Foodomaa - Multi-restaurant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management and Delivery Application

Foodomaa - Multi-restaurant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management and Delivery Application

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Foodomaa™ is a multi-restaurant/store online ordering solution. It provides an Admin Dashboard, a Restaurant Management System, a Delivery Application (PWA), and a full-fledge Customer Progressive Web App (PWA).

Top Features Highlights

  • [NEW] ZEN Mode for Store Owners
  • [NEW] Advanced Orders and Users Table for Admin with CSV Export
  • [NEW] One Signal Push Notification for New Orders for Store Owners
  • [NEW] In-App Notification for push-notification subscribers
  • [NEW] Google Distance Matrix API for Dynamic Delivery Charges
  • [NEW] Sorting Stores and Sliders with Drag & Drop Interface
  • [NEW] Store Open/Close Time Scheduling System
  • [NEW] Alerts System for missed notifications & Custom Notifications
  • GPS & Operation Radius based Store’s Listing
  • GPS based Dynamic Delivery Charges System
  • Unlimited Add-ons and product customization.
  • Live Order Tracking
  • Delivery & Self Pickup options
  • Multiple order placing functionality
  • UPI, (Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm via RazorPay), Stripe, Paypal, PayStack Payment Gateways
  • Social Login and OTP Registration
  • Store Commission and Payout System
  • Order Cancellation/Rejection & Wallet System

Payment Gateways

  • Stripe 3D Secure with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Stripe iDEAL payment for Netherlands
  • Stripe FPX payment for Malaysia
  • Cash On Delivery payment
  • MercadoPago payment for Brazil
  • PayStack payment for Africa
  • RazorPay payment for India
  • PayPal payment gateway
  • PayMongo payment for Philippines


Foodomaa™ is built with a mobile-first approach keeping user experience, conversion optimization, and high performance intact. It is built with React which is adequately served by a Laravel API.

It is the first Store web application on CodeCanyon built with React and Redux.

The most amazing feature of Foodomaa™ is, it can be installed on any device running Android or iOs. It can also be installed on a Windows PC running Chrome.

Foodomaa™ includes high-end features like Lazy Loading, Progressive Image Loading, Content Placeholder Loading, Bulk CSV Upload, Advance Settings Management, Advance Coupon System.

Kindly have a look at our online documentation for more details

Security Features

  • JWT Authentication
  • CSRF Protection
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • Secure Bcrypt Password Hashing

User Demo

User Login Page Click Here
Kindly register as a new user on to get the full app experience.

Admin Demo

Admin Login Page Click Here
 Password: password
 Note: All the user management and configuration related settings are disabled in the demo.

Restaurant Owner Demo

Restaurant Owner Login Page Click Here
 Password: password

Delivery Guy Demo

Delivery Guy Login Page (Only from Mobile Device) Click Here
 Password: password

Version Log

Version 3.1 [27/11/2021]

    - Fixed canceled by whom order activity when order canceled by Admin.
    - Fixed order activity when delivery guy accepts the order.
    - Fixed order auto-accept activity when order's payment manually approved by Admin.
    - Fixed on store's zone change the changed zones not reflecting on store's earnings and payouts.
    - Added lock on order when delivery guy completing an order to avoid any kind of system misuse or manipulation for Commission.
    - New feature to view all the addresses of customers on Edit User page. (Delete and Locate option also added)

Version 3.0 [24/11/2021]

    - Foodomaa Android App Compatibility (soon to be released) [MAJOR]
    - Zones for Multi-City/Multi-Area and Franchise Business [MAJOR]
    - Stores can be linked to Zones
    - Staff can be assigned to Zones and only store data related to that zone will be displayed.
    - Customer application UX improvement from the ground up. (Now customer will directly land on the Homepage) [MAJOR]
    - Admin Dashboard data range to view stats of different dates.
    - Razorpay security fixes and Webhooks implementation
    - Advanced table for Orders on Store Owner Dashboard
    - Rating route protection from Store Owner Dashboard
    - Delivery Application max-order-queue issue fixed
    - Option to remove image on Edit Item page (Admin and Store Dashboard)
    - Code refactoring and reusable code for sending SMS, notifications.
    - Missing notification to customer when Admin manually assigns the order to the delivery guy.
    - Intuitive order activities on the View Order page (only for future orders after the 3.0 update)
    - New design of View Order page in Admin Dashboard.
    - New design for Wallet Add/Deduct in Edit user page in Admin Dashboard.
    - New design for Send Push notification page on Admin Dashboard.
    - Separate Customers page and table.
    - Separate Delivery guy page and table.
    - Separate Staff page and table.
    - Advanced tables for Delivery Collection and Delivery Collection Log
    - Added Cash Collected by in Delivery Collection Log table for easy Multi-Zone business.
    - Delivery Reviews sorting descending in the delivery application. (new rating/review on top)
    - Custom CSS for Admin/Store Dashboard (Admin > Settings > All Settings > Custom CSS (scroll to end of the page)
    - Utility to delete old order activity logs manually (Admin > Settings > All Settings > Clean Order Activity Logs)
    - Admin Dashboard nav menu categorization and UX improvements.
    - Advanced table for Items page on Admin Dashboard.
    - Advanced table for Stores page on Admin Dashboard.
    - Added order count on Delivery App Footer for new, picked up, and ongoing orders
    - Many untracked UI/UX improvements in the Admin Dashboard.
    - Code optimizations on the overall core of Foodomaa
    - Database queries optimization in API calls.
    - [Make sure to reupload all the modules after updating to v3.0]

Version 2.9.2 [24/10/2021]

    - Sms and Push notification issue when order accepted by the store owner.
    - Order taking long time to accept from Zen Mode issue fixed.
    - After registration using social login, the phone number filed was showing invalid.
    - Security issue fixed on customer application.
    - Some store owner bug fixes.

Version 2.9.1 [14/09/2021]

    - Adding new address and going back to the homepage doesn't reloads the page issue fixed.
    - Selecting an old address doesn't reloads the page issue fixed.
    - Disabling the email invoice settings doesn't work issue fixed.
    - Map Documentation URL 404 issue fixed.
    - Fixed Order Schedule module issue when the store had enabled Auto-Accept order.
    - Fixed Order Schedule module issue when admin manually marks the payment as confirm.
    - Delivery rating was not visible even on delivery orders issue fixed.
    - Google maps dev mode issue fixed for Admin and Store Owner dashboard.

Version 2.9.0 [11/09/2021]

    - Call And Order Module Compatibility.
    - Order Schedule Module Compatibility.
    - Login with OTP (Admin > Settings > SMS Settings > Login/Registration Type)
    - Delivery application completed orders in infinite lazy loading.
    - Added missing translations to the Delivery Application.
    - Lock Delivery Guy Account based on Floating Cash.
    - Delivery pin to open only the numeric keyboard.
    - Make cart suggestion multiline (Customer application’s cart page)
    - Fixed recommended slider layout issue when the item price is set to zero on Customer Application
    - Recording Order Cancelled by whom (Admin > Orders > View single order) (will only work on orders that are canceled after 2.9 update)
    - Fixed If item category disabled, while editing item wrong item category was selected.
    - Admin Setting to Disable COD for Self-pickup (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Enable COD on Self Pickup)
    - Custom badge name for "Featured" badge (Admin > Stores > Edit > Extras > Custom name of Featured badge)
    - Fixed notification issue on "Awaiting Payment" status for PayTm and other payment gateways.
    - On the Checkout page, show a custom message when the order placing loading Animation is shown.(Admin > Modules > Translations > Edit)
    - Invoice of order over email when an order is completed. (Admin > Settings > Email Settings > Email Order Invoice Email)
    - Save distance from store to customer on the orders table. (Distance visible on Admin > Orders > Single order view)
    - Fixed Self-pickup notification to the delivery guy.
    - Add customer delivery address on the order history page on the customer app.
    - Order status issue on canceled orders or reassigned orders.
    - Delivery Area Pro Module issue - Store is not listing in some marked polygon areas (No need to update the module)
    - Random delivery pin for each order.
    - Use Current Location big button with text (on location selection where Map is shown)
    - Fixed Restaurant count on the homepage is not shown unless Self pickup is enabled.
    - Custom HTML block checkout page (before any payment button is clicked)
    - Auto-redirect 403 not logged-in page to the login page on Admin/Store Dashboard.
    - Show latest reviews/ratings first on Admin/Store dashboard.
    - Fixed string truncate is not working on reviews in the store owner panel under ratings.
    - A lot of fixes in the Store Owner Dashboard and ZenMode.
    - Show badges on the orders that are accepted by the store owners but not picked up by the delivery guys (on store owner dashboard and zen mode)
    - Do not show the Self-pickup column/row on the Store Owner dashboard if Self-pickup is disabled globally.
    - On the Stores' order details page, show the delivery guy's name.
    - Master switch to enable/disable all stores. (Admin > Settings > Advanced Settings > Foodomaa Utilities)
    - Show distance in delivery charges on the cart.
    - Easy time picker for Store Scheduling
    - Back button UX improvement on Homepage. (No reload on back button press when going back from Items page)
    - Remove spaces(or ignore spaces) from email during login/registration.
    - Remove delivery review from Store Dashboard.
    - Delivery assign and Reassign from Admin Dashboard SMS and Notification issue
    - Inbuilt License Management System (Admin > Settings > Advanced Settings > License Manager)
    - Self-pickup order rating bug/issue. (only the store can be rated on self pick up order)
    - Fixed Thermal Printer Auto-Printing not working after accepting the order issue. (No need to update the module)
    - Flutterwave add switch case to handle multiple currency/countries
    - Not able to scroll homepage, when item menu open and back button clicked.
    - Added google maps to select store location and popular geolocation.
    - Performance improvement on the Admin/Store Dashboard pages. (Core optimization)
    - Many small UI/UX untracked improvements on the Admin/Store/Delivery and Customer Application.

Version 2.8.2 [19/07/2021] [Critical Security Update]

    OTP Security vulnerability fixed - Apply this update ASAP.

Version 2.8.1 [02/07/2021]

    1. Fixed whitescreen/infinite-loading issue on order cancellation in the Customer Application.
    2. Fixed Khalti Payment Gateway mobile number issue.

Version 2.8.0 [28/06/2021]

    - [NEW] Addon max limit to select feature

    - [NEW] Cash Change amount for COD orders. (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Show Cash Change on COD)

    - [NEW] Khalti Payment Gateway for Nepal

    - [NEW] Sort Delivery stores by Distance (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Sort Delivery stores by Distance)

    - The amount remaining to pay will not show on Completed Orders and Cancelled orders on Customer Application

    - Fixed Self pickup orders not visible in mobile view.

    - Fixed issue of customer placing orders from Deactivated stores.

    - Recommended section fixed Grid View layout issue

    - Added Custom CSS names to various sections for easy customization

    - Fixed Cart item count when no item image issue,

    - Fixed overlapping images on Items page issue

    - Junk notification delete query optimized.

    - Favorited store button fixed.

    - Fixed Item sold count on Dashboard

    - Fixed Bulk CSV NULL image upload layout issue.

    - Fixed on category disable item showing on recommended section issue

    - Store reviews are now sorted in descending order of creation on the customer application

    - Fixed URL/permission issue on Store Owner dashboard for Reviews page.

    - Country code can now be a drop-down during registration. (Admin > Settings > Customer Application > Default Country Code on Phone field (Enter country code separated by commas to show as a dropdown option)

    - Delivery guy rating is now shown on the customer application during order tracking after the delivery guy has accepted the order.

    - During customer registration, the first 0 (Zero) from the mobile number is now removed (solves duplication issue)

    - Fixed Forgot password email logo (Admin > Settings > General > Website URL needs to be correct to set the logo correctly)

    - Fixed SMS and Push Notification issue to Delivery Guy on Self pickup.

    - Fixed Tip amount commission calculation issue on Delivery Application.

    - Empty Spaces can now be added on Currency Symbol (Admin > Settings > Currency Symbol)

    - Fixed coupon deleting issue.

    - Fixed read the review button not working on Favorited Stores.

    - Fixed Delivery COD partial collection issue.

    - Fixed delivery DLT template ID not saving issue.

    - Added links to Dashboard insights blocks.

    - Restaurant charge null issue on Order list page on customer application.

    - Added infinite loading on order list page on customer application.

    - Some UI fixes and untracked improvements.

    - [NEW] Delivery Guy On/OFF (Online/Offline) switch on Delivery Application.

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