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foodcart2017 does not currently provide support for this item.

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this item confirm is abandoned do not purchase….

Yeah I figured that out after having been rewriting most of its code from the ground up, its almost exactly what I need now and probably what most needed. So many errors and mis written code, at least it was a decent jumping off point for learning more about codeigniter. 90% rewritten already and a lot more features and fixes in place than ever. I came here to check if there was any recent discussions as I am tracking down an impossible bug and saw the confirmed abandonment. When I add an item to the cart with a modifier that has an additional price it shows correctly until I remove an item from the cart then the modifier addon price disapears from the items subtotal, anyone run into this?

Found the BUG!

This is a copy of TastyIgniter, which is a free OpenSource. Can’t believe people bought it, it a real copy of TastyIgniter lol.

I challenge you to prove it.

Can you prove it? Feel free to contact me. Again I challenge you to prove it.

can you integrate your code with cc-avenue payment gateway? as we have requirement for that…

Yes, sure Please contact me.

Hello, I planed to buy this product. What i have expected is in admin panel control, but have login trouble in user module.Please provide the user login details correctly. Do this application have selecting location by postal code for food delivery service.Initially we planned to start food delivery service with particular area. And also need your support to integrate payment gate way. Thanks in advance

Is paypal integration available? if not, how much does it cost to redirect order to paypal and complete payment on payal’s site?

I installed the script. However, if I go to http://buymitsu.com/cater/admin/login and try to enter the credentials that are in the documentation, it does not work. It loads back the login screen. Also, whenn you add item to cart and go to checkout, cart becomes empty.

Error Number: 1406 Data too long for column ‘user_language’ at row 1 UPDATE `user` SET `first_name` = ‘Admin’, `last_name` = ’’, `phone` = ’’, `email` = ‘admin@admin.com’, `user_language` = ‘english’ WHERE `id` = ‘1’ Filename: core/MY_Model.php Line Number: 246

Getting this error


aquagl Purchased

While reserving a table, It doesnt save reservation date and time. it shows 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Could you please check it out and fix it?



I am building a single takeaway website located in only one location for my client. I would like to know the following;

1. How does the client refund the customer’s money?

2. How can the customer edit order after the customer has placed their order?

3. How would the client know an order has been placed?

4. How does the client accept, cancel, decline orders?

5. When an order is placed is there any way for the client to choose a list of time to deliver to the customer, i.e customer requests ASAP (45mins), but the client wants to deliver at 60mins.

6. Is there any way to print a receipt, with the order, delivery address, price and order notes, by using a thermal printer in A7 size?

7. Is possible to charge a fee for using the payment gateway like they do on just-eat?

8. How would the client know what their sales are for that day?

10. Is there any app related to your PHP script?

11. is possible to charge automatically the delivery price for different areas?

12. Is there any customer profile?

More questions to follow.

Thank You.

You preview link is not working please check your hosting account and when solved reply me here.