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Is this restaurant delivery app or restaurant booking app which is it?

This is restaurant food delivery app but we also provide a functionality to book a table in restaurant

So can i just make a restaurant delivery? No booking function. Also can i add different restaurants?

Yes, need some modification. and this app is for single restaurant only, to add more restaurants you need to customise application. you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for customisation


adouc Purchased

Hello I would like to know if I should buy this then customize ? or directly customize with you? because my aim is a delivery app for multiple restaurants .thank you P.S: this is rather urgent so.. also is the documentation provide?

Yes we can customise the application. you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for customisation.


adouc Purchased

please I have sent you an email, care to reply :)

replied please check

Any updates coming up ?

No, we don’t have any update for now

Hi, I’m interesting in this app, first is admin panel supporting arabic language? So when customers ordered in arabic the letters showed in admin panel normally?.

Yes, it supports arabic

is it support online payment option or possible to integrate gateway

we didn’t include online payment option. but yes it is possible to integrate, you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com

HI. What is this OFFERS option? This send a Push Notification to all clients whit the offers or show it in app?

continuing.. how can i send a push notification to a exclusive client ? Or the Push is for all registered users?

Offers doesn’t have push, In Order we have push for the user who has order any item, to send delivery status.

Hi, I am interesting to purchase Food Delivery System for Restaurant but I have some questions:

1. Is it support to make the online payment by credit card? 2. Is it available to use a gift card to redeem the points? 3. As a beginner, what is the main requirement to start and modify this application and make it up and run? 4. For changing the languages, do I need to change the word-phases one by one? 5. For change the language to Arabic and to change the style to RTL (right to lift) do I need any code changing? 6. For IOS & Android versions, do I need to purchase each desperately?

Thank you, Aziz

3.Android Studio and Hosting server
4.You need to change words in single file
5.No need for coding changes, Arabic is supported,

Can I add the points # 1 & 2?

To add point 1 and 2 you need to customise application, mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for customisation

Hi, good day.

I purchased the android version. My question is if i purchase the ios version i can use the same admin panel to register the orders from both apps. Also is there a way to integrate to admin panel the notifications for ios?


Thanks for your quick response, do you have a email where i can send youo a couple of doubts and also maye some change and see if you can help me, please?

Also, sorry to bother you this much. i was able tu run the app in android but i did the changes to my URL and als oput “no” in the bannerads, run again the app and is not showing the changes. Did i do something wrong?

Thanks again!!!

Here is my email address freaktemplate@gmail.com

i want to buy this app but have some questions. is it possible to use app with just one language “english” i mean i need to delete the codes writen by other languages.

You can simply use 1 language without any error, you need some programming experience to edit with code. you can mail me about your customisation on freaktemplate@gmail.com

i sent an e-mail can you please reply.

ok let me check

hi can I use it for Take away the client order food on come to pick up how to add it ?

You need to customise after order page. where you can set take away and home delivery options, you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for customisation.

is it available to get the app with RTL direction , and change font-family ?

Its working with Arabic language.

hi, i have home cooked meals and my customers are required to order but not for the same day… minimum of 24 hours. can i do that from the backend ?