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How and where is the text added to the image? Through a post? Are regular html tags accepted?

Hello BeechHill,

It is added through a custom post type. All tags are accepted as normally would be the case in a post type.

I created an extra screenshot for you, you can see it here: http://www.ps-omni.nl/custom-plugins/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/full-shot.png


Can we have the number of column and rows we want? Pagination? Can we change the side of thumbnails?

Hello RockoMusiQc,

Changing side of thumbnails is now possible in the new version (needs approval at the moment by CodeCanyon).

You want the pagination to show up in the popup right? Instead of the next/prev button on top?

Allso, what do you mean by folumns and rows? Rows are endlessly, columns can be build in a next version.

Ok thanks :) Looks nice but I found another solution because i have too much post to display only the categories in thumbnail.

A very nice plugin. Some suggestions for future updates:

1) Add a jquery filter for the portfolio categories 2) Have an option to include just an excerpt in the portfolio popup instead of having the entire post in the popup.

Thank you for the suggestions, will consider it :)

hello, 1) can i disable the next/previous button on top of the corner? 2) can i make it full photo on left without the small photo below because i only have one photo? thanks.

thanks Dennis, do you have personal email address?

Yes i do, click on my name and scroll down. On the right side there is a contact form. You can fill it in.


When i install this plugin i face the some error on header part of the dashboard.

Error is

Warning: include_once(folium-functions.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home3/eswdemo/public_html/training/wp-content/plugins/folium/folium-portfolio-shortcode.php on line 2

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘folium-functions.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home3/eswdemo/public_html/training/wp-content/plugins/folium/folium-portfolio-shortcode.php on line 2

Please give me the solution.

You can download the new version from codecanyon when it’ s approved. I will reply here for you when it has.

As i emailed u, errors are fixed on your server. Allso, you have the newest version installed now.

Thankyou so much..now it’s work completely..

looks nice ! Good luck :)


Can this galley host videos as well? Either ones uploaded to the server or embed from Vimeo or Youtube?

At the moment, no, but i’m planning to implement this in an update.

Hi there, I’m looking for a portfolio plugin that will let me display different portfolios on different pages. Will this plugin let me do this without the need for custom coding?

Thanks in advance,


Yes this plugin can do that, you can create different categories. Then with the shortcodes you can show them on different pages

Hi, i’m planning to buy this plugin but i have a question before. Is it possible to insert multiple galleries on the same page? Thanks

Yes you can.

I have this installed on a page with 15 portfolios in the gallery, however the page is only displaying the first 10. Any suggestions?

Ah yes. I see. I will create an update so all will be visible. Was a mistake on my end

Hey Shawntysco,

I fixed the issue, uploaded it to CC. Just needs to be approved by Envato.

Kind regards Dennis de Groot

Hi, I love your plugin but i have been getting a lot of requests about the link on the main thumbnail. When you hover over the main thumbnail, the background increases, but the title of that item doesn’t have a link, you have to specifically click on the little arrows at the top to open the item. How do i go about automatically adding a link to the title of the item?

Ah yes. You need to update/save settings

I had a look in the Folium settings but i can’t seem to find any setting relating to what i need changed. Also, i get this error displaying at the top of the Folium Settings page “Error could not copy file into CSS dir of the plugin. Please CHMOD 0777 the CSS dir within this plugin and try again.” <—I have changed the permissions as it requests but i continue to get the same error…

Can u send me ftp and wp login to my email so i can check what is wrong?

Hi I would like a refund please. The gallery portion is responsive but not the popup. This is very misleading and not appropriate for a responsive theme.

Thank you.

Please notify me by email.

FYI – your online demo appears broken now. Two images aren’t showing and the hover effect is gone. Nothing happens when the images are clicked.

I see, i must have made a big mistake somewhere in the last update. Will check it out this weekend.

Hey it’s working now again, was something in the theme.

Now you can see that it’s responsive.

Please advise. is there anyway to make the image in the pop up cut off at a certain height?

Also I get this error and noting seeing this error: Error could not copy file into CSS dir of the plugin. Please CHMOD 0777 the CSS dir within this plugin and try again. \

Hey Ajbat,

I can help you with the 777 error if i have FTP account. Than you can see the settings, i think i can set the height for you too if you want too. Just tell me the height and i will try.

WP login would be nice too.

You can send it here: http://codecanyon.net/user/R3dRidl3#contact

Kind regards Dennis de Groot

Hey Ajbat,

Found the problem. The problem was you used old pictures (uploaded before you installed my plugin).

Because of that no thumbnails for my plugin were made. I regenerated the thumbnails so thumbs for my plugin are now available too.

Works like it should now.

Kind regards Dennis de Groot

This plugin is great and the developer is super. He helped me through an issue that I was having without any hesitation. I’ts hard to find reliable help but this guy rocks!

Thank you for the kind words :)

There appears to be an issue with your latest release documentation.

For some reason its for your plugin, “WP Teamer”. Please correct this issue ASAP. Thanks!

Hey Justine,

I will look at it tonight, sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards Dennis

Hey Justine,

Was looking at this, but seems i lost the documentation. But it was almost the same as on this page: http://codecanyon.net/item/folium-responsive-ajax-portfolio/5449434

Allso more documentation is on the settingspage itself (within the plugin).

I will need to find time to rewrite the documentation.

Kind regards Dennis de Groot

Problem with plugin. See here: http://sheng-tai-europe.com/?page_id=10915 I just added 2 element in portfolio, loaded images and published the shortcode, but the result is very bad … Don’t know why … I need support to solve the issue. Thanks


It seems your theme is the issue. I might be able to help you, but not this week, busy week.

Kind regards R3dRidl3

Hi – I have just installed this plugin but i find the is not working as responsive while using WPtouch it works OK for iPAD but not for iPhones

see http://blog.absite.com/portfolio/p1/ (work in progres :-)

any idea why?

No srry no idea about wptouch. i think wptouch breaks it skmehow

can this be appended to posts?

Yes you can do that :)


I have a question regarding the functionality of the Follium Portfolio plugin. I purchased it and was hoping to use it on my wordpress site. I had hoped that I could put different text descriptions by each photo so as you scroll through the photos the text changes. Can this be done? I only see one place to input text and the text appears to remain the same regardless of which image you are viewing. Please advice.

Thank you, Sincerely, Howie Turkenkopf

Just sent. Thank you.

I saw it. Can take some time before i get to it. My 5 months old daugther is in the hospital at the moment.

Please take this in mind.

I’m sorry to hear that. I hope that she gets better soon. Please just keep me updated on any progress or lack of progress is all that I ask. Good luck.

Hello, is the following behaviour possible with your plugin: - showing posts that contain video AND text in a lightbox pop up - portfolio filterable by categories - portfolio with pagination to first show only a few posts and then skip through the others - being responsive Do you have an online demo especially for this case?

No this is not possible, it’s just for photo’s