Food Crush - Online Match3 HTML5 Game (.CAPX)

Food Crush - Online Match3 HTML5 Game (.CAPX)

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Game Overview:

Simple Match-3 game style. Start by selecting a level in form of a recipe composed of some ingredients, your goal is to collect all the ingredients required for preparing the recipe before time is up. There are some Help Tools that will help you during gameplay for collecting the ingredients, to use these tools you must first have enough money to buy them and have enough experience to use them during gameplay, your experience increases as you collect more and more fresh ingredients. You will earn the price of each recipe you complete. Use this money to buy the Help Tools to pass more levels, increase your score and beat other players scores.


  • Construct 2 source file (.capx file) with code pretty commented and arranged to be easily followed.
  • PHP MySQL code to create the game table data on your server database.
  • PHP file for Facebook share.
  • All graphics, textures, icons & animation sprite-sheets used in the game (in .png, .jpeg).
  • All sounds used in the game (in .ogg format).
  • All fonts are standard fonts.
  • A guide that covers any changes you want to make inside the game.

HINT: Graphics and sounds files are compiled into the single CAPX file.

Game Features:

  • Online single game.
  • Login (playername & password) + Error system for login feedback
  • Locally saves Last playername & password for quick start
  • PHP MySQL script for running the game actions on your server database:
    1. action = create : adds new player into database
    2. action = login : loads matched player game variables from database
    3. action = save : saves current player game variables to database
    4. action = get_scores : fetch from database the highest 10 players ordered by score
    5. action = set_score : updates current player score in database
  • Leader-board for players scores.
  • Inside game logo that you can replace.
  • HTML5 coded (Clear commented and nicely arranged).
  • Construct 2 engine and framework.
  • Runs on multiple platforms.
  • All browsers are supported.
  • Ability to customize board size (e.g. 8×8, 6×6, etc..).
  • 14 designed levels (upto unlimted levels).
  • 7 item sets (upto unlimted items).
  • 10 help tools (purchased in game with virtual money):
    1. Shuffle items.
    2. Exchange items.
    3. Collect collectible items of a specific kind.
    4. Collect collectible items of every kind.
    5. Heat frozen items. Frozen items needed to be collected twice.
    6. Unlock box items. Box items can’t be collected unless a near item is collected.
    7. Heal rotten items. Rotten items don’t increase the experience when collected.
    8. Search tool to search existing items clusters of same kind.
    9. Extra time, increase the time by 10% of total time.
    10. Double experience, a one time purchased tool that doubles the experience gained from each item.
  • 3 different states for items:
    1. Frozen items : needed to be collected twice.
    2. Locked items : opened when a near item is collected.
    3. Rotten items : doesn’t increase experience when collected.
  • 5 different special items:
    1. Mango item : can be collected with any kind.
    2. Coin item : increase the money by 5 when collected.
    3. Bomb item : collects 12 items around it when collected.
    4. Magnet item : Collects all items of the kind it is collected with.
    5. Time item : Increases the time by 10% hen collected.
  • Easily add new levels or update existing.
  • Ingame purchases (using game virtual money).
  • Documentation covering:
    1. Installing your server database using PHP MySQL.
    2. Modifying existing levels.
    3. Adding new levels.
    4. Adding new items.
    5. Modifying Help tools prices and experience cost.
  • Optimized for arcade gaming.
  • Mouse controller.
  • Unique attracting graphics design.
  • Fast performance.

And as always, if help need, I will gladly present

Update: (4-March-2017)

  • Stuck issues has been resolved.
  • Facebook share button is now alive.
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