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SamMFT Purchased

Hi Guys,

How can I put the button for category ? I don’t see any setting for that.

It’s good for the news.

http://test.mfteam.fr (home) http://test.mfteam.fr/category/animes/ (category) http://test.mfteam.fr/kurokos-basket-extra-game-adapte-en-film-et/ (news)

Please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

Does follow my blog post support follow option for custom taxonomies?

Yes it will work for all custom post types and its taxonomies as well.

Thanks for your response. Can you tell me what would be the code to get follow button for custom taxonomy on archive page?

for that you need to create a support ticket and our support team will look at it if it require custom paid work or it is easily possible.

Hi, a awesome plugin! Is there any demo for Woocommerce? Thanks!

Yes it works same way for products as it works for post / page.

here you can see the demo :


Hi, does this plugin provide shortcode to implement the ‘Follow/unFollow’? Please kindly advise how it works. Thanks!

Yes we do have shortcode for that. please check documentation :


Hi There,
Pre-purchaser here :)
1. Can I customize the button according to my theme?

Yes ofcource.

Hi is it possible to show a list and numbers of followers each user has?

I know it will probably require custom development but just wondering if it can be done with your plugin


Yes it is possible for sure.

Hi great idea for a plugin. Is it fairly easy to customise? So instead of the term “follow” can I use “subscribe” or “stay updated” on front end buttons.

Yes ofcource you can do that easily by Mo/po file or even we do provide template support to change any design elements.

Great, big thanks for the rapid reply.

you’re welcome :)

Howdy. Pre-sale question here. Does this plugin support following users through the frontend without the need for emails? I just want to add a twitter-like follow functionality to my site I do not need the emailing part.

No, Email is required to follow any post or page.