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Hi. I am interested in purchasing Folio Trader script for my own domain marketplace. Before I decide, I have few questions.

1. Is it possible to upload my own logo on the header? 2. Is it possible to upload my own favicon? 4. Can I add my social media icons at the bottom of my website or anywhere else? 5. Stripe is integrated inside of the script and all I have to do in make my own account at stripe and connect it to the script?

Thank you.

Hi there,

1&2&4 no sorry you have to edit the code but it’s easy being a laravel app .5. You have to enter your stripe keys in admin panel and you’re ready to go.


When a user purchases a domain name via any option other than escrow, is the domain name automatically removed from the site?

It would be a bit of a problem if one user purchases the name, and another 30 minutes later decides to purchase the same name… how is this avoided?

No it isn’t unless they pay. If they pay via paypal it is removed, if they pay via stripe as well. For any other admin has to go in admin panel and update status once the sale is closed.

Is it comfortable for Php 5.3?

Hi, thanks for your support. I’m really sorry for my impatience. I love your script and I can’t wait to live my site :D.

Additionally, hope you can help me some my problems:

1. I’ve created Paypal API and configured in .env file but I’ve got an error: How to fix it?

2. Stripe doesn’t support my country, so I want to disable Credit card in Checkout page, how to do it?


Hope you can help me ASAP, thanks.


Sorry for the delay, holiday times here.

Contact me via my profile page form with the screenshot and I’ll also help you out disable Stripe.


I really like the look of this and will definitely buy it. The only thing it’s missing is meta data for individual domain pages. Would be great to be able to customise the title tag and meta description for each page. Might not be too hard to add either.

Title tag indeed, meta description is useless, google auto generates one for you even if you specifiy . No need to lol here

I run a digital marketing agency and have been in the field for about 15 years. I can assure you, if the meta description is well written and relevant to the search query, it will often get shown. I will still buy this script and build on the existing features. Seems a pretty solid script.

Yes that’s a better statement, I can help you add this feature by either guiding or for a small fee. Contact via profile page for quote.

Are you planning to add search and pagination features/options?

at the moment I don’t have any update planned

Purchased and installed, but the script is throwing the following error: [07-Aug-2017 13:14:54] PHP Warning: Unexpected character in input: ’\’ (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home2/**/public_html//index.php on line 50 [07-Aug-2017 13:14:54] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home2//public_html/**/index.php on line 50 I get a 500 error when trying to access the site.

Make sure you’re using at least php 5.6 as mentioned in requirements list.


yamon Purchased

Hi Alex, thanks for this great script you have created! Please let me know how to delete the p- from the p-privacy-policy and p-tos pages url. Both pages are linked from the footer. I want them to be the same in your demo like privacy-policy and tos without the p- in their browser url. Just need to know where and what file to modify. Keep up the good work my friend. Thanks, Yamon

Hi Yamon,

The demo version is an older one which uses an older format for domain pages like instead of which is in the newer version. Due to this change you can’t remove the p- in front of pages which stands for page. Thanks, Alex


yamon Purchased

Thanks Alex, hope someone finds a solution for it. Enjoying working with your script, will be in touch. Best!


inboxi Purchased

On your demo it appears when using filters, it does not utilize the 3 colums. eg. some rows have 2 items or 1 items. A fix coming? Also, on mobile device the slider bar for menu info does not show, on row over it will show. Maybe make it a down down info bar only on mobile device?

Looking to buy soon. Thanks.

What is the difference between this and your other app? I may have purchased wrong one and would like to know please. Thanks.

Hi there

Which other app? Let me know as I have several items here.


i buy the latest version . without admin folder so i still cant install the website . support no responds what i can do please.

First of all Hello, that’s how you start a conversation.

You literally sent an email 2 hours ago, you have to allow for up to 1 business day (24 hours) for my team to reply.

There is no need for an admin folder, this item uses the modern mod_rewrite rules to generate URL’s (seo friendly) and you’ll need to make sure you have UPLOADED .htaccess file (which might be hidden in your OS).

That’s all you have to do.

Thanks, Alex

first i sent an email before 1 day this comment is after second email has been sent and both emails without reply still now. a comment is replied only . in the documentation part D you have ” Navigate to ” .

is the folder admin is “vendor” to acces to admin area

No, the folder vendor is not to access admin area. The URL is as stated in the documentation, if you can’t handle uploading the .htaccess file contact me with FTP login.

Is there any tutorial, how can we add this to our word press website and is it still working fine as it was last updated in June

Yes of course, it comes with documentation, I can assist with installation if required.

I am interested but i want to see a documentation 1st

May i know how can we upload logo as in back end i don’t find any option to upload logo

There’s no logo upload as it’s text based and can be easily changed when installing the script.

Finally got round to installing it and it works well. How would I go about using https? I don’t see an option in the admin for setting a base URL. Would it just be a case of editing the .htaccess file?

You don’t need to do anything special to have it https. It works with https. If you meant about redirecting to https only, you can do that in .htaccess yes.

Are you releasing any updates to your script?

Something nice is under work, planned end of current month but not 100% safe ETA due to holidays , anyways in Jan for sure. Keep an eye.

Hi Crivion. Any news on the planned January update?

Yes indeed, good news: we’ve had to update a few others which were crucial in functioning and foliotrader turn is the next. With the help of a customer we’re getting a brand new design and a few features like parking!. Stay tuned for mid-end February. (lots of work for the revamping process).

Thanks for the update. That’s excellent news. Will there be an upgrade path from the current version to the new version?