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Pirlo23 Purchased

:-) greatest support on codecanyon, quick responses and very friendly

Thank you for your appreciation

Hi, i want customer to be able to choose date and time for the delivery

to choose date and time you need to customise the app, you can send me customisation request on freaktemplate@gmail.com

How can I access demo? When i accessed The url demo shows error message

Hey, i have downloaded the apk but there is no data to show. And app is crashing too.

ok sure i will check and resolve as soon as possible..

Any update FreakTemplate ?

Any Update freak Template?

i m working on update, if you need anything urgent you can msg me on email or Skype,
i solved your all issues i think, and still i getting 1 star rating,

Hi, whats new in 2nd march update plus do you have plan for payment options like paypal or stripe etc

plus in which folder psd in placed ?


We have solved few bugs in this update, like app crashing, push notification error,
psd is included in Resources folder

Hey! I ‘m interested in your product and I ‘ve few questions to ask 1. Is there a Login for the cstomer? and is there Facebook and a Google+ login? 2. Can I get a working apk file? The one that is available is crashing! 3. What’s the size of this app? 4. What language is used for the back end? 5. And which database have you used? 6. Do I get the database schema of it? 7. Which Android Studio version did you build the app with?(2. or 3.)? 8. Do I get the complete documentation of the source codes? As I will want to modify the codes as per my needs! 9. Is there online payment available? 10. When was the code last updated?? 11. Can the customers track their order? Is there any order status panel? 12. Will admin get a notification when an order is placed? 13. Can customers have a profile of their own? (Photo, name, address, dob etc) 14. Can the customers chat with [like a chatroom] or write to the admin? 15. How is the data exchanged between the server and the client? What data format is used? (JSON?) Sorry! It turned out to be a lot of questions, but I need to know before I invest on it? :) Thanks a ton!

questions are always welcome, i replied you on mail you send me.

Hey, please send me a copy please.

which copy your require ?

the same require as prithvi1902

1. NO
2. I will check crash and update asap
3. 70 MB
4. CorePHP5. MySql
6. You will get database when you purchase, i don’t have any database schema
7. 3
8. For source code i have commented code whenever possible,
9. No
10. 2 March 18
11. they will get message, watch video on code canyon item page
12. No,
13. No
14. no, this is not chatting app
15. JSON format

Is any news sent when someone makes a request, or do I need to refresh the page every time to see if I have a request?

you need to refresh page, but you can customise app according to your requirement

is this code is based on which language?

Android Java based application and PHP based backend