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I am using the supersized background slider for my site. Whenever the foobar is expanded, I can not click on any of my navigation items. Once I close the foobar, I am able to click navigation items again. Can you please assist? I had to disable foobar because I can’t have my users unable to navigate the site.

Hi, Instead of Tweets by user can this tweet by hashtag?

hi – yes, you can pull tweets for a user or for a hashtag

Do you have some examples of code snippets to use? All examples are just of one variable.

What we want to create is a simple bar with a message and a custom background. I can see that several others have asked for this.

What about a template code we could just copy-paste, and tweak ourselves?

Thanks :)

ps. I also have the wordpress version, but in this case it is not possible to use a plugin.

extensive demos and examples can be found

including which has some really cool examples

Thank you very much. This solved my problem. I guess I didn’t see that page :)

Why am I getting an error message on this text?

Can I make it work like Hello Bar for collecting email subscriptions? How easy it would be to integrate with Mad Mimi?

Hello, Just recently purchased this item. Tried installing this on my site following the instructions on the demo page but not working. My site is built on HTML. Can anyone help me?


Any chance of adding cookies to this?

Is this still being supported?

Why with so many sales you’re not updating this?


I’m trying to setup your script but I can’t get it work with my theme. I use theme bought on Themeforest, it is called Boxme (pure html). This theme has one main.js file where it creates document.ready and document.load functions. When I put your script in my html it doesn’t show foobar. If I remove this main.js script then it is showed.

Please can you help me resolve this!


how to make it work on php?

Can use this plugin automatically at all external links with domain filter ability ?! on my wordpress site

Kindly provide a demo

Hello, I purchased the jQuery version and I am unable to determine how to set the Open and Close button to a custom static image??

Hello. When the bar is at the bottom, it will lock the scroll bar on the right. How to disable doing this?

I don’t understand how this version works? Do i just add the code to any site?

Having loads of issues with this. I put the scripts on page. And I get errors.

Chrome: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘msie” of undefined Firefox: Uncaught TypeError: e is not defined

Removing the minified version, they both show the same error at same spot now: var ua = $.browser; if (ua.msie && parseInt(ua.version) == 8) {

You will need to include the jquery migrate plugin, as you are probably using jquery 2. Read more about the migrate plugin here :

Yes, I foudn the $.browser was deprectaed. I just added a javascript function to check instead of the jquery, and swapped that into the js code.

Can I load type from a text file or json file?

hello I installed the script on and it works but on it does not work..can i have assistance please?