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Wow. I want Font I Want. ;) I like uploading my own fonts. Can’t wait to give this plugin a spin.

Hi mate, please, update the plugin: we’ve added FontSquirrel and Font Upload! :-)

WHO HOO!!!!! thank you

WHO HOO!!!!! thank you

very good work ! ;)

Thank you! :-)

Very very exciting—I’ve been looking for a plugin like this for a long time!!! Can’t wait to buy but will wait until you offer Typekit and fonts I’ve bought from MyFonts, etc.. Do you have an estimate when that will happen?

Also, I’m considering purchasing Colors. Will this plugin come bundled with the theme eventually?

Thank you!

Hey mate, thank you! I hope we’ll add all the planned font providers within 2-3 months. We’ve even tried to integrate My Fonts into the library but their API doesn’t actually allow it (but you’ll be able to upload their fonts). Colors is supercool theme too. We’re thinking of adding Font I Want into our next theme, not sure about the Colors’ integration… Anyway, feel free to contact us and share your ideas! :-)

Hi, we’ve added FontSquirrel and Font Upload! :-) And it’s bundled in our Seriously theme (and it’ll be included in all our upcoming themes too).

Looks interesting, but despite all the marketing blurb it’s unclear to me how it actually works. Can you create a backend demo, or at least provide some backend screenshots?

Hi, you can look at the backend screenshots here – https://openmarco.ticksy.com/article/7832/

Thanks, that shows a lot. I do have some other questions. Does the plugin override theme admin panel font settings and theme css settings? Does it load its fonts inline or does it create an external css file? If it loads inline, does it have or will it have in a future version an export function that you can use to put in a css file, and disbale inline loading of the plugin fonts and styles?

1. So far, you cannot change admin panel’s fonts but we’ll add this feature later (after we’ll implement the other planned features mentioned on the product page). 2. The plugin loads fonts via Webfont loader, and styles via an external css file

When are you planning to add the functionality whereby I can download my own fonts into this? When you do, I’ll buy it! Thanks!

Hi, we’re going to add Typekit and font upload in August

Hi, we’ve added FontSquirrel and Font Upload! :-) And it’s bundled in our Seriously theme (and it’ll be included in all our upcoming themes too).

Uploaded, installed properly, activated properly, followed instructions, still doesn’t work. I’ve changed all the font families under Customize, yet no change to fonts on website.

Hey, could you open a ticket here https://openmarco.ticksy.com/ and our Support team will help you! Thanks!

When I first read about this plugin, my reaction was EPIC! Yes, could be called “Plugin I Want” for that matter… I just hope that the development DOES get to the point of integrating all the promised features. Ambitious, no doubt, but all of your other projects look top notch as well as being uniquely creative in a style that I must say I like. I’m not sure if the plugin will immediately be used on any of my sites yet, as it still seems fairly basic. But I wanted to purchase it in hopes that will help BUMP the development and maybe get a few other users to jump in the pool as well. A finished product containing all the features listed in the description will be a typography masterpiece and a designers best friend. Looking forward to each new update… thank you kindly!

Keep up the great work!!

Hey man, thank you very much for your comment! We WILL develop everything we’ve mentioned, and yes, this will be the best font management plugin on the market! :-)

Pre-Sales Questions.

1. In the upcoming updates, will the way of using the plugin will always be in the appearances section? It would be nice to have that feature live on the website like “Yellow Pencil” or “Cornerstone”

2. What guarantee you have that you WILL add the upcoming features and you wont abandon this plugin? Your last update was almost a month ago.

3. If the update comes soon, when is this update coming with the soon features listed?

4. I am using Salient theme, will this plugin and nectar’s fonts selections cause any problems or incompatibility?

5. Las question. Does the plugin have different screen option sizes? This is a deal breaker for me. I would like to have big fonts on big screens and smaller fonts on the mobile screen (responsive). I want to know if i have full control on that.

Btw. the concept is awesome!

Hi, thank you for your (good) questions! 1. Once we built the first version we realized that there is no need for Customizer at all (since we’re using REST API and Angular 2), so detaching plugin from Customizer is definitely in our list. 2. As you may know, Envato has a really big problem with review times now (and they cannot fix it): it takes up to 3 months to review a new theme with no approval guarantee, and themes bring more income than plugins. So we had to work “on something else” to keep our company alive. Therefore, it takes so long to finish Font I Want. But we will do it within a few months. I recommend you to wait until we release all the promised features. 3. We’ll publish a public roadmap soon. 4. There should not be any problems. However, the plugin knows nothing about your current font selections, so you’ll just overwrite your current settings with our plugin. 5. We’ll add this feature too. Thank you! :-)

Looks like a great plugin. I will buy it after more of the “Coming Soon” features are no longer coming soon.

Hi, thanks! We’re going to add them one by one from the next month (or maybe a bit sooner).

Hi, we’ve added FontSquirrel and Font Upload! :-) And it’s bundled in our Seriously theme (and it’ll be included in all our upcoming themes too).

Hey, October has started and still no Typekit, no Font Squirrel and no ability to upload my own fonts. Are you still alive?

Still not possible to upload my own fonts. I think what you call “soon” means “Maybe in one year. Or in two years. Or never …”. No feedback for Typekit support, I don’t need it.

Hi, there are no execuses for us. But we had to switch our developers to the Seriously theme, otherwise, we couldn’t launch it by the end of the year. The font upload and FontSquirrel are technically ready, we just need to fix the style issues. Both features will be available in about 10-14 days.

Hi, we’ve added FontSquirrel and Font Upload! :-) And it’s bundled in our Seriously theme (and it’ll be included in all our upcoming themes too).

Hi guys, looks and sounds awesome! Commenting here for future reference, purchasing ASA you add the upload options! Cheers

Hi, we’ve added FontSquirrel and Font Upload! :-) And it’s bundled in our Seriously theme (and it’ll be included in all our upcoming themes too).

Thanks for letting us know! Font Upload is a major want-want and we’ll definitely will be making purchase soon! Good luck with your projects guys, you’re on to something truly wonderful!

Thank you! :-)

When Font upload will be available ?

Hi, we’re planning to add it in December

Use the dropdown font list in the WordPress /tiny mce editor? I been searching for hours for for a software plugin that can do exactly just that. Does this software provide this function? Most software i seen adds the fonts to the default style in appearance. which is limited and kind of stupid in my mind. What i want is to have the flexibility of being able to chose the fonts i which to use from the wysiwyg editor in WordPress.. I understand that this software also support WP multisite? Thanks!

Hi, I see what you’re saying… There is such a feature in our roadmap, but we’re going to add it in February or I guess. Right now we’re working on 2 our new themes (which will include this plugin for free). Thank you! :-)

That sounds great. Well if you guys add it I will for 100% certainty buy your software! Look forward to that feature is added then, would love notification if possible. ;-)

Hi, when Font Squirrel and Font upload will be available?

Nice :) I tried to submit a ticket but when I tried to connect to Envato something went wrong when trying to connect to my account and I can’t connect for some reason!

Hey, try now (you can manually define the purchase code). We’re sending the beta version now for every buyer who wants to get it :-)

Hi, we’ve added FontSquirrel and Font Upload! :-) And it’s bundled in our Seriously theme (and it’ll be included in all our upcoming themes too).

hi, just bought the font i want, but where or when can i upload my local fonts? i would like to install font-face, would that be possible?

Hi Anna, we’ve just submitted the version with FontSquirrel and font upload for Envato Quality Team. It will take a few days for them to review and approve it. Meanwhile, you can open a ticket here http://openmarco.ticksy.com/ and we’ll send you the plugin’s version. Thank you! :-)

Wow.. good one ..

So i can upload my own fonts from now.. Thanks for the plugin

Hi, in a week we’re releasing the next plugin’s version, so you’ll be able to control everything on 5 breakpoints separately… :-)

Hello. I get a white screen when I install your plugin. I’m running WP 4.7.2. I tried using your support but the site ticksy has a maintenance page up. Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi, Ticksy is down indeed… You can email us via the contact form on this page to let us help you with this issue – https://codecanyon.net/user/openmarco Thank you!


wschun Purchased

I’m using Adobe Typekit, everything worked fine, I can changed the colors, sizes and font weight. But font type doesnt seem to be applied, please advise.

Hi, there may be some stronger rules that don’t allow you to change font sizes, etc. But don’t worry! We’ll definitely help you with this issue! Just open a ticket here https://openmarco.ticksy.com/ and our Support team reply to you within a very short period of time.