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The Foobar is showing fine in my WordPress admin, but not on my site. Why?

First, check you have a default Foobar. You can set this from the Foobar Settings page. Second, load the page where the Foobar is supposed to show. Using a tool like Chrome Developer Tools, or Firebug for Firefox, check to see if there are any javascript errors. If you see errors, then you likely have 2 versions of jQuery loaded at once. This is usually caused by the theme or a plugin loading their own version of jQuery. SOLUTION : goto FooBar settings and check the “Exclude jQuery Script” option and see if that fixes the problem

How do I hide the foobar after a certain amount of time?

add this simple piece of code:

setTimeout(function() {
}, 30000);

change the 30000 to 10000 for 10 seconds etc.

My foobar likes fine in the admin, but the styling looks weird on the frontend. What is going on?

This is caused by a conflict with your theme’s stylesheet. Sometimes there are strange styles that target, for instance, every link or every table cell on the site. This is bad practice, but unfortunately is out of our control.

You need to add some custom CSS (in the foobar settings page) that targets the elements in the foobar that are no showing correctly, for example :

.foobar-wrapper a 
  margin:0 !important; 

This will make sure all the links in the foobar have no margins.

Obviously, each site needs to be investigated to see what CSS is in conflict, and then custom CSS needs to be written for that site.