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Hey, great plugin! I changed certain headings to use the ‘Journal’ font-face! It is working on my laptop, the font displays but on my mobile and desktop it does not show the font, it is however showing the additional settings. Any ideas what might be happening? I have checked media queries and browser cache its not them.

sorry the website url is

which rule have you set? (a screenshot would be useful, thanks)

Korean fonts from Google Early Access Fonts cannot be applied. The preview does not work, either. This is the only reason to purchase this plugin. Please provide a fix asap.

could you give me a link to the korean font? thanks

Actually it isn’t a compatible format with FontPress. Google fonts must be added through the standard procedure, requesting a name and a Google Font URL.

This is an early access font and that link brings to a direct CSS file, to be added in your site.

Then, basically just need to use a custom CSS line to import it and start using
'Nanum Gothic'
as font name in Fontpress rules

Does this work with Tesla Themes by any chance?

FontPress is based on CSS then works with any theme. The essential is to use correct CSS selectors for rules

can i add custom fonts? I have used custom fonts like Freehand BT591, and Simplifica on my layerslider, but on other people computers it doesnt show as custom font, it shows as some random font like Airl. How can i fix this? Does this plugin fix this issue?

How did you get FontPress? I don’t see your buyer badge

it was included in the theme. Glider theme by crumina

Then sorry but the support must be given by the theme author. However I can suggest that is related to uploaded files: probably your server has got restrictions for files upload

Hello, when I try to upload a font-face package there’s an error: Font File – No font file found. I tried different packages, overtime the same message. Can you help, please?!

Thx, André

where have you created the font package? (eventually if you can attach it would be extremely helpful)

Hello, I have a presales question: does Fontpress work with Avada (latest version)?

FontPress is totally CSS based then works on any site. The essential point is to use the right selectors for elements.

Pre-Sale Question

Hello- does “proxima nova” come with this plugin?

nope, isn’t between the preset ones, but is an Adobe Typekit.

Then you can use it in a couple of clicks ;)


where can I save/export my “element rules” to import them at another site please? Thanks.

everything is saved into a WP option (WP database -> options table) named fp_BLOG-ID_rules.

Where BLOG-ID is the number used for multiblog installations.

Anyway the safest way to do it is to export the whole database

thank you, rather complicate and inconvenient, because I have a multisite with lots of blogs in it, so it is not possible to save the whole database. Would be great, if you implement in a future update just a button/setting to save and export the element rules. Thx.

Then would be quite fast to search the DB value for the blog ID you are using.

Is just one serialized (very long) string


I’m using the plugin with cufon, the Bebas typography, but I notice that before loading the Cufon type, the default Theme typography is first loaded and then the cufon, with a small time delay. See example

Can you solve this issue?

Thank you.

is normal with cufons: they are managed via javascript.Then browser must load scrip before and sometimes you see a tiny delay.

This is why I personally prefer to use @font-face

Thanks, I use @font-face.

Hi there, I have a small question: I have .otf files and the font is called Gotham. Is it possible with this plugin to upload this font ( and a second other font) from PC into my wordpress website so that I can use it? Thank you for your reply! Regards, Richard

yes, you just need to create a @font-face font and upload it

Okay, Thank you!

Hello, I’d like to buy this plugin, but I’d like to know if : once installed I could change the font in every indivual page using the visual editor? if so, I buy it right away. thank you very much

you’d like to totally change font in every page? (in any part?)

your support system is not working. It won’t allow me to submit a new ticket. I am trying to upload system fonts and I selected create font face package. It doesn’t download as a zip file on my mac but an open file folder so I compress and upload. This is the code that happens

Warning: scandir(/home4/luxeinkc/public_html/nikitaengel/wp-content/plugins/fontpress/temp/transfonter_zip/fonts): failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /home4/luxeinkc/public_html/nikitaengel/wp-content/plugins/fontpress/functions.php on line 39 Warning: scandir(): (errno 2): No such file or directory in /home4/luxeinkc/public_html/nikitaengel/wp-content/plugins/fontpress/functions.php on line 39 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home4/luxeinkc/public_html/nikitaengel/wp-content/plugins/fontpress/functions.php on line 40

How do I correct this?

received several tickets today: are you sure wasn’t just a wrong purchase code?

Anyway: errors mean that scandir() function doesn’t find the directory. This could mean your server is restricted and doesn’t allow files management.

To be sure: check plugin folder. There must be the “temp” and “font” folders

I am using Adobe TypeKit with Fontpress and it slows down the website so much that I had to disable it.

Yes, I tried with Google fonts and it also slows down when the plugin is active. I also noticed that FontPress changes the single woocommerce product page layout when the plugin is inactive. The product image and short description are displayed in full width rather than in two columns as it should be according to the theme in use.

There are a couple of javascript errors in the site, but main issue is surely with code/CSS issues.

Too complex to understand precisely what is going on from here, I’d need a WP access to understand what you enabled in plugin and evaluate what is going wrong.

Please open a ticket

Need support?

Please check FAQs or use the official platform to open a ticket.
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Use comments for questions or to leave a feedback.
Since support is paid, no public answer will be given here.

Thank you

Great work, thanks.

I am from China, and we can not visit any global sites like google, twitter, Facebook, yahoo… and I even need to use vpn to visit, since there is firewall named national gateway.

So my question is whether it is possible to intergrate Google open sourced Chinese Font named NotoSansHans-Light?

Thanks a lot.


Hello Alex,
nope I’m sorry, plugin works with font URLs coming from standard Google Fonts.

You should use custom CSS plugin field to call them into your site. Then use rules to assign font to specific elements. (would be a little bit handier than use pure custom CSS)

Thanks anyway, it is harder for me, if there is any plugin which can handle font from local server, please do me an favor to let me know, great thanks. Alex

Unfortunately don’t know anything able to achioeve this, I’m sorry


Just then I updated the plugin version 2.4 to 3.01

They have lost some color styles and I had to go back to the old version 2.4

What I can do to keep the styles and colors then updated the plugin?

Thank you.

Hello, please note your support entitlement expired, however you can renew it anytime.

Please open a ticket or (facing validation issues) contact me through Profile Page’s form.


I’m trying to change the Menu font but can not. If I could change in the H1, H2, etc. The theme I use is the Enfold.

View web:

How can I do it?

Thank you.

please note your support is expired, you can renew it anytime though.

To get support please open a ticket or (facing validation issues) contact me through Profile Page’s form.


I need to know which is the CSS selector to change the Menu font.

This is the website:

Thank you.


I have created the Custom element with the .navbar-main a but the Menu font is still not changed to the Klavika.

What I can do?

Thank you.

Is applied but overrided by your theme. Just use “force rule” option

ok thanks

I set the color to any color but the font color always black, any idea whats wrong??

see test link:

I have applied the color # e6b111 to the text (4 LÍNEAS DE PRODUCTO) but it always appears in gray.


I need to see your setup. Please open a ticket attaching a screenshot of your rules (and have you tried using the “forcing” function?).

I have used the option to force but it remains the same.

I want to make a support ticket but the application tells me that Wordpress Font Manager is expired. Yesterday I bought the plugin.

Thank you.