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Openmarco does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hi There,
Your plugin is a monthly freebie and unfortunately support and updates are not provided for free files. In other words I can’t submit a support ticket since I got it for free. But I think I’ve found a bug, so maybe it’ll help you.
Main issue is with “upload font” > I drop the file > nothing happens. Am I missing something? I mean it works with regular fonts, but if I want to use custom font > upload > nothing happens.
Screenshot (scroll to zoom in): https://goo.gl/zPYkjb
All of Best

I tried to refresh the page and upload a different one, doesn’t help much.

Hi, thank you for reporting the issue! But I don’t think this is a bug :-) Anyway, just drop us a direct message here https://codecanyon.net/user/openmarco and we’ll try to resolve it

Is it cookie free or will it set cookies? If so, can ALL cookies be disabled? Thanks. PS Pre-Sale/Use question

Hi, Font I Want doesn’t set any cookies (if WordPress or any plugins do it, you can disable these cokies via 3rd party plugins). In case you’re using Google or Typekit fonts, the font files are downloaded from the servers without any cookies

Very much appreciated… Cjeers!!! :)

When I upload the plugin it says that there are no plugins found.

Hi, make sure you are uploading the omp-font-i-want.1.3.6.zip file

I love the concept behind this plugin but there are two UI issues occurring in both Chrome and Firefox. 1.) Moving the controls dialog is glitchy. The mouse cursor changes into the “move” icon but when trying to actually move, it works for a few pixels but then drops/stops being movable and 2.) When trying to add fonts from the Library, there is no vertical scroll bar. For example, under Google fonts, I can see from “ABeeZee” to “Acme” but see no way to scroll down to the fonts below that.

Hi, thank you for the feedback! :-) Could you drop us a direct message via the form on this page https://codecanyon.net/user/openmarco , and we’ll try to help you with the second issue (‘coz there must be a vertical scroll bar!)

Hi, got this as the monthly free file(awesome!) but it seems to get stuck on loading the selectors in both the default tab and the custom tab.. no matter how long I leave it loading :( I followed the install instructions, and checked my wordpress and hosts php versions, am I doing something wrong?

Here’s a screenshot: https://prnt.sc/gxpfla

Hi, could you drop us a direct message via the form on this page https://codecanyon.net/user/openmarco , and we’ll try to help you with this issue!

You’re welcome! :-) Do you like the plugin?

Hello there , Thanks for your free item. How can i install it to Wordpress? :D :D :D THanks

That’s a good question! :-) The installation process is usual. After you activate the plugin, just go to Customizer

Thanks. Successfully Installed :) :) You are Awesome :) :)

Yeah, we’re are! :-)

Thank you very much for freebie :)

You’re welcome! :-)

Is there a way to export what I create under the Custom tab? I am creating a theme that would be reused on multiple websites, and I’d like to be able to just move over all the custom classes I create

Hi, there is no such an option within the plugin. But since all the plugin’s settings are stored in Customizer, you can use Customizer Export/Import plugin for that

Thank you so much for this months free download. It is truly appreciated!

You’re welcome! :-)

Hey there,

I would be interested in what font you use in your advertising on the plugin page.

Best regards,


Hi, you can find both font names at the bottom of the green banner (“Design your websites by putting type first) :-)

Hello, I tried to install the plugin but get:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Hi, there could be several reasons for that. Please, create a ticket here https://openmarco.ticksy.com/ and our Support team will help you with this issue! Thank you!

Шикарный плагин. По идее такой функционал должен быть в вордпресе по умолчанию. Единственная проблема кастомный фонт не загружается ни ttf ни otf ни woff. Да и одновления были аж в сентябре. Если тему пилите-встраивайте плагин этот сразу. Куча головняка снимает с выбором шрифта


We would like to Type in Sanskrit we tried google fonts but not able to type it.

On Local we are using Sanskrit 99 and URW Palladio IT, can we upload that and write in Sanskrit.

Not Whole page is in Sanskrit but Part of pages are in Sanskrit.

Kindly reply asap as we would like to buy it.


Hello. I am interested in this plugin but the very top of the page says Openmarco does not provide support for this plugin. It is still on sale, but there will be no support available? Or does someone else support it? I don’t understand…the last two posts remain unanswered going back 4 months so I am not confident…