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good work, all the best for your sales ! ;)

Thank you!

Makes me think of a menu site displaying on a touch device that sits on each table in a restaurant allowing patrons to simply select their orders and submit. The order is transmitted to a screen the kitchen where the order is prepared and delivered to the patron at the appropriate table. After the meal the patron approves the purchase and app then bills the patrons (membership) account. and a receipt is delivered to patron by email (in addition to patrons order history)... but it is not that so… I will keep waiting.

I think the option to pay and tip should always be there. Cart will update immediately as additional orders are placed. The trick is that as order is added to cart, the kitchen will have to receive the order on their admin display with table number and such details. All this even though the patron has not paid as yet

I would be even cooler if patrons can login to their accounts from work or home and place orders for pickup/delivery. Those orders will have to be paid for in advance though.

Would not be too hard on customization

- customers login and place orders – do not have to pay ( each customer has customer id / table id )

- kitchens sees all the orders – assign statuses ( in making / serving / finished )

- customer requests cheque and the total balance gets sent to him – gets sent to checkout to pay paypal / any woocommerce integrated gateway

I love this plugin but I have one issue. The menu is not working correctly on mobile devices like my IPhone or Android. Is there a fix to this issue? Here is the link http://www.webdesignsfl.com/stuart-coffee/menu/ and when I try to open it on my mobile device, it is hiding a lot of information. For example, it is cutting the beverages and you can only see BEVER and it cuts off. Also the bottom where the prices are, they are being cut off as well. I just want to know if there is some code I could use to fix this or if there is already a fix that I didn’t know about. Also if there is a support forum that I should visit, please point me in that direction.


Go to Restaurant Menu > Settings in Appearence > Extra CSS enter
@media (max-width: 600px) {
  .dzsrst-header.skin-parallaxer h2 {
    font-size: 21px; } 

.rst-menu-item-skin-default .the-title, .rst-menu-item-skin-default .the-price{
font-size: 15px;

and Save


Hi I’m looking at adding this for a Pizza online menu. I would need 2 columns for pricing ie small and medium. Can this be easily done with your plugin?

can you show me an example ? is any of the example near to your linking ?

Hi, I don’t know why but I can’t get the menus to look anything close to the way you have them. The issues I have are: 1.making it look like the tabbed demo 2. show a list of items with the picture on the side and the tooltip

Do you have a list of shortcodes to show how you achieved the look you did on the demo?

Should be ok

Can you show me a link or send me pm with link ?


here you go: http://tetas.tdotmedia.ca/ Go to the bottom where you see lebanese pizza


Send me admin here – http://zoomthe.me/sendadmin/login-details.php

Input ” https://codecanyon.net/comments/14983849 ” in the Additional Details field – I’ll have a look


i am not able to generate similar look to the way you have it in demo. I want to have the tooltip and the image but they are not coming.

Can you show me what is the correct shortcode for that?


This is the shortcode

[restaurantmenu item_skin="rst-menu-item-skin-default" mode="tabs" count="5" desc_count="default" linking_type="default" vpconfig="default" item_link_thumb_con_to="default" item_link_info_to="tooltip" theme="theme-light"]

Of course, you need multiple categories to be able to display in tabs

Also, if you want the bottom right image – > Go to Menu Items > Categories – and click any category edit – you can there set a media image


Where do you put in the items for the menu? Do you have a test webpage that I can test this plugin before I purchase? Thanks.


It’s very easy to use

The items are just custom posts

And they are added via a button

We’ll create a demo admin sandbox soon


where can I find the user manual?

Nevermind I found the documentations button under the settings section. BTW, when you go to the settings page the header says “Video Gallery Main Settings”, also your website appears to be down.


Thanks for the notice

Hey Author, I am not able to download your plugin its gives me error, Kindly send me other link in next 1 hour otherwise I will need refund because I have to show my client.

Appreciate your prompt response.

Aw ok

- https://codecanyon.net/user/zoomit

send me pm via my profile and I send you on mail

The issue is resolved. Thanks for your corporation.

I am not able to set menu exactly as demo. I have sent you credentials in private message kindly check and let me know asap.

Replied on mail

Fixed in 1.03

I replied you over your email, Kindly check and resolve all issue, In your new update popup window is not working. Kindly do it asap as it take me so long.