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Hello, potentially looking to purchase.

Before I do, can you please explain if:

1) the player has ‘continuous play’ 2) if no continuous play, is there a Pop Out function (don’t see one in the demo)

Thanks, Frahn

Hi Frahn ,

yes it has continuous play functionality ,after ending a track it will automatically switch to next track .


hey my shuffle button is over laping my start time. What can i do to fix that?

got it.

Thank you very much :)

Hi. I am wondering how do I use amazon s3 secured audio links with this player? I am trying but none of the links working. Can you give some insight please?.. thank you!

Sorry i didn’t test it with amazon s3 that’s why i have no idea

hi there I just purchased the plugin I have one question on your Live Preview page http://demo.metrothemes.me/?theme=focus_player_wp ... when I expend the playlist …and the click let’s say 3rd track …it starts playing (as I would expect).

while on my page http://drustvogor.org/archives/1846 when I click on any track it tries to open an image.

Can you help me solve this mystery?

Thank you.

HI ,

Did you install any lightbox plugin !! please deactivate it .


hm.. It looks like your plugin conflicts with some slider or something that comes with Avada theme. On mobile size the slider is disabled and your widget works correctly. I found out that if I make a page in stead of post …player works correctly. Not too happy about it… but it works.

I would suggest that you add an option for image height… as most of the record covers are square. If I add the image that is square… it comes out squeezed.

hello , I wonder if the player is still . That is, if the player will continue running while I browse the blog and if I can control the tracks.

Are you talking about background music playing while your are browsing other pages of site .

sorry it’s not possible

Just downloaded the plugin and its not working. I am getting a message update required; flash plugin. but my flash plugin is up to date…. I’ve tried to view it on iphone, iPad and samsung galaxy phone. it is showing the same thing on all device.. can you help?

HI ,

Please contact with me via my profile contact form with your site url and admin access ,let me see the problem .


i think it works now. thanks

:) if you face any other problem just contact with me .

have stats of number of plays and number of downloads?

thank you.

sorry this features not available .

“Author answered emails quickly and went the extra mile to help me make some custom changes, such as loading with the playlist already opened. Very helpful!”

Your plugin is not playing in Ajax pages. We have made other player work as the plugin authors shared some script to be used in footer css. Can you help me with similar script? Thanks!

didn’t understand your message , please contact with me via my profile contact form .

Please tell me if this supports creating a playlist automatically from a folder and also sorting based on most recent tracks. Thank you!

Hi , Sorry this is not possible , you need to upload each track and you can rearrange via drag n drop .


Thanks for the great jPlayer skin! I’ve bought both the wordpress plugin and the non-wordpress version. The non-wordpress version is easy to get into and modify, but I’m finding it harder to modify the plugin. For instance, where can I add an ogg version of the mp3 tracks? And is there any way to directly modify the css, or do I have to go through the “add custom css” box in my dashboard?

And another question… how can I set the playlist to be toggled open by default?


WordPress version don’t has ogg upload features but if you need i can help you also for css customization you can edit plugin css file or you can add css to in your theme file .

For toggled ope by default please contact with me via my codecanyon profile contact form i will help you to add it .

When using a playlist, does this player have a sticky feature, so that the bar at the top with the player controls can stick to the top (or bottom of the screen), and the playlist will scroll up and down below it (or above it if the player sticks to the bottom of the screen). This way the player control bar never leaves the screen no matter how long the playlist is. Can this plugin do that?

Also, will this player allow me to make single track players that only play a preview of an audio file?

those features not available .

Hi, great plugin! I am having one bug; the dropdown list icon is overlaying the play button. Can you help?

Please contact with me , Via my profile contact from with your site url and admin access .


Hi what is the graphic size to upload to to the player?

Hi, You need to use this size .if you face any trouble then please contact with me via my profile contact form . Width:600px height:285px


Hi, I’d like to add audio files from a link such as dropbox. Will this work? or can you recommend another service I can use to host my audio files and then I add a link to the audio file to work with your plugin. Thanks.

Upload mp3 on public folder then copy the link

Hi. After some research tt seems with accounts created after 2012 they don’t have a public folder. The link I am using is a shared link that dropbox provide but it doesn’t work. Can you help me please to get this sorted.

I didn’t know that ,we tested the plugin from public folder mp3 file .because only there they give solid file extension (.mp3,.jpg,.png)

Questions before buy: 1. Toggle Paylist may be opened by default? 2. May I add any icons? (e.g. in your demo u have apple, amazon or cart icons…I wanna add my customized icons…) 3. Do u have difefrent layers for audioplayer> 4. Does it work with shortcodes? For example I wanna insert it in sidebar, 5. Is it responsive? I am waitting your answers. Thanks.

1. Toggle Paylist may be opened by default?
=> by default it’s not possible but i can add it for you if you want .
2. May I add any icons? (e.g. in your demo u have apple, amazon or cart icons…I wanna add my customized icons…)
=> sorry this is not possible ,need some code customization for that .
3. Do u have difefrent layers for audioplayer> => i all ready made some other style audio playe like this one check my portfolio http://codecanyon.net/user/metrothemes/portfolio?sso&_ga=1.108109447.423111015.1407269950
4. Does it work with shortcodes? For example I wanna insert it in sidebar,
=> yes it is managed via shortcode ,you can use it anywhere you want .
=> yes it is responsive but some time for theme it will need some fix ,i will provided it for free

5. Is it responsive?

Hello I bought this plugin by mistake please , How I can cancel this purchase I not need thi sone , I want cancel and get my refund