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Hi Guys,

How can I put the button for category ? I don’t see any setting for that.

It’s good for the news.

http://test.mfteam.fr (home) http://test.mfteam.fr/category/animes/ (category) http://test.mfteam.fr/kurokos-basket-extra-game-adapte-en-film-et/ (news)

Please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

Does follow my blog post support follow option for custom taxonomies?

Yes it will work for all custom post types and its taxonomies as well.

Thanks for your response. Can you tell me what would be the code to get follow button for custom taxonomy on archive page?

for that you need to create a support ticket and our support team will look at it if it require custom paid work or it is easily possible.

Hi, a awesome plugin! Is there any demo for Woocommerce? Thanks!

Yes it works same way for products as it works for post / page.

here you can see the demo :


Hi, does this plugin provide shortcode to implement the ‘Follow/unFollow’? Please kindly advise how it works. Thanks!

Yes we do have shortcode for that. please check documentation :


Hi There,
Pre-purchaser here :)
1. Can I customize the button according to my theme?

Yes ofcource.

Hi is it possible to show a list and numbers of followers each user has?

I know it will probably require custom development but just wondering if it can be done with your plugin


Yes it is possible for sure.

Hi great idea for a plugin. Is it fairly easy to customise? So instead of the term “follow” can I use “subscribe” or “stay updated” on front end buttons.

Yes ofcource you can do that easily by Mo/po file or even we do provide template support to change any design elements.

Great, big thanks for the rapid reply.

you’re welcome :)

Howdy. Pre-sale question here. Does this plugin support following users through the frontend without the need for emails? I just want to add a twitter-like follow functionality to my site I do not need the emailing part.

No, Email is required to follow any post or page.

I find it interesting that as an admin you can automatically add buttons to follow each post, but none to follow the authors. Shouldn’t it be the other way aroung? Why must the author add a “Follow the Author” button for each post manually?

You can do that easily. We have provided code snippet of it. Please have a look at: https://gist.github.com/wpweb101/197d210ae66378ff09ae9a60e705a876

for any more questions please create a support ticket as we only provide such support via support system only.

Is there someone who test this plugin with ssl ? Is it working ?


Follow My Blog Post plugin has nothing to do with SSL. Plugin simply sends the email to following users. As long as your server is configured to send email, Follow My Blog Post plugin will work.

It is a bit pricey. May be you can offer some discount. If the plugin is around 15$, that’s a fair price.

Sorry we cant.

Hi, pre-purchase question:

1- It it posible to create a shortcode to follow the tag of a post (not selecting the tag, automaticatly)? 2- Do you plan to integrate with buddypress? 3- It is posible to add an icon from font awesome icons or an image inside the title?

Thank you!

1. Yes, its possible with custom code.

2. We have not request too many request from user yet. so we haven’t planed yet. If you want then we are happy to integrate for you as custom work.

3. Yes, its possible with custom code.


Where do I paste this code.


i posted in functions.php but it crashed my site.

Is this the right place?

Hello There,

Yes you have to use this code in the functions.php file. Your site is being crashed because you are using the php open parenthesis for code.

Please remove this tag <?php from the gist code you using and use remaining code then it should work.


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You’re right, i dont know i missed that.

So how do i make to display at the top of the post. It currently display after each post.


Hello There,

I have changed the gits for both code to if button want to add on top or bottom. Please check git URL again and use the code from that.


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Pre-Sales Question. I was reading through the comments before purchasing and saw a comment from a user named @eirehotspur . Like him – authors on my site post through the front end. His question was whether the plugin will still trigger the emails when authors post through the front end of the site (I am using the Toolset Front-End Editor plugin). I noticed he didn’t seem to purchase your plugin in the end but you did speak of some code snippet that could make it work. tl:dr Will the plugin trigger emails when an author posts via the front end?

Yes, Follow My Blog Post plugin does trigger the emails when author creates the post from frontend.

hello, can you add the option to sent mail once a day, once a week, and member or guest on his profile have the same option if they want to change the flow of emails

Hello There,

We have a scheduling extension for this plugin here: https://codecanyon.net/item/schedule-emails-follow-my-blog-post-addon/7748623

But user and member can’t change this admin only can change that and it will apply globally to all user.

Thank You.

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according to the change log last update was in 2016. Does it work? Can I buy it?

Yes plugin works well. :) it is just because we don’t get any issues reported from any users. still we will now check and launch 1 update by next month.

Hi, interested to purchase and have some question. Currently my site using buddypress so do you plan to integrate buddypress specially for follow author features. There have follow plugin and yor plugin also have it but with different function so i think if this plugin integrate with this plugin it will be great. https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-followers/ so can you look on it?

Hello There,

We have a shortcode for follow author so you can use the shortcode for author profile if you want.

Also there is a code which you put in your theme’s functions.php file then it will be display on the author page: https://gist.github.com/wpweb101/87607c505e4f40a92a0e16ce5ec9015a

Thank You.

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Hi, i see that your plugin have features for create page using shortcode for list of followed author, post and category. Can you add or integrate to make it have auto create as buddypress tab for it? There lot of buddypress user and if it include it will help to increase your sales also.

Hello There,

Can you please send us email for this on wpweb101@gmail.com so we will discuss the flow in detail, how you want this and we can proceed.

Thank You

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Looks very Nice plugin and looking to buy it… only one query my site is having 80+ categories covering nearly 1200 posts…. can I limit a single person to subscribe not more that say 10 categories/20 post at a time… as this will help in sending limited numbers of email … I think subscribing to all will hang up my auto email delivery system as post are keep on updating and adding on daily basis…

Hello There,

Thank you for showing interest in our plugin.

Actually this functionality is not there for now, But if you want this feature then please contact us from our email wpweb101@gmail.com for this additional feature.

Thank You

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Hi there, I have a website which has 4 taxonomy and each taxonomy has a lot of terms. Now I want the follow button on each taxonomy term and have a page of followed terms and authors. And also one more page which makes a loop of latest post from all the followed taxonomies. Is it possible? if yes, when I buy this plugin, will you help me?


denniswpweb Author Team


By default follow button will not appear on taxonomy but you can easily add by overriding template

Yes, plugin provide listing of followed terms, post and authors

There is no functionality exist to list of latest post from all followed taxonomies. We can help you as custom work

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