then pease send me a mail ( with the following details:

1. Your website URL

2. cPanel URL, username and password

I will look into the issue and let you know the solution. : Its asking to update . Should i update directly by clicking button ?

Hi abhi,

I am sorry for the late reply. I was away for the weekend and because of festivals.

I suggest you don’t update from the notification that has come. (Even if you already did, no issues)

We have released a major update (v1.2) which has many improvements and some new important features.

After the update is approved by CodeCanyon, you will get an update on your email regarding the update.

Update Instructions:

When i click on download sample csv file for location it redirects to the home page :

If you are not able to download the CSV, you can find the CSVs in this folder: /assets/docs/

but you need to fix this right ?

Either way you will get the same files. We will fix this in next update. It’s a minor bug.

cant able to upload logo . it says confirmed after saving but not updating both backend and frontend

Abhi, please clear your browser cache or try visiting your website on Incognito mode.

As the names of the favicons, logos and splashscreen are same on the server, the old images are shown unless the cache is cleared.

Hi, inventory management is available ?

Hi shiyanthan,

Currently, the items and the restaurants that are uploaded can be edited, and they can also be enabled/disabled as per the business needs.

But, we do not have a inventory/quantity management for the items that are uploaded.


for customization do laravel is enough or do we also need react js also ?

Yes, you can’t edit any layouts in the frontend without the source code. Even with the source code, you will need some basic knowledge of react to work around the files.

Currently, we do not have GPS based restaurants. You will have to create locations and assign restaurants to it.

in future you can add it ? can you do this as a paid task ?if yes how much ?

Sorry, currently we are not accepting any customization requests as we have a lot on our development road-map.

Also, building GPS based restaurant will require a complete change in the application architecture. So we are not looking forward for this.

How to get Mapbox API key after going to the link ? do you have any doc for that ?

You just need to register to MapBox and get the Access Token and paste it on the Admin Dashboard.

After you register for MapBox, goto: It will look something like this:

How to get facebook and google ID for login ? any document or video ?

We don’t have a documentation for this at this point of time. But we will create one soon.

How to create then ?

1. Paypal will work in india and with indian currency ? 2. How to get key ? any document for that ?

Register for PayPal and goto:

There you can find your test keys and production keys

Paypal payment gateway works for indian currency and payments ?

Yes, it does.

cant add restaurant Wooopsss ⚠️ Something went wrong. Please check your form and try again.

Hi Dvirhaim,

Thank you for your purchase. I hope you are liking the application.

Later if you face any 404 issues, please follow this instructions:


Hi, I can’t see the delivery guy location, the order picked up by him and i can’t see his location on map

and push notification not work for me, Success: 0 & Failed: 1 (on ios)

Delivery Guy’s location has been fixed in the new update. Once the update is live, I suggest you to update to get the fixes.

For Push Notification, please follow this video tutorial:

Do let me know if you still face issues with the push notifications.

Is there any future plans for android App

current thie is only webapp

Currently, we don’t have plans to build a native Android or iOS application.

But did you know a PWA can be installed on Android, iOS, Windows PC and even on a Mac OS system with Chrome Browser.

Is there any restaurant progressive web app(pwa)

Hi Amanj,

No, We only have Progressive Web App (PWA) for the Customer/User Application and the Delivery Application.

The Admin Dashboard and the Restaurant Dashboard are built with Laravel Views.

1: I have two questions I do not receive this notification: The user also receives automatic notifications when their order status changes. (such as Preparing food, Ordering delivery, etc.)

2: Could add forget password as this is important for password recovery as soon as forgotten.

Hi codemarcos,

Can you please send me your Purchase Code to

Please also include your Envato Username in the email.


is it possible to get direct link (URL) to restaurant?

Moreover, is it possible to have live link to categories?

Hi Peter,

Each restaurant has their own unique URL.

We do not have categories for the restaurant’s so it’s not possible. But we do have categories for the items/food products.

Does each restaurant have a own link ? ,so the owner of each restaurant can promote the restaurant only.

Hi mwb,

Yes, each restaurant has their unique URL.

can you give me URL for test ?

I’ve Mailed to Support on some Issues from my personal mail. Kindly respond to that ..

1. Delivery boy Login 2. Add To Home Screen Button 3. #####

Regarding the issues you have mentioned here:

1. If you are facing 404 errors in delivery URL follow this:

Note: the delivery boy login URL is:

2. Add to Homescreen button will come automatically on Android Devices (generally within 10-15 seconds) If you want to change the App Name, you will have to edit the “manifest.json” file present on the root directory of the application (Your webiste) Line number #2 and #3 can be edited in “manifest,json” file to change the application name.

Please Check Email From

Thanks, I will reply to your email shortly.

Hi, I’m looking into purchasing this web app, but I have a question: can a thermal printer be configured for auto or manual printing once the order is accepted by the restaurant manager?

Also, is it possible to integrate a third party payment gateway other than the ones listed?

Hi, I can’t see the delivery guy location, the order picked up by him and i can’t see his location on map

Hi Dvirhaim,

Thank you for your purchase.

We have fixed this error a couple of days back and it has been merged with the upcoming update.

I have just released an update.

The update is currently being reviewed by CodeCanyon. It will be rolled out soon.

any plan to make marketplace for web too ? Thanks

Hi mleme,

Yes we have plans to create a full desktop version too.