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sir, i emailed you. i would be archit

hello, please i sent a Skype request but no response. need your help asap

Hey sir, please I need your help! I have sent you an email

ok let me check

Hey sir, please I need your help! I have sent you an email

than mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com again, because i m not finding your mail on my inbox

I have sent it again on freaktemplate@gmail.com , my email is adouc21@hotmail.com

Remove your email form above comment, i will reply on mail

Hello, I need an app for my dry cleaning with delivery option. I only need few items to select and a date picker and time picker for pickup and dropoff of the clothes. Do you have something for that? Ios and android with backend. Many thanks!

for customisation send me request on freaktemplate@gmail.com

does this only work with “Simple Products” ?

Define your term “Simple Products” because it works for food products,

Help me pls.

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first purchase code please,


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- The application can be to define the food in restaurants and not to have to deliver orders - Can you have php web files in Arabic

The application is for both, to define orders and to deliver orders, no i don’t have web version,

Hi guys, I keep getting this error and I know the credentials are correct. I’ve setup lots of databases before, what could be the problem….something on the server? Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in /home/bizooma/appdemo.bizooma.com/application/config.php on line 2