Food Run - Addictive Endless Running Game

Food Run - Addictive Endless Running Game

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Food Run reached #9 in the “Top New Free” chart in the Adventure Category in India. A rare achievement for apps on Google Play Store.

Feature Highlights

  1. Money Making Machine: Virtual coin system, In-app purchases (IAP), AdMob, Video ads
  2. Addictive (70%+ Player retention rate). People keep coming back to play Food Run (our published Android app). They are hooked.
  3. Social Features like Share scores to Facebook and compare your scores with your friends on Google Play Game Services gives players even more reasons to keep playing.

Detailed Feature List

  • Virtual Coins System
  • AdMob, Chartboost, MillenialMedia and more. (The game supports all networks supported by MoPub)
  • In App Purchases (Includes speed booster, health meter restorer)
  • Gives your players the ability to remove ads by paying money.
  • Video ads: (Enables you to earn a lot of $$$)
  • Custom Interstitial Ads (subconsciously attracts players to click on ads, making you more money)
  • Easy playing controls, no need for tutorials. Players just start playing.
  • Player gets fat if he eats junk food and gets thin if he eats healthy food.
  • Health Meter goes on decreasing until the player eats a healthy food.
  • All platforms supported! PC, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Web.

Integrated with Google Play Games Services: Making it an addictive social game.

*This game includes original artwork used in our Food Run android game. Therefore, please change graphics / re-skin before publishing. I re-skin games for a fee. Please contact me for details. If you wish to use our proprietary graphics, please contact me.