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Once the custom fonts are added does your plugin provide a way for users to select the custom fonts by name when they are entering content into the WordPress visual editor…or must they use the standard tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.)?

Also…will the user see the actual custom font in the visual editor after they assign it to a block of text? I have never seen any font tools do this but it would be cool if it could. I would buy your plugin for this feature alone.


It allows you to upload a font and then you choose the class or ID. It does not go by the selector (H1, H2, H3, P, etc…) it goes by the class or ID. So in your WordPress content you would enter something like this… <h1 class="cust_font">Some text here</h1>

And on the Font Uploader plugin you would type in “cust_font” (without quotation marks) in the classes/ID’s box on the font you want that text to show in.

The font does not show after uploading currently, but thank you for the feature recommendation, we will look to implement this in the next update.


Thanks your reply and feature consideration. I have bookmarked your plugin and I will try it on my next project.

Much Appreciated :-)

good work, i whish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you very much :-)

the plugin is srashing my theme, uploading the wingdings font has no effect to the system


Can you explain what you mean by “crashing your theme”? Also, Wingdings is a glyph font and was not made to be used for web. This may be your issue. Please try using a standard text font and let us know.

Best Regards

Hi. I have followed instructions but the font does not work at all. The font just looks plain.

Can you please tell me if your plugin still works?

We got it to work, thank you!

Glad to hear you figured things out.



I recently bought ur font-uploader plugin, which is a great addition though i am experiencing some unwanted behaviour.

The plugin, once activated is somehow effecting the slider menu of the malaka theme which i am using for 1 project. I am unable to fix the issue myself though its quite disturbing to see this kind offect, especially since everything on that theme works perfectly ok when your plugin is deactivated.

Kindly provide usefull suggestions



Can you tell us how it is affecting the slider? Also, you can send us a private message on our profile page with Admin details and FTP details of your site so that we can check it out. http://codecanyon.net/user/leapmarketing

Best Regards


After installing this plugin the standard font of the wordpress backend changed to smaller font. Have you seen this issue before?


We have had one other similar case, but it affected the front-end. It was a bootstrap issue, we are in the process of updating the plugin. Other than the single issue, no others. If you send us an email from our profile with admin access to your site, we can upload another version that we used as a fix. It is stable and just contains a fix for the similar issue that you mentioned.


Weird. It also doesn’t work with Visual Composer. I think I have to go for a refund.

This works perfectly fine with Visual Composer up to the most recent version. If you are experiencing other issues it is because of your theme or another plugin. For the most part, if you experience any issue, it should be on the front-end concerning CSS conflicts if that were the case.

I just purchased this and installed on my website but when I activate it I am getting fatal error.

I have tried with two hosts.


Sorry to hear you are having troubles. We have not had any fatal error issues. It must be conflicting with a common plugin you have on your sites. Can you email us from our profile with a WP admin login to your site and FTP details? We can check it out for you. http://codecanyon.net/user/leapmarketing

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Hi, I’m not too impressed, I just bought this and finding bugs galore.

Firstly, if I deactivate the plugin all the settings are lost (this is not usual for plugins), but doesn’t remove the CSS or fonts, so creates a bit of a mess. I found a workaround by deleting the plugin and starting again.

But more importantly, I can’t get the fonts to work on IE9, IE10 or IE11 I’ve uploaded both TTF and OTF for each font, please advise. It works fine in Chrome, Edge etc.

I can send you admin access if that helps (via PM, which I can’t see how to do since you don’t have private support) regards.


Sorry you are having troubles. We can take a look at your site for you. Please send admin details (and FTP if possible) via our profile page http://codecanyon.net/user/leapmarketing and we will check it out.

Best Regards

I’m having issues the the plugin – it is just flat out not working. :/ Can you please help see what I am doing wrong? Please advise on what you need.


We can help you out, just send us a private message from our profile. Please explain what is not working. Send a WordPress admin login (and FTP login info if possible).

hello, Question before purchasing: I have 2 fonts, in different languages (english and hebrew). Can I assign each font to a different language? thanks

This can be accomplished, but this is not a direct feature of the plugin itself. You could create classes in your CSS Stylesheet to use a specific font class/ID for different languages. Of course your fonts in Font Uploader just need to have classes/ID’s assigned to them from the settings page in the plugin.

hi.i want see plugin panel and test in online.Can you provide access to me?

No, no fonts are added automatically. This is one thing that helps to reduce clutter and increase speed. You can always download the fonts you want to use form Google Fonts and upload them to the plugin.

Your last question is not fully clear but…. I think you are asking is the CSS loaded for each font on a page. The answer is Yes then. The CSS is loaded for each font, if you use the WP Editor and select a font from there, that font’s css will be used on the text that you select. You can use multiple fonts on a single page without issue.

Thanks, Is it possible to customize plugin with add-on capability to add fonts by default to editor?

I have 50 fonts that load CSS from external server. I want add this font by default to WordPress editor and when select one of this font,load css for each font(separate).

If it is possible and you can help me, so I purchased the plugin.


It is possible to do this, but we have no plans to do this as it will bloat the plugin and slow down performance of your website. The way this plugin works is that it uses classes/ID’s in the WP Editor and then it loads the CSS for fonts on the front end in it’s own stylesheet. You can definitely load your 50 fonts into our plugin. It will be time consuming, but it is the best way to do this.

Nice Work GLWS =D

Thank you very much! :-)

Hello, I added 10k lines of codes and it´s registred. But when I test one of the codes I´ve uploaded it posting that it´s a validation error and highlight the invitation code. So what´s wrong?

Hi, please keep in mind that codes are case sensitive. If case sensitivity is not the issue, please send us a message from our Envato profile with a login to your WP site and we can take a look at it.

Yeah done sending an message right before this :)


malayp2 Purchased

Lots of time font uploader not working.

Font uploader for any hosting requirement?


Can you give some detail on this? Are the fonts not showing up, is the back-end not working, or something else? Please describe your issue as best as possible.

Hi there,

This is a very nice looking plugin and I have been trying to recommend it to my customers when they want to upload custom fonts. Any chance you would be willing to add a little code – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/snippets/add-custom-font-customizer/ – so whenever a custom uploads a custom font it gets added to this array and it will automatically work with our Total theme so they can select their custom fonts for any Visual Composer page builder module and in the WP Customizer?



Our plugin should function with any theme and it works with the WP Editor. This seems that it would just be extra code to achieve the same thing. This should already be working with your theme without issue. What benefit would adding this bring?

It would add instant support to our theme like I mentioned above so when they add fonts to via your plugin it would automatically make those fonts available in the theme page builder blocks and customizer settings – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/typography/

All you would need to do is add a small check to see if our Total theme is enabled…

if ( defined( 'TOTAL_THEME_ACTIVE' ) ) {
// Loop through fonts defined via your plugin and include them in the theme
// @link https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/snippets/add-custom-font-customizer/

The benefit would be that I would recommend your theme to all my customers because it would include built-in support for Total. But if that isn’t something you’d be interested no problem. I can always create my own font uploader plugin ;)

- AJ

Okay, will look into adding this.

not so useful am afraid : ’’ Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons. ’’ ............why would that be ?

This is due to your server or WordPress. This happens on some file types, especially ones that do not have open licensing for use on the web or are symbol fonts rather than alphanumeric fonts.


mun2com Purchased

I cannot upload the fonts, my server says that the kind of file is not allowed, security reasons, Can I upload via ftp ?

Hi, you need to upload via the Font Uploader page. Please make sure your font has the proper licensing to use on the web AND make sure your server does not block specific file types.


I would like to generate with shortcode an invitation code with unlimited amount of times use. Is it possible ? If yes How is the shortcode?

Hi, this is not possible at the moment. It will only generate a one-time use code.

Maybe we will add some parameters to the shortcode itself in an update.

Also, this comment is under the wrong plugin. :)

Hi, I’m getting a fatal error on trying to activate the plugin. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_editor_fontsize_filter() (previously declared in /html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/use-any-font/includes/uaf_editor_setup.php:18) in /html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/fontPlugin/editor_setup.php on line 22

Judging from the other comments, this doesn’t seem to be a common error. Is there any fix for this?

Hi, it seems to be conflicting with your “use-any-font” plugin. You should not use both at the same time.


How can I update codes? I uploaded a bunch and thought they were -1 but instead they are 0 and people can’t sign up.



You should be able to re-upload the same codes and overwrite the usage limits.