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To change the images is through individual images replacement or is through atlases ?

atlases using photoshop. with buildbox trail version, in minutes

you need buildbox to edit this game? How easy is to change app name? via graphic or just text ?

Hi, the 30 days trial version is all you need. Its easier to reskin with buildbox – simple drag and drop

i bought it. How to resikin? is there any documentation?

look through this doc to make the needed changes – sysads.co.uk/reskin-game-template/

may i use your own graphics and sound without change them?

feel free as along as you change the icon :)

There was no Buildbox folder for the buildbox source. It was advertise that you can use buildbox to modify the code.. Where’s the folder???

please email me khamps@gmail.com, I need to buildbox project file. thank you

I would be interested if you have the buildbox project file. thanks

Hi, the buildbox file is available only with extended license. Thanks

How can i change the name of app which is seen on iphone main screen?

i changed all locations. there is no name leftas “Follow the Flight” but in main screen of device it is still old name…

OK PM the following and i will set it up for you and send you a custom package:

Game Name

Bundle ID

Leaderboard ID

Review Link


Ads ID

I have sent you the custom package with all changes. Also made the game speed constant

The speed of game is;

Too fast on iphone4s Too slow on iPhone6plus or ipad

how to stabilize it?

i know that settings. i set them as ;

<key>Game Speed Min</key> <dict> <key>visible</key> <string>0</string> <key>value</key> <string>125.000000</string> <key>useDefault</key> <string>0</string> </dict> <key>Game Speed Max</key> <dict> <key>visible</key> <string>0</string> <key>value</key> <string>200.000000</string> <key>useDefault</key> <string>0</string> </dict> <key>Speed Increase</key> <dict> <key>visible</key> <string>0</string> <key>value</key> <string>0.020000</string> <key>useDefault</key> <string>0</string>

With these settings i open app in iPhone 4s and at the beginning of game speed is really fast. With same setting i open app in 6plus or iPad. At the begining of game game speed is normal speed. If i set the parameters as you give me (as i download the source) this time 4s. is normal and 6plus or ipad is too slow.

Hi no game speed in this world that i am aware of varies based on phone type. If its too slow and too fast, this is purely an issue on the phones used for testing.

I have an iphone and tablet and both runs as expected.

Change min and max game speed to same value.

I have sent you the custom package with all changes. Also made the game speed constant

When i try to remove ads it says can not connect appstore even my device is connected to internet

Hi, have you setup your iAP in itunes correctly and what is the status?