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How many restaurant can be listed?

Only 1 restaurant, this application is for single restaurant

hi. xcode 7.3 build error – #import <UserNotifications/UserNotifications.h> – File not found. some hints available howto fix that?

mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com with screen shot of error i will check this.

done with xcode8.3.2

i didn’t get any mail send me again

I have few questions. 1. Is there an option to add delivery cost to on order summary screen? 2. If client submit order, admin see any popup in backend to accept order? And maybe admin can choose how long take delivery, then client get push info with expected time delivery?

No, we don’t have this, for this features you need to customise the application, you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for customisation


zhanhai Purchased

Please help me because the user name: admin@gamil.com and password : 123 not work when I use it on my server. The database shows that it needs passphrace and certificate and admin-right. I see a few people ask this question, it seems that the problem still exist.

Username : freaktemplate@gmail.com
Password : freak@123


mikele72 Purchased

Hi i bought your Food Delivery System for iOS and Android. I build the first the iOS app for testing. The app work fine and is ok, but on my admin panel not see the orders details but only the Total Amount. My email is mccondurache@gmail.com

ok i message you check please

I bought your food delivery system yesterday, I have some trouble to setup server. Please give me, more instruction to have me set up on server side

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remove above link from here, so others cant use and mail your cpanel details on freaktemplate@gmail.com so i can check