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Does this only work if you have a bootstrap theme?

We use a custom theme on our website with no bootstrap at all. Is there a place where we can create custom classes/ids to integrate this plugin?

Hello cacurtis, thanks for your interest.

This plugin will work perfectly if you are not using Bootsrap, it will simply load the required classes for you so don’t have to code a thing :)

By the way, it only loads a minified custom Bootstrap build so it’s really a small file to keep your site light weight :)

Feel free to ask again of you need something else.

Hi Does it have an option to not load the fontawesome again if I already have loaded it with other plugins? Thanks

Hello Victor, thanks for your question.

We are about to release version 1.0.1 that will do just that :) It already checks for Bootstrap but 1.0.1 will check both.

Please check back soon and the new version should be already uploaded :)

Looks great. How easily can I change the size of the buttons to a size I need?

Hello Flavors :-) yes, you can edit the shortcodes and use custom sizes. I hope this plugin helps you. Thanks for asking.

You will see the shortocode in plain text in your editor. Change any parameter you need there.


How do I install the buttons onto my existing wordpress theme?

just install the plugin and you’ll see a new button in your visual editor :)

For some reason when I install the buttons into my theme, it screws up all of my type settings. All of my fonts on the website go to just basic style. Any idea why that would happen?

Thank you in advance

maybe some css is conflicting with bootstrap. Email me yours website’s url and I’ll check it :)

Hi will work inside widgets?

yes, it will but there is no visual editor for the shortcodes. So you can create the shortcodes within a normal post/page and copy the generated code on your text widget :)

Hi, does your plugin interfere with css of an installed theme, like metrocorp wordprerss theme?

nope, it can be used with your bootstrap themes with any problem :)

Hi I have the Office Themes to my website and wonder if this tools only works on the Bootstrap Theme? If so, how can I add an Bootstrap Theme to my website? My website are: Is it possible to add the Bootstrap Theme to this site?

Have tested the plugin on two of my sites, now and it will not works at all. Only gives this error codes when I are trying to activate it: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare button_shortcode() (previously declared in /mounted-storage/home66b/sub003/sc39546-QQKK/ in /mounted-storage/home66b/sub003/sc39546-QQKK/ on line 260

Can you give me any advices? Thanks in Advance from Sebaldus (Thor)

quick answer: yes, you can add bootstrap to any website. And it seems there is a conflict with your theme, but we’ll fix it :)

fixed version it’s on it’s way! I just sent it to Envato’s team for review. Just download the new version when its available :) Thanks for your patience! email me if have any questions

new version is online :) let me know how it goes please

Hi. Great Plugin, can I suggest a few features for the next update…

1) Full colour pallet for picking the button background colour and hover state instead of just the choice of 5 colours. 2) URL browse option – i.e. To select the relevant page within wordpress. As done normally when adding a link in a page. 3) Option to have the icon on the left or right.

Thanks Peter! very interesting ideas, we’ll consider them :)

When we activate the plugin it causes a major bug right away in the wp backend:

It adds “Settings” links to all Plugins (in plugin view) and those links point to the settings page to your plugin then.

All other plugins are loosing their own settings links. So this plugin can not be used at all. Please help.

P.S.: OK i will write you mail right now, thank you :)

we found it! new version is on approval process! thanks for pointing this out ipseo!

got it, works now. Thank you kilinkis!

Hi again, is it possible that we can use also text together with the icon in a button group item?

Hello again ipseo, glad to hear the fix worked for you :) About text in the button groups, unfortunately, our plugin won’t handle it.

But, thanks you mentioned it, we just added the functionality :D You have to edit the generated code for the shortcode though.

let me show you:

figure=icon-pinterest color=red url= target=_BLANK] target='_blank' text='lorem ipsum'">fa_btn-group-item figure=icon-linkedin url= target=_BLANK[/fa_btn-group]

the strong part is what you need to add to the button you want the text on.

Remember you will need to wait until the new version is released. It’s on approval process now, so it should be up later today :)

have a good day!

Hi kilinkis, awesome that you supported and developed further so fast. Awaiting approval now :) Thumbs up!

I have a feature suggestion to muscle up this plugin upto gold level:

Implementing even more font soucres like: font icomoon, font dashicons, font generic, font entypo, font typicons, font iconic, font zocial, font fontello

KR ipos

that sounds like a good idea :) I’ll have it in mind. thanks!

Just bought the plugin and upon installing I found it s breaking themes. It’s breaking the menus as well as tag/category icons. It looks like it has css which conflicts with theme css.

hello arnieswap, thanks for your purchase :) can you tell me the url of your website? or does this happen on the admin?

Purchased and installed. I see the shortcodes button on visual editor but when I create a button and hit insert, nothing happens. Is there a list of shortcodes or any documentation I can refer to so that I can just enter what I want? Thanks

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ok, we are working on it. I will let you know.

fixed version it waiting for approval :) it should be there in a few hours. Let me know if you have any other problem please. Thanks for buying!

A few feature requests,
  • Custom button colors would be awesome
  • Option to place icon on right side of button or to display no button
  • Change border radius
  • A place to insert custom css


we’ll think of it. Those are great ideas :) thanks!

Cool, thanks!

Could you possibly tell me where I could make the change to show the icons on the right side?

is as simple as putting float: right; to the i element on the button, but the CSS selector you will need to target the button depends on the context. If you cant do it, send me the link to my email and I’ll try to help you :)

Hi, love your buttons with built in dropdown but notice your demo dropdowns will not work on ipad 1. Will you be willing to fix this? Thank you

hello tex66hutchinson, I will check it out! thanks for the feedback :D

hi, any update to this? Thanks

no yet, sorry, I’ve been very busy but I remember it :)

I just purchased this and it appears to have SEVERELY limited customization options. Can I not choose the start and end gradient colors on my buttons?

That would be a terrible design flaw and would render this purchase useless to me.

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t find the plugin helpful lsethhill. Unfortunately, our plugin doesn’t provide this feature at the moment.

This should be made clear in your pre-purchase documentation. When you mention CSS that comes with some pretty standard assumptions.

Hello! Am I able to make custom buttons widths

Would love to nice symmetry. :)

hello! that will require some CSS skills. My plugin only uses Bootstrap native widths. Thanks for your interest :)


I want that if you click on my button that you go in the same browser to the link but i don’t know how. At this moment if you click on the button a new browser will open.

Can you help me?

hi Gerard1991, sorry for the delay! let me check and I’ll post again here

No problem, thanks for your help. It works :)