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Does anyone had problems with fontpress and WP Fastest Cache ? Every time that i activated Fastest Cache it seems to disable fontpress rules. Any help ? Cheers!

Fontpress is all about CSS. Unless WPFC is managing CSS (or serving old CSS) should create problems

Thanks!! It’s turn out to be the “Combine Css” function to reduce HTTP requests used by the Wp Fastest Cache!


Can the plugin change the whole website font in just a few clicks? Any guideline inside the package?

depends on which font you want to use and specially what you want to change.

Could you elaborate a bit on this? thanks

Hello! I installed latest FontPress (WP 4.7.3) and I get this error when opening plugin settings: “Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/stararct/public_html/wp-content/plugins/fontpress/functions.php on line 453”. What’s wrong here

This support period sucks in cases like this…

I bought another font plugin since it works and has no hidden fees

I agree that Envato system sucks in this case, but I’m bounded to rules in this case..!

I’m pretty sure is a trivial issue (since you are the only one reporting it and is related to rules parsing), but I necessarily need to check directly


When will the plugin support different screen size breakpoints?

Thanks, Alex

you can already use sizes related to screen width/height. Then theoretically you can already setup responsive solutions.

Breakpoints are too complex to manage through the rules interface. Custom CSS is way faster and easier

Thanks for the quick reply LCweb,

Do you have this solution documented or have instructions somewhere? I think this is still the best font manager plugin and would like to continue using it, just need to have it useful for mobile web sizes.

Cheers, Alex

Depends on which element do you have and the space it has to fill. Various sizing units allows you to set dynamic sizes as I said before, you need to know what they represents though :)

You can learn about them here

Hi, this plugin support cyrillic fonts?

I’d say yes, but I never tried it. Could you please link me a font and a phrase, so I can test it for you?

please after testing your plugin I found out if I want to use it on my site i need to take off some plugins which are reflecting with each others ,however I need the other plugins more than ur plugin ,so please issue for me refund asap ! Thanks

your answer it doesn’t make since to me ! as I told you that your plugin cause my site errors and start conflict with my other important plugins … until I was pushed to disable it or disable my other plugins .so I choose to not use your plugin because not important for me like the others … however be gentle and refund me my money please . I already purchased 100’s of products here at Envato and I am not from those people who buys and return …unless I have my serious reasons ! please don’t ask me to give you access to my site ,that’s not possible … please refund my money asap .

No need to talk here, let’s continue on the refund request. thanks.

no need talk anymore ,just refund please and that’s it !

Hi. I added a google font, and it shows inside of fontpress settings. However, when I create a page, and add a text element, the font that I imported is not showing.

please open a ticket:

I’ll need a screenshot of google fonts page and a link to the page where you inserted the custom-font element.

Okay. I opened ticket.

Hi, is it possible to use fontpress to overwrite a menu font?

sure, just use the proper selector in FontPress rules