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Hand me your skype need to make some changes.

email me your skype i will add you. you have to do purchase and second i will tell you extra cost on it

Where has the APK to test?

tell me ur email i will send you that

Eclipse or android studio?

android studio

please add me on skype abey.webworks

Hello. I wanted to buy that your project however have some doubts if possible to help me!

their application is .psd or it runs Intel xdk programs or android studio?

it has administrative cms panel?

translatable from Idoma Portuguese? has online payment function?

note: I am performing these questions for the reason that I can not see the demo!

my email is emerson_2200@hotmail.com

this app is just a template which can be open in android studio. no admin if you like you can use your api to make admin

It would be great if you transform it into a fully working app.

yes we are planning and building that.. :)

Hi, I want to buy this app but I want it for various restaurants so customers can choose a restaurant and add orders from the restaurants of their choice and then continue as you have it now. Is this possible please email me costs and time to complete – a_esenwa@sichysworld.com. Thanks

email send

hi i want similar kind of app for my restaurant , pls contact at sndp.c@hotmail.com

Nice work! Happy Selling!

hello, is there an iOS version? is there an admin section with web-service Jason? is there full documentation about the product makes me easily develop more features to the app? is there a demo version for iOS and android ?

i want to buy this template…..but i need a link to get a sample heres my email gbosaman@gmail.com

How the app is administered?

please send me the demo to see it work



its just a template not a admin our new app with admin : https://codecanyon.net/item/food-delivery-app-with-php-admin/14452515

launching a food delivery service in Jamaica called Faas Food Jamaica www.faasfoodja.com and we would like to use your template to build our app where the user can browse restaurants , place an order and then call in with an order number to have the transaction completed. Ideally we would want to facilitate the completion of the transaction as well through the app. Please guide us as we are newbies to this. email us at faasfoodja@gmail.com . Thanks


How it works ? Is it self-installed when the user logs in? Or do you have to publish on google play? How many adm of restaurants can I add?

Hello its just a tempalte you need to add you own db etc in it.

I would like to buy your product to start my food delivery business. Does it contain the online payment option integrated to it? and can you add up certain features to it before delivering the final product to me?

Bro its just a tempalte you have to code against it. but i can make what you want. on extra cost


Is it compatible with Siberian CMS ?