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How many restaurant can be listed?

Only 1 restaurant, this application is for single restaurant

hi. xcode 7.3 build error – #import <UserNotifications/UserNotifications.h> – File not found. some hints available howto fix that?

mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com with screen shot of error i will check this.

done with xcode8.3.2

i didn’t get any mail send me again

I have few questions. 1. Is there an option to add delivery cost to on order summary screen? 2. If client submit order, admin see any popup in backend to accept order? And maybe admin can choose how long take delivery, then client get push info with expected time delivery?

No, we don’t have this, for this features you need to customise the application, you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for customisation

Please help me because the user name: admin@gamil.com and password : 123 not work when I use it on my server. The database shows that it needs passphrace and certificate and admin-right. I see a few people ask this question, it seems that the problem still exist.

Username : freaktemplate@gmail.com
Password : freak@123

Hi i bought your Food Delivery System for iOS and Android. I build the first the iOS app for testing. The app work fine and is ok, but on my admin panel not see the orders details but only the Total Amount. My email is mccondurache@gmail.com

ok i message you check please

I bought your food delivery system yesterday, I have some trouble to setup server. Please give me, more instruction to have me set up on server side

remove above link from here, so others cant use and mail your cpanel details on freaktemplate@gmail.com so i can check

Hi, Can this app work with restaurants which have more than one branch if not do you have any plan to add this near future as many restaurants have more than branches in different locations. Thanks.

No this app can work for only single restaurant, and we don’t have plan to work for multiple restaurant but i can do customisation and you can request customisation on freaktemplate@gmail.com

Can this be converted to use for a mobile salon booking script?

Can this be converted to use for a mobile salon booking script?

Yes, but check the changes you need before you buy


Could you send me an IOS package to test on my Ipad before purchasing? Also, I have a concern. I do not know where you host the backend. Should I buy a web hosting service to host by myself?

Cheers, Yifei

Could you send me an IOS package to test on my Ipad before purchasing?—> No, for IOS its not possible,

Should I buy a web hosting service to host by myself?—> You must need backend to host, you can host yourself as help document is already there,
if you require assistance of which host server to buy you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com

ios 10 supported?

yes supports IOS 10

Does the driver get mobile message/email when order is in? or how does it work?

Replied on previous question

Do we (driver/admin) get notification on the phone that there is order and to accept it or we have to be sitting in admin panel and refreshing it everytime ?

No, its in admin panel, but you can customise the notification,

is this having source code in objectiveC or Swift ?


you provide complete source code or just design of this template ? wait for your reply

Its a complete source code, including php code,

I want to ask three things from you?

  • Do u provide complete admin panel for one client free of cost? or do i need to pay anything monthly?
  • One more thing about this…. its compatible with the latest build of IOS or not?

also answer above question. . .

You don’t need to pay anything monthly, it comes with purchase package,
yes its compatible with latest iOS.

Clients can pay with paypal trough the App? or with credit card? or how the payment works

Payment is not included here, we develop on Cash on delivery system, you can customise the app and add payment

How much you will charge me to include PayPal? I really need it, if you can tell me I will purchase this app for both platforms. Thanks

i need to know the concept in detail, Mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com with more details.

When to issue an update compatible with new devices

We are planning to release update within next 7 days,



Yalit update new Swift 4

This is a message from Apple

Build with iOS 11 SDK

Update your version of Xcode to the latest release of Xcode 9 available on the Mac App Store, which includes the iOS 11 SDK, and build your apps. Starting April 2018, all new iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 11 SDK. All new apps for iPhone, including universal apps, must support the Super Retina display of iPhone X.

ok but my app is in objective c not in swift, and of course latest sdk will be released.

in the extended license is includeed 12 months of support? If yes, the support is by email, ticketing platform or by phone?

Ok, i think is very important include a payment credit card processor, this is a big issue of your app. If buy this you can add a stripe payment processor, the customers will choose if pay with credit card or cash at delivery ??

I want to buy your app, but this is a big problem. 90% people want pay with credit-debit card!!!

Sorry as i said we didn’t integrate payment system now, its general purpose template you can add payment system if you thinks it suits your idea, i can add stripe payment but that could cost you. you can mail me your payment idea on freaktemplate@gmail.com i can send you quote.

Greetings i want to Buy Both IOS and Android But I have few questions. 1- I dont know anything about How to code in android or IOS.Is there any help to setup? 2-i want to publish the IOS app on appstore Do i need to pay for that?same question for Google play. 3-Do i receive Updates? For e.g: ios 11.9 Comes out. do i receive an update for that? 4-Currency that i use is IRR Not USD can i change it? 5-The Language that i use is Persian(Farsi) can i change it from english to persian?(both ios and android.) I would be appreciate For your help.

1. There is help for setup, for coding there is comment inside code, but help i can not provide
2. if you want me to publish android or iOS app, YES you need to pay
3. I will update code time to time, you can download from codecanyon
4. Yes of course you can change,
5. Yes you can also change language

Demo is down. Can you please take a look?

sorry here is live preview http://grantrestaurant.freaktemplate.xyz
Username : admin@gmail.com
Password : 123

Thanks, how is the reservation looking – I saw it in the video but I guess for more complex demo I have to try it on android or you have iOS app where I can test? Is there user permissions for lets say im the delivery man to see in GPS where I have to deliver the order or its only client app? Are you available for freelancing?


Sorry to create iOS demo is very complex method, so i could not provide it for test
it is only a client app
yes i m available for freelancing, you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com or add me on Skype : freaktemplate