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zasko Purchased

Is it possible to add categories in the next update? The script is very nice but if you have hundreds of domains it needs more filtering options.

Indeed yes. And akso bulk upload. No eta though.

Having trouble installing, instructions not 100% clear I guess. Is there a video or anything else? I am getting error trying to get to my admin page.

Great, thanks

Any possibility for updated docs to do simple changes like modifying text on home page that does not appear in admin panel, changing urls to domain names instead of /info/165 and where to find files to modify by any chance? I really don’t want to have to bug you for small things if possible :)


There’ll be an upgrade in March containing all these adjustments (url to /info/domain instead of id, homepage text management, etc. ), so please bare with me by then.

Anyways, being a Laravel app, it’s easy to edit things in resources/views/ folder.

Just installed on, thanks! A few questions - Is there an option to add a domain through uploading a CSV or an option to add another domain as soon as one has been added, instead of returning to previous page and clicking add domain. Also is there a way to have the domains listed without the boxes, more like just in detail mode, or list mode? Also is there a way for me to disable how old the domains are? And finally, is there a way where people can send a message regarding a domain? Like a way for them to negotiate?



CSV/Bulk upload isn’t yet, the good news however is I will be releasing next month (no exact date yet) an upgrade which will include that.

I will also adjust it so it’s easier to add “next domains” as per your suggestion.

For the “list mode/detail mode” please show an example.

There isn’t a way to disable that as I consider it very important, however contact me via my profile page with your ftp login and I will disable it for you.

There is a way, on single domain page, there’s a button below buy now which says or “Make offer”.

Thanks, Alex

This script looks promising. When’s the next update?

Probably end of march.

Any chance to add automatic buy like for example bodis parking page provides?

No sorry.


I noticed that you had support a few months ago but I don’t see a mention of this in the description. Also your comment to @degamega indicates that is not supported.

Is this the case or am I misunderstanding your comment?

Thank you

Hi there is indeed escrow support but it’s manual processing unlike paypal/credit card. Thanks

Hey @crivion, can you elaborate more on this? What does manual processing mean?


I already explained, there’s no better explanation than what was already mentioned.

Hi, I am willing to purchase this script. But in the admin panel I couldn’t see any place to upload logo/image from.


Yes to avoid abuse the upload form / field is removed in demo.


Okay, is it possible to delete the date section? Its irrelevant for many sellers and buyers alike.

It will be deleted, bare with me until I will update next month. Should have been current month however I am trapped with a huge workload atm.

Hi, I am very much interested in this script. Can you integrate Bitcoin as payment method for additional charge? Thanks

Hi there, yes definitely! Contact after purchase

Hi there, first of all, great Script! Loved it, just a question, where can i change out USD for a Euro og a other Currency

Hi there,

At the moment you can’t do it in admin panel but with upcoming March upgrade you will. For now you will have to edit files from resources/views/ folder.


jr123456 Purchased

Hello, Re folio trader. i bought a while back. like it, are there any new updates yet? thanks j

Hi there

not yet sorry but definitely on its way next month