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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks :)

Hello good day or evening Team,

is it posible with the Follower module, that the customer can choose idividiual, few or all items what is listed below with radio buttons or sellectboxes In a popup, when they click on the ”” Add to discount Follow list ”” button? – price discount – availability in stock – if there is low quantity in stock – if an accessory or related product is added to the following product – if a review or commentary added to the product

Kind regards, Alex

Hi Alex, You can choose as admin, the options for notifications, see the link below of module config page in back office:

Username: demo@demo.com Password: demodemo

http://discountfollower.terranet-themes.com/iadmin/index.php?controller=AdminModules&token=4f3826dcee507ab8436d4c275af3b4a8&configure=discountfollower&tab_module=front_office_features&module_name=discountfollower The users can’t choose the options, they can just add the item to follow list.

Best regards, Alex

Can you make this realise that users can select? Kind Regard, Alex

We will consider that for future updates

Regards, Alex

Guess I’m the first buyer of this module. It is great!

Had trouble installing it, my fault, because of bad MySQL rights but Ros from Terranet helped me solve the issue in only some hours.

The module is localizable and it’s really easy in PrestaShop back-office.

The module is working smooth and my customers will love it, because they can be notified when an article reaches low stocks, or the price has dropped. I also use the accessories feature in PrestaShop so they’ll be notified when an accessory product is added to the product they follow.

The module creates a content block in the left or right column to show your customers their follow list and make them want to buy what they’re craving for :-)

Users could also use the module without creating an account but I’ve chosen to force them create an account to follow products, this way I know who they are and I can make specific offers to them.

The text in the emails sent to the customers can be personnalized, may be we’d like to be able to use a custom template, I have to work on that aspect.

Definitely a great module to replace the standard Prestashop wishlist.

Three suggestions: - Make the follow list block appendable to the footer (horizontally) - Make quantities hideable in followlist, I don’t necessarily want my customers to know my stocks this precisely. - Allow customers follow a product for price drops, special prices, low stocks, or accessory products, once at a time or several at a time, “à la carte”

Forgot to talk about the backoffice of the module, which lets you see the follow lists of each customer, and even see for a given product which customers are following it. Definitely useful to know my customers better and suggest them specific offers.

Hi Romaric,

Thank you for you feedback, we are happy that you like our module:)

Best regards,

When a ‘non authenticated’, I mean, guest, user of the module becomes a registered customer (same email) in PrestaShop, will they be able to keep their follow list?


Yes, the follow list will be kept.


Is this module OK for PS 1.7 and if not, will it be?

Hi, no yet. v 1.7 is not stability. When will bee we will do it for v.1.7.

Hello Team,

When the version for 1.7 arrive:

The users wil choose the options, how in wich situations of a product, they like to get notified in their ””my account”” section or also in a popup when they add a product to their follow list? Admin will be able to set, in wich kind of options the customer can choose? – price discount – availability in stock – if there is low quantity in stock – if an accessory or related product is added to the following product – if a review or commentary added to the product or more options also

Kind regards, Alex

Thanks, for feedback, we will use your suggestions