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Discussion on Foodie | UberEats Clone | Food Delivery App | Multiple Restaurant Food Delivery Flutter App

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Friend, how are you.

I have a very very short question, in fact with the intention of buying another script of yours, the one from multiApp… In this case and in the others, if I decided, for example, to only use the Customer App and the Restaurant App, without using the Driver …they would work the same, that is, the order could be completed from the Restaurant panel without home delivery. I have a doubt about whether the apps necessarily require each other, or if there is a certain autonomy that allows them to operate without needing each other.

Thank you.


hypeapps Purchased

Multiple issues installing in android studio, cart size is undetermined and keeps stating outdated features and no good. Very frustrated with install documents

I think we already sorted it out.

Just realized this script doesn’t have a password reset option for users and admin. This should’ve been the very basic feature.

We already have that feature in the admin to reset password.

Why can’t users have option to reset their password if they forget?

We just released the newer version with 5.2.1 with having an option to reset their password. Thanks.

Is it possible to leave it just for one business? It would be great

Currently it is specially developed for multi-vendor restaurants.

Hello sir, i purchased this script recently, i have tried uploading it but its not working.

What issue are you facing? Can you please raise a support ticket to ?

Hi, 1) Where is QR code for restaurant? 2) Do you have options for Dine In, Takeaway ? 3) If customer order for Dine In from QR code then there should not get any Admin commission ? 4) Admin should get commission only if order process payment gateway. Is it possible? 5) If order is COD then no commission for Admin. Possible? 6) Is there any quick button to close shop quickly? 7) Can restaurant disable delivery option whenever they want? Remote area no driver available so only Dine In & Takeaway only available. 8) For Dine In or Takeaway it should have option for Payment In Restaurant or pay on EFTPOS. 9) Admin commission should be Fix + commission because Stripe charge 1.75%+0.3 cents. 10) There should be option for restaurant to collect admin commission from customer as extra or included in total. Any how admin get commission if processed via payment gateway. Some restaurant like to recover admin coast & some don’t. 11) How restaurant can set business time? It should have multi time in a day. Example 10am to 2 pm & 4 pm to 11 pm

My idea is to get commission for all order processed via payment gateway only.


I trust you’re doing well.

1. Within the restaurant itself, we offer the option to create a QR Code.

2. Yes, we provide options for both Dine-In and Takeaway.

3. At the moment, we do not offer that feature, but we can certainly discuss it with the team. Alternatively, you can also request it as a separate custom feature.

4. Yes, that feature is already available.

5. We can certainly accommodate that as a separate custom request.

6. No.

7. Yes, we offer that option.

8. Unfortunately, we do not currently have that option available.

9. We have backend settings in place for admin commission.

10. Yes, that option is already available.

11. Currently, we do not support multiple time slots during the day, but it is in our plans for the future.

If you have any further questions or requests, please feel free to let us know.

If a restaurant have a more than 2 branches ? does your software will list them under one vendor also?!

Currently, we don’t have branch management into the script.


kundan76 Purchased

Hello, I have submitted request for my issue and have submitted my cpanel info as well and its been last 2 weeks no answer. ANybody in the dev team to help

Hi Kundan, I have been checked the ticket and we already replied you on the same day in few hours. But yes we are waiting for your reply since that day. So I request you to reply to the ticket itself. Here is the Screen shot :

Also, I request you to reply to your ticket ID 547.


kundan76 Purchased

I have already send you the server info on same email

I apologies for some delayed due to National holiday, we will take a look at your issue as soon as possible. Thanks.

Dear friends, great updates you have made!!

In the most recent I have had a problem regarding the template that I use for the App customer, in the control panel I choose one of the two options and despite the fact that it appears selected, when I save it the App Customer stays loading and does not show the selected layout. I check in the panel inspector and get the following error: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘theme’) at globals:1245:30

Could you help me.

I would like to note that when choosing a theme, it is not loading the Banners either.

I think something must be you missed with the app set up with the layout. I request you to raise a support ticket to

Hi, why do you mix the updated file with the fresh install files? Why can’t you put the changes only in separate folder? I am really confused!

I comprehend your apprehension, and I acknowledge the importance of catering to both new and existing customers. It’s imperative to consider the needs of those who are planning to make a purchase, which is why we aim to release a single file for everyone. Nonetheless, I will engage in a discussion with the team to explore any potential solutions or alternatives in this regard.

Facebook login error, couldn’t login with Facebook, this error still exist after release update

I Check your demo apk

Okay we will take a look at the same.

can you add the payout to restaurant owners and drivers through stripe scheduled & instant payout


Absolutely, we’re able to accommodate that as a distinct custom request. For further communication, please feel free to reach out to us via both WhatsApp and Skype:

WhatsApp: +1 (415) 230-0069

Skype: rushabhpatel86

After I pay for custom work, you’re going to release that feature for the public or it gets wiped out when update is released so I was just recommending that if you add that, you have more chance to sell. I can do it for my self but again, when you release update, I have to redo it again.

We appreciate your thoughtful suggestions. After a thorough team discussion, we will certainly consider your ideas. If everything aligns positively, we will be enthusiastic about integrating them into the script.

Bonjour Foodie Support, j’ai envoyé beaucoup de message sans réponse. Puis-je avoir un contact svp ? J’aimerai finir mon projet. Si je dois relancer la licence merci de me le dire. C’est urgent


I trust this message finds you well. Certainly, we’re here to assist you in understanding how to reach out to the support team using tickets. For the time being, could you please contact us via WhatsApp? You can reach us at: WhatsApp: +1 (415) 230-0069

Thanks i already text you

Yes we are already in touch with you now.

I am trying to Install the web first and your documentation is not clear. There re 3 folder on aweb admin setup . WHich folder should be the main4. Can you please give me clear instruction on installing web and admin panel

I have upladed the web file on the directory and it is being redirected to //set-location What I am doing wrong

Upon extracting the “Website – Admin Panel – Restaurant Panel – Landing” file, you will find the following folders:

1. The “foodie_admin” folder contains the source code for the admin panel.

2. The “foodie_restaurant” folder contains the source code for the store/restaurant panel.

3. Inside the “foodie_website” folder, you’ll discover the source code for the website/user-side panel.

4. The “foodie-landing” folder encompasses the source code for the landing panel/page.

Let me know if you will have any other queries. Thanks.

Website homepage banner slider is not auto sliding, it’s static why

Okay, we will take a look at it and will figured it out in next release.

The documentation states that the Firebase database should be configured with allow read, write: if true; which allows read/write access to anyone (HUGE security risk). Is there a way to make the system use authentication to read from/write to Firestore?

Authentication for the same is already in place.

I tried with write: if request.auth != null and the website won’t run (on the browser console I get the error: FirebaseError: Missing or insufficient permissions)

I’m testing the app… I did everything right, but when I accept the request, I can’t continue and update the request… what is the button to update… do you have a video?

Hi, I hope you are doing fine. Yes you can visit this video :

I’m testing the application, a doubt, it doesn’t play for the driver to hear? is it so puch?

Hello, I’m uncertain about what you’d like to express.

i have contacted you on whatsapp and skype and shared my issue with you but no one has replied me. my site is not opening, i have followed all the documentation but still, i have contacted my hosting support team and they told me to get back to you, i have called, texted you on whatsapp and skype no one is responding and attending to my concern

Hi, I apologies for delay. It’s been weekend we will definitely get back to you with your support ticket by Monday itself. Thanks for your kind patience and understanding.

ohh sir, this my issue i have sent you is not even a major thing for you to do, my site is just not opening though follow the documentation and so you just tell me do this, change this , this too i have to wait till monday?

I’ve notified our support team to review your ticket with number #526. You can expect a response from them shortly. Kindly keep an eye on the ticket for updates. Thank you for your patience.


I’m not very proficient with mobile apps. If I make a purchase, could you install the app for me and also on the Android and iOS stores? If this is possible, could you please provide the pricing details?


With the Extended license, we will handle the project setup for you. This includes setting up the web panels on your server and providing the APK as a Google Drive URL and the IPA as a Testflight. You won’t need to worry about these technicalities as we’ll take care of everything for you.

Could you please share your email with me so that we can continue our discussion?

You can contact to us through Skype or WhatsApp.

Skype : rushabhpatel86

WhatsApp : ‪+1 (415) 230‑0069‬

When is the promotion sale you are running now going to end please.

The discount will expire shortly on August 13th.


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