Discussion on FoodMenu - WP Creative Restaurant Menu Showcase WooCommerce

Discussion on FoodMenu - WP Creative Restaurant Menu Showcase WooCommerce

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Hello, I have another question! I created three dishes. Each with a different category. Then when I create a shortcode it shows all the products together! Question, how can I display each category separately? How can I create this Shartcode?

Best regards Christian


neu-15 Purchased


I would like to change “Ingredients” to German in the product description. I tried with LOCO… unfortunately this is not possible here!

My question is, how can I change “Ingredients” into German?

Best regards Christian

Hi, first of all thank you for the refund.

1. I need first aid: I want the € sign to appear after the price. = 10.00€

2. In the product (i) link I want “Ingredients” to appear in German. = Zutaten Translation is not possible with the Loco plugin.

Thank you in advance for your support Christian

Hello! Any update? Since 2021 we got nothing. Thank you!

Problem with Elementor Theme “Astra”. Main div of the page has the css class “clear”.

_dzs_layout.css uses ”.clear” as well and sets a height of 1 px.

This leads to destroying the whole layout of the page as soon as i insert the shortcode for restaurant menu.

Hi I just purchased your plugin and just cant figure it out how to add item menus with descriptions under

Where do I put the license code into the plugin on my site?

Hello I am using your food menu plugin It hasn’t been updated since 2021 and it has an issue with only showing 5 items when there are 11 items in the category. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thank you Gary White

Hello Is here anyone that can help me with this issue?


I am using the default menu with Tabs, and I would like to put images above the categories. Is this possible with some coding maybe? Also, I would like to change the menu items to be dispalyed in full width.

Thank you in advance.

Buenas hay alguna manera de organizar las categorias para que salgan en el orden que desee cuando se elige el menu Tabs

lo adquiri desde envatoelements

envato elements no tiene support

Buenas pero esa opción existe para comprarlo, es decir si lo compro podré organizar la tab a mi gusto

Hi, can I insert the TAG directly under the ingredients? No inside the pop? How can I do ? Thank you Marina

Hi, here is the link

Let me know



Another thing. How do I put the tabs in a custom order? See link Thanks

Hi, can you please help me? Thanks

We are having a problem on the tabbed use of WP Creative Restaurant Menu Showcase. We are having a menu using 5 categories and now we need to order the categories displayed. It seems that, no matter what order we use in the shortcode it always orders the same way How can we do that? Can you please advise. Thanks.


We will get back to you with a solution



How do I get the menu items to show the “read more” button?

Please send us message from the account you purchased


Hi, any support here or do I have to look for other plugin?

Hello Andreas

Sorry for the late reply

Cheers! Radu


I’m using Default Skin in tab-mode in one line with tab-Skin Chef. Is it possible to show in category also the sup-categorys under the main categorie, that I’ve created? For example you create a main categorie “Drinks” and under it “Wine”, “Beer” etc. and if you open now the “Drinks” tab, you also see under this tab the sub-categories like “Beer”, Wine etc.



Hello Andreas

Not at the moment but maybe we will add this in the future


hi, the tooltip is displayed wrong on mobile what can I do?

Hello Daniele

You should be able to download latest version from codecanyon

it is still version 1.18

Hi, I’m facing a glitchy issue.

[restaurantmenu item_skin=”rst-menu-item-skin-aura” mode=”tabs” count=”500” term_id=”appetizers-non-veg,appetizers-veg,bar-bites-veg,bar-bits-non-veg,desserts,main-course-non-veg,main-course-veg,pasta-non-veg,pasta-veg,pizza-non-veg,pizza-veg,accompaniments” item_link_thumb_con_to=”default” item_link_info_to=”tooltip” item_link_title_to=”none” mode_tabs_aligment=”two-columns” mode_tabs_skin=”skin-default” category_multiplication=”multiple” order=”desc” orderby=”title”]

I’m using this shortcode. On mobile format, It’s coming in a accrodin format. after i close accrodin, still i am seeing menu items list behind header. It is looking messy.

Screenshot link:

Pls check


Fixed in 1.18


Hi, I’m facing some random issue

here’s the shortcode for two colums and multiple categories: [restaurantmenu item_skin=”rst-menu-item-skin-aura” mode=”tabs” count=”500” term_id=”30-ml-imported-single-malt-whiskies,corkage,imported-single-malt-whiskies,mrp” item_link_thumb_con_to=”default” item_link_info_to=”tooltip” item_link_title_to=”none” mode_tabs_aligment=”two-columns” mode_tabs_skin=”skin-default” category_multiplication=”multiple” order=”desc” orderby=”title”]

I’m not able to see anything. but when it’s visible, i’m seeing in list format and there’s no multiple category above at all

here’s a link to it:

Do help me out with this.

also, menu items are added into sub categories, i’m not able to see any categorization

HI, I am trying to sort the categories, is there a step that I am missing, i dont seem to be able to achieve this.

Many thanks

Hello spasmore,

We don’t have sort categories for now


Hi AGAIN after 21 days of no answer, I have tried to created a skin aura with mode zfolio. I have problem with the category selector in movile size. When the dimensions are under 720 all the categories are hidden and you can only see the checked one , that’s okey, but when I try to open the menu with to see all the other categories, it doesn’t work. It seems like the selected one can’t open the menu because it loose the attribute ‘is-opened’ in the class of the div. When I click on the category the name of the category should change from div class=”selector-con selector-con-for-skin-forwall” to div class=”selector-con selector-con-for-skin-forwall is-opened” but It dosn’t change. I can’t fix that with css I think.

Any suggestion for my problem?

the website with the plugin is


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