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maitien Purchased

Dear Supporter,

I was install this product to my server and active it with my code. But after that, it require active every month. How can I fix it?

Regards, Hung

It appears the issue is that of changing server information, I think i can just save you all these stress and do a trick to stop quick fix myself if you can share your FTP (using https://codecanyon.net/user/ynetinteractive).


maitien Purchased

Thanks, can you give me your skype? I’ll send you information about hosting, domain, ... etc : )

Sorry but We do not offer Skype support. Only evato support channels are available to you

SMS Cutting system available or not

i am from bangladesh. i want to buy this script .please tell me-1 this cost 39$ is no time payment?-2 then next need any cost? EX-Purchased from other sites such as API or other

This is one time payment for single domain licence. You need to contact your API providers for their cost details. I strongly recommend you buy Sendroid instead. This script is no longer being maintained

May I translate into Chinese?

Try Sendroid instead

I am very much interested in purchasing this software. We want to to start our own sms business. But I want to know if we can use this software as a reseller for www.bhashsms.com. They do provide HTTP API but i am not able to understand how exactly it works. Could you please help us to setup with BhashSMS API if we purchase this software?


I am interested in buying this product. But I need to have implemented another sms gateway that is currently not supported. The Gateway is www.bhashsms.com.

I would like to know if a buy and ask you to implement this new gateway how soon can you do this? I can provide you the API details for this gateway for testing and development purpose.

Thanks Nikhil

Hi. I will suggest you purchase Sendriod instead. Its more complaint and has a lot more features / gateway support. Also note that we no longer maintain Fome. It may may never receive new features

Economically, the cost of integrating unsupported gateway on Fome may add up to be same as cost of Sendroid.


what is the different between “Support for Fome SMS Portal (Advanced) – Bulk SMS Reseller Script” and Support for Sendroid – Bulk SMS Portal, Marketing & 2-Way Messaging Script with Mobile App

Is both included ” Admin, Reseller, Customer” portal?

Fome is backward in technology and feature and is no longer maintained.


I just installed Fome SMS portal at www.xmx2phone.com.ng But I got this error wen i tried to send SMS

Message sending was interrupted. Please report this error to your admin if it persists ERROR: -2904

This is my api


Please i need help


Please contact your SMS Provider, requesting the implication of Error Code -2904

After installation of Fome SMS portal, I tried testing the working by sending a test message to myself. The system returns ‘message sent successfully’ but it didn’t deliver to my phone. What could be wrong? My number is NOT on DND. Please I need help

The problem could either be that of your gateway provider not delivering your messages or you not typing the recipient number correctly (thus including country code).
It could also happen if you set a wrong success word

I can not enter in “live preview”, wen I go to admin panel, I see this message: Your Product key is not valid on this server. Please enter a new key to continue.

Hi. could you try now. Please note also that Fome SMS portal is no longer maintained. Try Sendroid instead.


1) How is the system scheduled? Is it through cron or something like that? 2) Is it possible to insert the direct schedule in the database? 3) Is it possible to implement other gateways?

Am not sure exactly what you want to achieve. Please read description of the script to see its capabilities. Thanks

Have one way to create jobs to send? Example:

1)Using a function (

$sendSMS($DatetimeToSend,$ProviderID,$Message,$NumberToSend) ;


2)Creating new record in db(

Insert into messagestosend(DatetimeToSend,ProviderID,Message,NumberToSend) values($DatetimeToSend,$ProviderID,$Message,$NumberToSend)

) ;

,... another way to create a job….

Try the API on the demo.