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flod it? fold it*? confused

‘fold it’ – must be. it fatal typo

Cant see the demo, IE kicks it out as bad and chrome says cant connect to network, is this live for all to see if so where ?

try again , is this live demo for all, check your internet connection pls

hi, pl try again , I relocated my demo

Demo not working!

pls try to press button “Remove Frame” or go to demo page

hi, pl try again , I relocated my demo

Nice idea! How difficult would it be to use this with WP?

I will plan create WP plugin. Is not difficult , but need some improvements

Hi – how are you?

Thanks for the great effort – I want to know – I run this in a IE browser and it works fine, but when I run it on my mobile chrome browser it just does not respond at all? Any ideas or something else I should check?

Can I send you the folder as it works?

It states that Chrome is supported.

Thanks for your time and effort.

Yes, you can send to me !? Pls, tell me what mobile platform and version you use. Did work in demo page? Thanks

Well done, good job, it also works in native app !!! congratulations

thank you for nice comment! it’s very inspiring!