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HI. I still waiting for the fix of a issue I comented above. When the user do the first login, the app not send any data! They need logout and login again to show his data on checkout! Please add a new update to fix it ! Thanks!

last issues which you told is fixed and updated

Very good ! I have a another sugestion. The favorite icon and this routine do nothing in the actual version. I had changed some things to use this oportunity by send a share of item, with the name item, price etc. See how I change the Details.java after liine 55:

55 favorite.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {

56 @Override

57 public void onClick(View v) {


String shareBody = "Look the delicious ... ";
  shareBody += itemName.getText().toString();
  shareBody += " na Puro Sabor, por apenas R$  ";
  shareBody += itemPrice.getText().toString();
 shareBody += "\n" + "\n" + "Baixe o Aplicativo Puro Sabor na Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=globalstore.com.purosabor&hl=pt_BR";
Intent share = new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_SEND);
// Add data to the intent, the receiving app will decide
// what to do with it.
share.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_SUBJECT, "Olha que delícia encontrei... ");
share.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, shareBody);
startActivity(Intent.createChooser(share, "Compartilhar informação!"));

Only this. Add in your next update. Sure, change the favorite icon in xml toa share icon.


Noted Thanks

thanks i just bought a regular license and your code. theres no documentation :(. so i have to read line by line…

i know you are working on admin panel and this only work with parse.com but i just want to know how to make it work with parse.com any clue?

i think so you have make your own parse.com server

its open source now

Hello, after entering the zip code can not get to see the products.

I zip code I use to see everything?

And it would be possible, limit the use of the application to certain zip codes?

Thanks in advance. :)

costume zip code according to you requirements will be modified in code,yes it is possible to limit zip code ,if server side has no data then you will find empty products list

Hello, when user buy product the owner reiceve an email? how he know he reiceved a new order? thanks

Owner will get order details just by email

Hi .. do you do custom projects as there are a few features which I would like to be amended from this

Yes. Please Email me your requirements wasiq.iws@gmail.com

We have seen your app and we are interested in it but we want some to ask something, can we modify and update it as per our needs and resell to our customers? If so which license is required to do so?

u need extended licence. yes we can do that on extra cost for your clients

admin source code ?

check your email please

Can i edit the apk ? Have a filter for regions, city, post code? Can i translate for my language?

yes you can do that. but if you want us to do that than its a extra cost

Where is the php admin code? Because it is not together with the zip file

Email sent

Recebido com sucesso! muito obrigado

is it available to get the app with RTL direction , and change font-family ?

Yes.. you can but you need to set the layout as well

is this application for home delivery or for restaurant only?

its covered every thing majorly

Is it a complete application or do I need to create something else to use it?

u just need to have php install on server noting else

What’s in the package sold?

  • Admin panel: Use on my server / domain / hosting.
  • Android App: Edit in Android Studio

Or will I have to develop the dashboard to administer the app?

replied by email

Already integrated with admin APP

sorry means

Hi, I purchased your code. Please help me regarding the installation of admin-panel.

ok can you email me from my profile your hosting detail i will do it

sure, i will submit a ticket

Hi, I purchased your code. but can’t find your php admin panel code in zip file. i got only android project

can you please email from my profile so i send yo uthat

I sent email to you already. plz check it

Hello, Can you send me the admin source code? hgdelima@gmail.com

I purchased your app .. can you send admin source code ?

can i use this app for multiple restaurant?


hello good aller send them my mail so that they send me the php code and I still have not received anything in my mail if they do not send them to me today I cancel my purchase and request a re-purchase of my purchase.


Sorry i am waiting for the developer as he send me i will send you

5 days and without result of the seller I am still waiting for the php code mar seller I am not interested in the product you can do the favor of reenborsarme the money