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How to extend Page Restrictions (v1.3+)

The default behavior allows restricting Flyouts to only be available on Pages, Blog Post or by user roles. The way these restrictions occur can be complex and of course can conflict depending on how you configure it. If you need to extend this functionality further for custom post types, page templates, user ID’s, etc then you can use the below gist as a starting point. Going this route, you can ignore what you set in the Flyout settings. Also keep in mind that the filter is the final call and may override what you set in the Flyout Settings.

Also, keep in mind that other plugins may override the default behavior of your pages. For example, Woocommerce will take over the main shop page and turn this into an archive. This is important to note because is_page() will no longer work here and the restriction in the Flyout settings will not work as well because it is no longer a “page”. In this case, you would use the filter and use the is_shop() conditional tag. Same may be true for other plugins that take control over dedicated WP pages.

Example Gist:

How to use Visual Composer with Flyouts

There are two ways to add visual composer to a flyout. You can either use the visual composer shortcodes or make Flyouts public to allow visual composer to detect Flyouts. A side note though, shortcodes will work in Flyouts 99% of the time; however, styling of the shortcode output may vary and in some cases may not even display depending on the requirements of the shortcode…

1) Shortcodes: First, create your visual composer layout in another page as normal, flip over to the text side in the editor and copy the visual composer shortcodes. Then go to your Flyout and paste them in. This should work fine for most users.

2) Enable the Visual Composer Editor in Flyouts: Flyouts is set to private to prevent it from being indexed and creating permalinks to itself. It is not a page that you can directly link to which is again why it’s set to private. Because of this, Visual Composer cannot detect it. So you can instead make flyouts public using the below gist added to your theme’s functions.php file. If you do this, I would recommend you also make sure that Flyouts is now not being included in your SEO sitemap plugin.

How can I increase the size (width) of the trigger if using an image?

To help prevent image triggers from covering most of the page content on mobile devices, there is a pre-defined max-width of 100px’s on image triggers. You can override this by using the following CSS:

.flyout-trigger.trigger-image img { max-width: 200px; }

Change 200px in the above example to your preferred max width. You can even go further and only target certain flyout’s by using their flyout ID. For example:

#flyout-trigger-id-888 .flyout-trigger.trigger-image img { max-width: 200px; }

White Screen

If you are updating to v1.3 or installing for the first time and receive a white screen. This is due to the PHP 5.3 requirements. Make sure you meet this requirement. In addition, depending on your server and or other plugins installed, other causes to a white screen may be due to memory. See the WP Codex on how to increase memory resources.

If still an issue, record any error messages and perform the usual deactivate all other plugins to see if the error resolves, then activate one at a time to pinpoint the conflict. In addition, try switching to the default WordPress theme.

The update notification is not showing in the WordPress admin!

Sometimes you need to press the “check again” button multiple times to force WP to re-check for any available updates. It only caches results twice a day and sometimes is temperamental about clearing it’s cache of the results.

If it still doesn’t show, then you can of course FTP the new updated plugin to your plugins directory and or delete the old one and upload the new one via the WP admin.

When doing an update, always test on a staging environment and or take a backup of your database just in case of an issue arrises.

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