Discussion on Foodie POS | Food Delivery App | POS for restaurants

Discussion on Foodie POS | Food Delivery App | POS for restaurants

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Hello. Does it work as an eMart | Multivendor add-on?

No, It is specially dveloped for the foodie itself.


woroudm Purchased

Hi, I purchased this template 2 months ago, till now I am still not able to get the website up and running. I can’t change any image, hard to manage data. I need support from your team please.

I apologize for the slight delay. Could you kindly assist me in raising a support ticket by visiting

Is the use of this sales system optional? or is it necessary for the proper functioning of Foodie together with the other code?

This is the optional code, it will work as an addon. So it is not necessary to purchase this.

I want to purchase but it hasn’t been updated since release date. Does it work with this new update?

Is support android pos machine

App is not working

We are upgrading the demo that is why it is not working now


woroudm Purchased

Hi team, I tried to email you from my personal email but I did not receive any reply. I am facing issues and I need help: 1. “When i login to foodie addon (pos app) its being carshing” 2. give me a demo account for foodie addon (POS App) to check

Sorry to say but we haven’t received any mail from you. For better communication, can you please help me to contact to us thrugh WhatsApp and Skype?

WhatsApp : +1 (415) 230-0069

Skype : rushabhpatel86

Hey, if this should work with “Foodies” thy you have different admin portal for each?

Also I’m not sure if you’re aware of it but the POS android app is not opening.

Let us check.

Is the POS android app issue fixed?

Who installs it? the admin or the restaurant? You haven’t install in the demo

This is the addon of the Foodie, So you will have to set up the Foodie first.

I don’t think you got my question. Do you have a demo with this addon installed into the foodie. I want to see it working.

Yes page it itself has demo added.

This software is for single restaurant or multiple restaurants?

It can use for both.

I trying to put an order in a demo but its not working with And where are the place that i can create or edit a new product by sample?

Can you please mail to us a video that what issue are you facing on the app with placing an order?

Hi, i´m from Brasil and trying to test.but when i open app i dont have a account and get a error in a phone sms send. How can i test?

Hi the Driver app is crashing when will this be ready to view ?

Can you please send us the video for the same to as a drive url?

Hello i want POS for restaurent. I only need it to print and save delivery information and orders for future restaurant Call In orders. Also to print kitchen tickets. Would like for this system to tally up daily total sales as well as weekly and monthly. This will give us a true inventory of what has been sold and prepared.

I need to use this on my android tablets. To print tickets for kitchen and call in delivery customers. Also to run daily sales reports

Please contact to us through for this request. Thanks.


1- Is there a call waiter feature for dine in customers?

2- Is there a waiter account?

3- Can i give each waiter a separate account, So each waiter can manage his/her account from answering customer calls, to billing customers ?



Waiter app is not included into the system. But yes we are having a plan for the same.


Hi Thnks for your reply

Ok thats good

But what about the call waiter feature, is it available?

Yes we will think about the same. Actually it is just in plan for the same. We will keep you updated for the same.

Can you please develop POS for Website:

Table Management Cuisine Option Multiple Menus Auto Thermal Print

Also Kitchen Display System will be a great adon

Okay we will think about the same and discuss it with the team to develop it. Thanks.

Demo apps don’t work on my Android phone

OKay let us have a look in it now.

BTW, which Android version are you using?

1. Not completed the flow driver assign flow is missing 2. Exception Handling is not managed in the code 3. Run Permission not managed 4. Firebase data indexing is not completed 5. Used some Plugins are deprecated so need to update if required or for fixed issues.

Demo apps don’t work on my Android phone

I really love your products and ready to purchase but there is one problem

Dine in option. Mate a POS system without dine in is less usefull, Build a QR code menu table ordering system with this POS system and you will rock with sales.

60 to 70% of restuarants orders are Dinein ( Customers who sit on a table to eat )

20 – 25% are delivery and 10 to 5% are takeaway

After the Covid-19 most of the customers hang out and Dine out

Restaurants are requesting efficient QR code menu ordering on the table with POS. No register or login for customers, No google api needed, No mobile apps need.

Just customers scan a QR code on the table in responsive web view, make order, select table number, order note and select payment method. Orders will go to POS , waiter accept oder in POS and send order to kitchen by orden.

It must have option to pause incoming orders, and an option in payment method COD to ask customer if change is neede,

Mate this will make you unique and rock with sales.

This QR code menu can be used in Hotels, Night Clubs, Restaurants, beaches, events etc…

I can give you more detaitals if needed. Thank you

Thanks for your kind interest in our product.

We already have dine-in feature in it. Because takeaway is something similar to DINE-IN. Yes I agree with QR, We will take a look QR Ordering system.

We already have different discounts on delivery and takeaway/Dine-In.

We already have web panels for restaurants to take a place of Order. Yes, we will take care of table system very soon, waiter and Kitchen app too.

A demo esta com problema.

What is the problem with the demo?


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