Font Awesome Everywhere for Wordpress

Font Awesome Everywhere for Wordpress

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With this plugin you can use the full font and CSS toolkit the Font Awesome icons. It is loading the css and the font files from the MaxCDN network, which means super fast loading, wherever your visitors are on this planet.

Always use the latest version The script is using the latest Font Awesome version all the time. This means never update manually anymore.

How to use You get a very useful shortcode to use icons on your site:

[fa class=”fa-camera-retro”]

As you can see, you only need to add the icon name, that’s it. Isn’t it awesome?

If you use the code, the WordPress editor will remove it, because it is an empty code, which “should be removed”. So with this shortcode, you can use the Font Awesome icons wherever you want.

Check out our cool demo

Extremely lightweight plugin.


- Place Font Awesome Icons using the standard Font Awesome code
- All of the necessary Font Awesome code is included on all of your post and pages so you can use the Font Awesome icons when ever you want.
- Use the standard Font Awesome Icon tag to display a Font Awesome Icon (ex. ).
- Add font awesome icons to any post or page)
- Whether you are writing a post about your company or another company, you can include font awesome icons.
- Always the latest version

Final words Includes full source with documentation. The highly requested version puts the power of my revolutionary popup into an easy to use plugin.

Configurable No configuration is needed. Just install the plugin and your done.