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plz tell me credential

I cannot login to your demo account. It shows invalid username/ password

its completely working. try
username : demouser@gmail.com
password : 123

a question on the application, you can change when I get the app buy it? I need it in Spanish has a manual associated with the product?

Sorry i don’t understand your question. please mail me your requirement on freaktemplate@gmail.com.

hi what is this now object-c or swift ??

But please could you fix the prices !!!!

everywhere we are counting with 12.20, 9,70 or 5.30 etc and not with 7.4 or 9.4 (looks very ugly)

i do not know the demo now but also it would be good to show the products with price at checkout too with prices ###.## and option with tax included or not and then an order button

and maybe make changing the colors more flexible.

I set Price in 1 Precision point. like ##.#

yes (i could fix this by myself)

and what language is this now still object-c or did you use swift now ??


Hello, Does restaurant gets customers geolocation while ordering?

No, We didn’t get geolocation of customers.


markkan Purchased

I want to disable home delivery. How to do that?

mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com, You need to hide home delivery option.

Hi i wanted to purchase the application,could you please clarify me with the Working of Web services? On Purchase will i get PhP project as well? or should i change the details of my required restaurant information on the Built Admin Panel and retrieve the services into Mobile Application?Any Clarification would be grateful and i tend to buy the application. Thank you.

You will get PHP Code + IOS Code + PSD
We already set web service, you just need to upload PHP code in your server and change URL, nothing else required

Please do help me with how to delete the records from the Order Details page in the Mobile Application once if the order is delivered .i have tried doing changes in commitEditingStyle: Method but have not achieved proper results.Could you please help me with the issue.

please, mail me your error screen shot on freaktemplate@gmail.com. i will try to resolve your issue


markkan Purchased

how to change splash screen? and can I add some sound in panel when new order is placed?


markkan Purchased

no no, i want to test my app push notifications and what steps i should take? i follow your documentation and i cant make it

ok mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com with your admin panel and cpanel detail i will check


markkan Purchased

i did

hello, items in basket, cannot be deleted or changed.

hello, I’ve sent you couple of emails but, the problem is not solved yet

seems like i didn’t get mail or i missed. can you add me on Skype : freaktemplate or mail again and double check email id

added you on Skype

hi can you tell me working app link?

Sorry i don’t have any working app link


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Can you write support for Č Ć Š  ?


markkan Purchased

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remove your email id from comments


markkan Purchased

dont know how

hi, i have got 2 question. 1 i set up price ₺ ,in app menu show ₺ but in cart $ how can we fix? 2 when click on offer section app stops. can u check it please. ;


1. Try latest version
2. first clear cart
3. Add menu
4. Cart will always shows the currency which is in menu.

Do I buy this app with the source code?

If you buy this app you will get source code + backend script code + PSD files + help documentation

On the android version of this app you can you the way to edit the cart. For instance if you want delete some item or change the quantity. I could not find how to do it here on the iOS version. Can you clarify this aspect? And also I have a problem on language customization when I switch to € the price on icon on top right on item detail still show a $ sign.

swiping the cell left for delete item. to change currency change in admin panel and you need to fresh install the application. than it will work perfect.

none of the two suggestion work! I did a test on real iPAD and also on a virtual device and got the same result. I’m not able to delete the the item. Also I have update the backend currency I rebuild the app but I have always a $ sign. Any other suggestion.

Can you connect with team viewer ? i will resolve using team viewer

are made with storyboard?

Really bad support and bad author, i send to him up than 100 email and thay didn’t respond. i don’t have any experience for this and thay told me thay give support..

really if any one won’t this app i will pay it just for (10 USD) (THE ANDROID AND IOS JUST 10USD) i lose my money for bad author. if any on won’t the app Email me on this jeje.grandcomapny@hotmail.com (if any one won’t to mack live download and send to know i am not hack our cheating i will record live)…

Thanks to all the one how trust me and email me to send to him the full app (iOS – android)

I place the dates that i m on vacation for these days.

and you didn’t even purchase

Hi, I have both platform: iOS than Android. On a previous question I have asked if both platform can share the same BackEnd and you replies “YES”. Now I have a problem: when I book a table or ask for delivery I do not see the the order detail when I make this from iOS. I’m quite sure the it depend on the srting sent to the server. As far I have seen they are different so the BE could not parse well. I have this problem that is blocking to release the app. Can you fix this it’s very urgent. I can give access to BE and/or FTP. Let me know!

You have to write description with NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription And NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription this key in info.plist.(http://stackoverflow.com/questions/37068263/how-to-clarify-the-purpose-of-its-use-in-the-location-modal) You can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for more detail.

Thanks, resubmitted let’s see.

Hi, great app, it is working with Objective-c or Swift

It is working with objective-C

hi does it support multi restaurants

Yes it is possible, you need to edit and customise the code. you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for customisation.

if you please review the email and answer ASAP thanks alot

ok sure